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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 274


Chapter 274

Chapter 274 ’’Sky Class Artifact, Wu Chong's Making His Move’’

’’He Lao Dai, regarding the sacred artifact of the Tai Yi School, how much do you know?’’ While they are still traversing along the forest path, Ling Yue begins to ask some questions.

’’The ancestors of our Quick Finger Sect had some documentations left behind. It's said that the power was so terrible and amazing that it can wreak havoc across the land. From the information we have, it wasn't even created by the Tai Yi School's founder, rather it's something the man found while traveling.’’ The elder then looks up to peer over to the highest point of the mountain in the distance, the place where the sword alter awaits them.

Normally the higher the altitude one goes, the colder it would be. Instead though, the temperature became warmer and warmer the closer they got to the base of the peak.

This naturally left some questions that needs to be answered.

It can't be, there's a volcano up there?

But very soon, her guesses were proven wrong.

There's no volcano, rather, it's the cauldron that's causing the sudden increase in heat, leaving the terrain barren and lifeless.

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That's a giant cauldron, requiring more than five people to lift. Then in the surrounding, around eight swords are placed around it like an eight-pointed diagram.

These swords are truly extraordinary. Despite the thousand-year history, the cold gleam of their sharpness remains untouched.

’’Superior grade earth class artifact.’’

After the long trek over here, their eyes were all sparkling with excitement at the sight.

Compared to these eight swords, those from the forge back there in the beginning can only be called garbage. This was what true treasure should look like.

’’He Lao Dai, some of the alloys used in those swords are made up of Bhuddism Metal.’’

Through her observation, Ling Yue quickly saw through the difference and knew this has to be it.

Naturally, both He Lao Dai and He Lai San are ecstatic to hear this fine news.

For them, nothing was more important than to help their second brother replace that leg, earth class artifact or not.

’’These artifacts aren't bad, I'm taking them.’’ After working so hard along the way, Bo Qing finally found something worthy to meet his eye. This of course left the troublesome girl very happy here.

Earlier she had self-destructed her own earth class artifact. To find some here to replace it, she can say it's a worthwhile trip after all.

’’Little Ancestor, everyone, these swords are very important to our Fire Wielder Sect so I can only apologize ahead of time. We intend to take it for ourselves.’’ Fire Granny first cups her hand as a form of respect and then shot out with her disciples at the altar.

’’Whether or not one of can snatch the artifacts will depend entirely on our ability.’’ At that, the He Lao brothers too jumped into the air and rushed for the swords.

’’Why is everyone so impatient, seriously.... Not like moving faster will guarantee anything.’’ At that, Bo Qing brought out her emerald green jiggling bell from before and threw it out. In the next second, the tiny object expands until it's the size of a watermelon with a much louder ring to it.

The second they heard the sound, their minds suddenly went blank while green ribbons shot out of the ground like vines, entwining itself around the seven.

These are no ordinary ribbons, they are the upgraded version of the green threads used by Bo Qing back at the tea house outside. They are sharp, dangerous, and easily able to slice through the human skin if not for everyone's superior physique.

’’This is?’’

Fire Granny's expression looked absolutely horrible right now. Shifting her sight around, she focuses in on the bell there.

’’Absorption Bell, to think the sect leader and his wife of the Heartless Sect would give something so valuable to this child too.’’

Note: I just completely made up the name for the Absorption Bell, otherwise I would've had to used Big Dipper Exchange Bell. Sometimes I really hate these weird names.

It seems that everyone, including Fire Granny herself, had been deceived by Bo Qing until now.

They all thought that the bell was but an average earth class artifact from the Heartless Sect, but it seems they are wrong. That's clearly a sky class artifact, one level higher than the Thunder Bead from before. The use, to subdue the prey with those ribbons and then absorb the victim's energy to transfer it back to the owner.

’’Awesome, how awesome.’’ The Yuan energy coming in was becoming more and more abundant, pushing Bo Qing into a new high in terms of strength. Now, despite being the slowest to make her move, she's the one closest now in terms of grabbing one of the swords.

’’Bo Qing, did you forget about our promise from before?’’ Ling Yue's voice suddenly breaks in from behind.

Following the use of the Little Measureless Finger attack, Bo Qing can only retreat again.

’’Thirteen, are you also trying to stop me?’’

Facing the girl in her disguise, Bo Qing's emotion was very complicated right now.

Since she was but a child, there had never been the word ’’sharing’’ in her personal dictionary. If she wants the eight swords here, she's going to get them no matter what.

However, the person who's stopping her right now was Thirteen, the boywho saved herself.

’’Release He Lao Dai and He Lao San, we only need two of the swords. The rest you can keep.’’

For these swords that can cause everyone here to flock over like a bunch of peasants, Ling Yue on the other hand didn't hold much interest honestly.

She herself already has the blueprint to forge the weapon known as the Nine Dragons Howl, something her ancestor left behind. If in the future she can gather the necessary ingredients, such a creation wouldn't be too far off.

Moreover, she got the aching notion that it's not so simple here. There has to be a reason for those swords to be here.

’’This won't do, whatever is mine will have to be mine. Thirteen, please don't get in my way, I don't want to hurt you,’’ she pinches her lip as she protests her with pleading eyesight.

There's no way Bo Qing would forget where that wound on Ling Yue's hand came from. It's for herself!

If the situation was changed to any other person, including Fire Granny who holds a good relationship with the Heartless Sect, Bo Qing can kill them all without so much as batting an eyelash. The only exception being Thirteen over there. This boy was the only person she can't get cruel with.

’’Thirteen, you are not my opponent, nor am I afraid of your poison. On me, there is an artifact that can resolve all sorts of poisons.’’ Anxiousness was starting to nag at Bo Qing's mind. If the boy didn't back down, she honestly wouldn't know what to do here.

Under the effects of her Absorption Bell, Bo Qing's strength has become quite vigorous. Right now, she's no weaker than a fourth pillar reincarnation master like Fire Granny and He Lao Dai.

’’If she's not your opponent, then what about me?

From behind, a cold and indifferent voice drifts over and raised every fiber of Bo Qing's skin. Before she can even turn around to face that owner, a leg had come kicking right at her buttocks, sending the girl back down to the ground like a meteor.

What should've been a group of seven constrained by the green ribbons are now left with only six.

Naturally, Fire Granny and the He Lao brothers were all stunned by this.

If they themselves can't break out of this, why would that young boy they call Little Six be able to? Things aren't adding up.

’’Don't look at me like that, I don't know why either...’’ Fire Granny blurts this out when all eyes turned to her for an answer.

’’Nonsense! How can you as the master not know your disciple's strength?’’ He Lao Dai and He Lao San had quite the turmoil running inside them right now.


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