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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 275


Chapter 275

Chapter 275 ’’A Man, a Woman, a Sissy Boy’’

Now that Fire Granny's disciple has made his sudden emergence, plus the sky class artifact, it's becomes even harder for the He Lao brothers to achieve their goal of casting a pair of artificial limbs for He Lao Er.

’’Despicable, you plotted against me!’’

To get kicked so openly in the hind, Bo Qing was left utterly defenseless there and fell face first into the dirt. Therefore, the first thing she did after coming up from the ground was to shout and curse at that so called Little Six.

’’For a not man not woman sissy boy like you, kicking your hind is already a leniency. Next time, if you let me see you again, I will cripple your cultivation instead.’’ These words coming off of Wu Chong's lip instantly causes Bo Qing's face to go ghostly white.

Sissy... Sissy boy!

In her entire life, Bo Qing only really had one taboo, and that was being called Sissy Boy.

Ling Yue too also became stunned, unsure what to make of this situation.

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Isn't the Fire Wielder Sect in good relationship with the Heartless Sect?

’’I'm going to kill you!’’ Bo Qing finally snapped. She roared, her bell expanding again until it's the size of a small hill to match her ferocity.

’’That's all?’’ Wu Chong snorted, mocking his foe even more. Then in one tap of his feet, his figure had already zoomed out more than a kilometer away from the sword alter.

’’This is... the skill One Step!’’

The crowd gasped, including Fire Granny herself. If they can't tell by now that this boy wasn't someone else than they must be an idiot.

Without the intended target, the hill sized bell naturally had to come down somewhere. As it so happens, it lands on top of the sword alter, smashing it apart with the impacting fall and sending the swords flying out in all direction.

Exactly just then, from four different directions of the sword alter, four people shot out from hiding to make a grab for the prize.

’’Not good, its Xia Hou Hong and the others.’’

As it turns out, when Marquis An overheard that there's some sort of treasure at the sword alter, he and the others immediately started to scheme again. Their plan, wait for Ling Yue and her group to lead them to the prize and then sneak in during the struggle to snatch it under their feat.

’’Give me back my sword.’’ First being kicked in the hind, then having her swords stolen under her eyes, Bo Qing's temper can only be called terrible right now.

Giving a fierce glare at Wu Chong, she pins all the blame onto the kid who came out of nowhere.

’’Bo Qing, first release Fire Granny and the rest.’’ Now that Marquis An and his people have taken four of the swords for themselves, Ling Yue knew they can't continue like this.

’’I only need myself to deal with these people. Watch carefully Thirteen, I will show these foolish people why they shouldn't mess with me.’’ She sneered, completely holding her foes in contempt.

Following the next gesture of her fingertip, the bell begins to ring again as her irises darkened.

In the next moment, everyone present can only see a pair of glamorous eyes in their mind.

Flowers began to rain from the sky as a woman without an inch of covering descended.

That creamy skin, that fair dark hair, every gesture she makes, it's all about seduction and captivation.

For the men here, they were definitely the most perceptible. Like having their soul sucked right out of their body, they can't hear, they can't see, nothing registers in their heads right now.

Looking on with obsession, Hong Yu Long was the first to fall like before. No longer an obscured face, the woman now looks exactly like Bo Qing, smiling and inviting.

’’Kill, kill everyone here for me,’’ Bo Qing's whispering mumble drifts into the boy's ear.

Of the four people that's snatched a sword away, Hong Yu Long's cultivation was the weakest, hence the reason why his resistance was so low. After getting the order, he turns into a mad dog and pounced on Elder Yue and the rest.

As for the other three, they weren't that much better off either. They still had their minds together, but their bloodlust has been invoked and there's no turning back now.

’’Next is your turn.’’ Completing her illusion, Bo Qing shifts her gaze back to Wu Chong.

It's just that, when she met those eyes again her body unconsciously fell into a shudder.

How could...

Wu Chong was still standing in the air, his eyes clear as day without the slightest sign of being hypnotized.

How can it not be effective against him?

Overwhelmed by this truth, she unbelievably points to the man, her voice shaky: ’’How-how can it be. Who are you?’’

’’So that's all you can do? That's all your evil cults can do?’’ Wu Chong looks down like someone with absolute authority because his Yuan energy are starting to flow out. Under that devastating power, even the rubbles below him are shaking with fright.

Like thousands of charging soldiers, like stampeding horses, his aura suppresses all, destroys all, and most importantly, CONSTROLS ALL!


The man didn't even attack there, merely the shockwave in the air being forced apart by the flexing of his strength. Even so, that's more than enough to send Bo Qing's control crumbling away like his spirit just took a heavy blow.

Flushing an intense red in the face, a line of blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth.

Like its owner, the Absorption Bell also shook under the strain. Next moment, small cracks began to form on the surface.

He Lao Dai and everyone were ashen with fright right now. They almost couldn't believe this, a sky class artifact being crushed under one's aura, not even an attack, the AURA!

After Marquis An and his party came back to their senses, the first scene they saw was exactly this. Like the rest, the four sneaky bastards were also in completes horror.

’’These eight swords are mine.’’ Still above in the sky, Wu Chong's hand that's crossed behind his back suddenly closes into a fist.

As if getting the order, the swords that's still inside Xia Hou Hong's and the other's hand abruptly shot out.

Seeing this, Fire Granny and the He Lao brothers were all despairing at this point. They knew, whatever treasure they take or find, it's impossible to safeguard against that invisible force.

Bo Qing on the other hand had other ideas though because no one has ever humiliated her like this before.

’’Return them to me!’’ Unlike the cowering folks nearby, she actually leaped forward to fight it out with Wu Chong.

’’Ignorant fool.’’

Very few had ever dared to act out repeatedly in front of himself like so. Like an annoying fly, Wu Chong would love to slap her out this instant.

’’Bo Qing, enough.’’ Ling Yue can also tell by now. If the girl keeps acting like this, not even a sky class artifact can save her then because she got bad premonition from that terrible aura.

’’Thirteen, do not stop me. This guy dares to call me sissy, how am I sissy?’’ Flushed red in the face due to anger, Bo Qing wanted oh so much to rip that face apart.

Ling Yue had a seriously strong impulse to cover her forehead. What time is it now, still throwing a tantrum?

Pulling onto Bo Qing's hand, Ling Yue intended this as an act of being the peacekeeper. Yet, it's precisely her gesture here that made Wu Chong go darker.


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