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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 276


Chapter 276

Chapter 276 ’’The Love That Hates’’

’’Let go!’’

’’Let go!’’

Practically at the same time, Wu Chong and Bo Qing cries this out in unison.

Ling Yue became stunned by this. Just as she's ready to flare up, Wu Chong took the initiative and snatched her up like a hawk hunting a chicklet.

’’What did you do to Thirteen! Let him go, I'm the one you want.’’ Seeing her friend being kidnapped right under her nose, Bo Qing rushed over in desperation.

’’Scram!’’ Giving a bone chilling glare, the overwhelming aura came blowing over again.

This time Bo Qing didn't even have the chance to get close because the air suddenly began to warp and twist in front. Next moment, the eight swords floating next to Wu Chong starts to vibrate without indication, bringing with it a domino effect on the destroyed sword alter.

Confused by what's happening, Wu Chong and Ling Yue looked down at the source for the strange occurrence. Only then did they realize it's the lid to the giant cauldron - the lid has been popped open!

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From inside the Bhuddism Cauldron, a raging pillar of flame had gushed out like a water spring. And as it so happens, the trajectory of that blast was aimed directly at the two individuals in the air.

Wu Chong's eye dilated at the searing heat because he knew a human body can never withstand that flame.... Without hesitation, his first instinct was to push the girl in his arms away.

However, that flame pillar seems to have a mysterious power that forced him to stay still. Unable to resist like moths drawn into the fire, the two were soon pulled into the cauldron, leaving nothing behind.


Watching the two disappear in front of her eyes, Bo Qing couldn't think at all and rushed for the cauldron.

Issue was, her distance had been too far away, leaving no chances of the girl ever making it in time to stop what's about to occur next.

’’No, you can't go inside! That's the Tai Yi School's sacrificial cauldron! Whoever goes in will be turned to ash!’’ Catching the girl in time, Fire Granny holds her back with everything she's got.

’’Let me go, otherwise I will hate you forever.’’ From that womanly face, two lines of emotional tears flowed out.

’’Little Ancestor, this is?’’ Stunned by the picture, Fire Granny widened her eyes in utter shock.

Bo Qing couldn't stop trembling right now. From that usually aloof face, only hatred and pain could be found.

Fire Granny has seen the girl be unreasonable, be charming and affectionate, but never has she seen Bo Qing cry tears of true emotion.

’’Little Ancestor, you wouldn't be?’’ Fire Granny had a very bad premonition.

’’I like him, I like Thirteen. He's dead now so I can't live either.’’ Like a swan following its mate, she's ready to join Ling Yue in the flames to meet her end.

Afraid to delay any longer, Fire Granny makes the decisive decision and knocked Bo Qing out with her cane.

At the same moment this occurred, the lid that was floating in mid-air suddenly dropped and lands right back onto the cauldron, extinguishing the flames and everything that's occurred thus far.

’’This is bad, this is bad, what are we going to do?’’ Fire Granny first orders her disciples to carry the girl up, but before then, her heart begins to pound like it's being hammered due to nervousness.

He Lao Dai and He Lao San on the other hand weren't so patient to wait. Rushing up to the cauldron, they exerted all their strength to lift open that lid to no avail.

’’Fire Granny, what exactly is going on? Why would for no reason this cauldron spew fire?’’ In his urgency, He Lao Dai turns to the old granny for help.

Everything came way too suddenly, leaving the crowd confused and clueless.

’’Haha, now that's what you call retribution. It seems those swords are no ordinary artifact at all, they are some sort of seal used by the Tai Yi School to suppress the cauldron's full power. That's what they get for being so greedy, trying to plunder everything for themselves. Now they can burn in there and becomes ashes.’’ Marquis An and his people just had to chime in now with their disgusting comments.

’’You bastards, don't get happy so quick. The maps are all on Thirteen's body. If anything happens to him, none of you can expect to leave this place.’’ Upset over the shamelessness of these people, He Lao Dai made sure to inform them of this critical fact.

’’Humph, we're leaving.’’ Upon hearing this truth, Xia Hou Hong (Crown Prince) and his goons didn't look so happy either.

To these people, they only want to find a way out as soon as possible right now because there's nothing left that's worth their while. Most of the sword alter has been destroyed following this major battle.

’’This must karma returning a sin. If anything happens to Bo Qing here, the master and mistress of the Heartless Sect will never let the Fire Wielder Sect go.’’ Fire Granny sighs, lamenting over the possible fate of her sect and the girl in her care.

’’Thirteen... Don't be afraid... I'll save you.’’ Even in coma, Bo Qing's continues to murmur this, her face constantly shifting between terror and panic.

Watching this, Fire Granny's worry eventually fell back onto the girl instead.

’’Master of the Heartless Sect? Who is this girl to the sect leader of the Heartless Sect?’’

As soon as this question came out of He Lao Dai's mouth, the elder immediately understood. If Bo Qing weren't someone close, then there's no way a young girl would have so many treasures.

’’Bo Qing is their only 'son', making him the young lord of the Heartless Sect...’’ Fire Granny sighed.

Only son?

He Lao Dai and He Lao San can only feel their heads being struck by lightning at the news.

This witch that's more charming and seductive than a woman, is actually a man?

’’This is a long story... Years ago when the mistress of the Heartless Sect carried Bo Qing, she had long sought to bring a daughter into this world. Whether it be arrangements or expectations, all were meant for a female. But as the day came and went, what came out was a baby boy that's more beautiful than any baby girl can assume. To not disappoint his wife, the master of the Heartless allowed his wife to raise Bo Qing like a girl. And to not disappoint his mother, he too continued to dress like a girl over the years.’’

She's been entrusted with the safety of the young lord by the four guardians. If anything were to happen here, Fire Granny honestly don't even know what to do then. To make matters worse, the boy had given his heart to another man...

’’This...’’ He Lao Dai and He Lao San exchanged a strange look with each other. They can't exactly tell the granny here Thirteen's a girl, can they?


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