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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 273


Chapter 273

Chapter 273 ’’The Millennial Secret’’

Now that Ling Yue has healed Bo Qing, Fire Granny naturally felt a little embarrassed over her poor judgement of character.

’’Little Six, go over and help Thirteen wrap up the wound.’’

Among her disciples, Fire Granny had lost one and the rest suffering from minor injuries with only this youngest being unharmed.

Doing as ordered, the ’’boy’’ brought out the medicine kit for mending.

’’No need, I have my own....’’ Ling Yue wanted to do it herself when her hands were forcefully pulled over.

Him again? She's in pain again thanks to this brute.

Looking up, what met her view was that boy meeting her gaze with that strange look.

Did I just read it wrong?

Why does he look so aggrieved like I owe him a fortune?

Oh please, I'm the one injured here. Why is he acting all grumpy here?

Unbeknownst to Ling Yue, Wu Cheng's annoyance had much to do with her reckless behavior.

This stupid woman, it's bad enough her strength is so poor, she just has to go act like a loyal ally in these circumstances. Does ’’self-mutilation’’ look like a fun thing to do, or is it her brain is busted inside?

Sour inside, only now did Wu Chong notice he's been excessive her with his strength. Easing up, he begins to carefully wrap the hand up.

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Only heaven would know the truth here because there's no way the man himself would tell anyone. When Ling Yue came down with the dagger at her own hand, Wu Chong could swear his heart nearly fell out from the intensity of it.

It's unavoidable that some pain would be incurred when applying the medicine powder. Hissing at the sting, Ling Yue nearly gave herself away with that shriek she wanted to make.

’’It won't hurt, I just need to blow on it.’’ Unexpectedly, the other party didn't say anything ridiculing;instead, it's rather comforting.

’’Thank... thank you.’’ Ling Yue blurts this out after the boy actually did as he said and blew on her hand.

Then out of the blue, a blurred image of broken pieces of memory shot out from her consciousness.

’’It's okay Ling Yue, it won't hurt once mother here blows on it.’’

Who, who's the one there that used to use the same gentle voice to say this?

Throbbing with pain in her forehead, Ling Yue's sight started to spin with dizziness.

’’Are you a woman, using yourself to test the poison?’’ Seeing the tense look on the dumb girl's face, Wu Chon's old habit suddenly came back out again.

’’You!’’ Practically instantly, Ling Yue's pain disappeared as soon as she heard the sentence.

How did he know I'm a girl when Bo Qing and Fire Granny can't even tell?

’’I what. If you leave scar then be careful you can't marry out in the future. By then, I will have to lower myself to taking you as my bride.’’ Of course, Wu Chong only said this inside his head and didn't actually say it aloud.

’’Thirteen, do you know this woman?’’ He Lao Dai and the others were in the middle of examining An Ming Xia's body when they called out to her.

Due to the explosiveness of the Thunder Bead earlier, part of An Ming Xia's body had reverted back to her human form, the top being human and the lower being animal. This was a true horror if one had to describe the scene.

They knew the girl belonged to the other party here, mainly Xia Hou Hong's (Crown Prince) group. Unfortunately for the girl, her companions left her behind to make their own escape.

What they didn't expect to find though was this. They thought the girl would be food by now in the bellies of the stone beasts, but to become one of them and be turned into this monstrosity? What a way to go....

’’She is the daughter of Marquis An called An Ming Xia.’’ After mending her wounds, Ling Yue stepped over to join everyone.

Of all those present, she's the only one here that can say she's somewhat acquainted with the now deceased girl. Of course, there wouldn't be any chances for Ling Yue to feel sad for her attacker. In fact, she's quite happy to know the black-hearted girl had met her end. It's just that Ling Yue couldn't understand why An Ming Xia would become like this in a single night. A monster that's neither human nor beast.

Using that lingering question as guide, Ling Yue searched, searched for signs or clues as to why. That's when she found the beast core inside the body after a little bit of dissecting.

With a bit of spirit force, she dived through the remaining essence inside and got an approximate answer. ’’To think all of these stone beasts are the incarnation of the disciples from the ancient Tai Yi School.’’

’’What an evil and dangerous technique. To think the truth behind the Tai Yi Schools destruction was all due to the betrayal of their elder. He slaughtered the leaders and turned the remaining disciples into these stone beasts, what a sad ending for a once great school.’’ The He Lao brothers were both lamenting over this fact, it's too ironic.

The world had guessed and speculated for a millennium over why the Tai Yi School would suddenly disappear from the world's premise a thousand years ago, now it's become clear and its greed and selfishness.

’’And according to the memory of the elder, there is indeed a guardian treasure here in the Tai Yi School. The artifact, after using it to slay most of the stone beasts back then, was temporarily placed into slumber at the sword alter. The specific location should be that Buddhism Cauldron located on the map.’’ Affirming their next goal, Ling Yue and the rest took to resting for a moment before heading out to find the sword alter.

But once they left, a certain individual had walked out from the back of the forge. Marquis An with his one working hand, looks down at the half animal half human daughter of his.

Maybe it's his fatherly instinct acting up, but after he departed with Xia Hou Hong, the old marquis decides to quietly return for a second run.

Originally, he intended to take advantage of the chaos and use the opportunity to snatch the maps away, yet what he saw was the killing blow to his daughter An Ming Xia on the ground when he arrived.

’’Ming Xia....’’ Looking at his daughter's corpse, this father finally couldn't keep it in and broken out into tears.

He had only intended to bring his daughter along for a chance to get an artifact on this journey, not meet her end in this cruel fashion? Not only that, he too had lost a hand in this venture. Becoming twisted and cruel in the head, he pins all the blame onto that sinister and deceitful villain known as Thirteen at this point.

The Tai Yi School's guardian treasure eh... Looking in the direction of the highest peak here, wave after wave of tears trickled down his cheek as he murmured this.

Not knowing what's happening behind them, Ling Yue and her comrades continued to move forward. This time though, their journey was much easier without the hindrance of the stone beasts in their path. The landscape was definitely beautiful here, but none of them had any heart to enjoy this scenic environment, especially after learning the truth behind why the Tai Yi School became like this...


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