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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 272


Chapter 272

Chapter 272 ’’Number One Spendthrift’’

The treasures on this guy is simply too much!

Even Wu Chong, the Ghost Emperor himself, had wrinkled his brow into a thin knot because that's a superior grade earth class artifact over there.

After Bo Qing brought out the Thunder Bead, her figure promptly became suspended in the air, no doubt the effect of the artifact in her hand.

With her pair of beautiful eyes, she gazes down at the flea like animals below her feet.

These ugly and clingy monsters, just watch. Granny here will blow you all to death.

Condensing the lightning energy in her bead, the power around her hand swiftly begins to activate and becomes violent and unyielding. Even the air in the sky was starting to crackle from the constant sparks of raging energy.

With a bloodthirsty smile, she only needs to wave her hand and out goes it went. Like a gale from nature, those strikes of thunder rained down like an apocalyptic nightmare, blowing everything away in its path.

Because of death and carnage, her eyes are now glowing eerily red. This was extremely spooky and freaky, a befitting image of a member from the evil cults.

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Witnessing its comrades' destruction, the three-eyed monster promptly howled in rage and became even more violent.

Suddenly, the creature pushed itself off the ground with its four limbs and spurred a set of wings from the back, something usually not possible for any ordinary mammal.

Using this newfound nimbleness, it dodges every incoming thunder strike from above by zipping left and right.

’’Protect the young ancestor!’’

As soon Fire Granny saw how the situation was deteriorating for the worse, she exclaims and shot herself into the air for the monster along with her disciples.

Not willing to be hindered, the three-eye monster immediately retaliated by opening that grotesque mouth in the most horrific angle - all the way down to the throat. From that mouth, an immense beam shot out like a cannon and ripped apart the first disciple furthest to the front.

This was truly an eye shocker for everyone because compared to the thunder strikes raining down from above, the power of that strike can only be stronger and not weaker. To make things more critical, it had no signs of stopping. Not for the disciples, not Fire Granny, and most importantly, not for Bo Qing that's highest in the air.

In the moment when Fire Granny thought she's going to take the full blunt of that force, a hand suddenly pulled her aside in one swell tug and threw her several meters away from the projected path. Looking up again, only then did she realize it's her youngest disciple.

This should've raised a lot of flags for questioning, but this definitely wasn't the time for this.

Meanwhile still in the sky, Bo Qing was less fortunate here.

By the time the girl realized how dangerous that beam cannon was, it was already too late for her to avoid then. From those usually carefree eyes, anxiousness could be seen for the first time.

’’How dare you force your granny here into a corner. I will show you who's boss!’’ In one tense grip, she tosses that Thunder Bead out in retaliation and lands in right in the monster's mouth. Not even a second later, the object explodes like a nuclear bomb and creates the most earth-shaking blow this part of the land has ever seen.

Forget about the monster's strengthened body, even a being that's forged of pure metal wouldn't be able to withstand this magnificent force.

Realizing what Bo Qing has done, by self-destructing the precious earth class artifact, Ling Yue's first instinct was to exhale a sigh of relief, swiftly followed by the powerful urge to scream at the girl.

What a wasteful spendthrift! The world's number one spendthrift!

Now that's what you call hurting and bleeding inside. How can someone destroy a precious Thunder Bead like it's a consumable?!

It's just a three-eyed stone beast dammit!

’’Ughh-’’ From the air, Bo Qing came falling out of the sky.

At the same time, the three-eyed monster's already dead on the ground had reverted back to her original form of a human.

Though Bo Qing had managed to finish off An Ming Xia with that last-ditch effort, but her condition wasn't very good either.

’’What are you going to do!’’ Fire Granny exclaims after seeing Ling Yue tearing apart the girl's sleeve.

’’What else can I do, of course it's to help her!’’ Ling Yue cries out without looking up.

Seriously, what time is it now. How can this old woman be acting like this still?

Although they don't know why An Ming Xia would become like that, turn into a monstrosity, but her attack just now clearly carried with it the petrifying poison unique to the stone beasts. If not treated soon, it will be too late and no one can save her then.

’’You are certain you can cure her?’’ Fire Granny's been tasked to look after Bo Qing so she can't be careless here. Ling Yue's origin was an unknown, that's a danger in itself. Plus, the boy's also from the He Lao brothers camp so she herself don't even know what sort of trickery they might pull using this situation.

’’We will know once I give it a try.’’ Looking down at that blueish grey hand, Ling Yue knows it's the sign of the poison spreading, an urgent sign they must move fast.

Although she has the cauldron and the spirit in her possession, Ling Yue still can't guarantee anything under these conditions.

If it weren't for the fact that they are allies right now, she honestly would rather just leave than to deal with this mess.

From Bo Qing's feministic face, sweat begins to pour out due to the pain.

’’This won't do, I can't trust what you say.’’ From those old eyes, a sense of alarm could be seen.

No matter the case, she can't let this unknown boy known as Thirteen have his way here. It's too risky.

For He Lao Dai and the others, Fire Granny honestly don't have much trust in them. They are only working together for the same goal, hardly at the level where they can trust each other to put their lives on the line.

In addition, that level of poison usage from the young boy frightens even her, a reincarnation master. What if the boy injects a poison while she's not aware? Then that would truly be a sin!

Furthermore, Bo Qing's identity was very special so upmost care must be taken. There's also the possibility of the other side doing this out of a desire to seek special benefits.

’’You stinking old woman,’’ she bursts out cursing. In the next second, Ling Yue manipulates her dagger and make's a clean cut through An Ming Xia's corpse before returning.

Using the dagger that's still drenched in the dripping blood, Ling Yue decisively makes a slight cut to her left hand, enough to reach her flesh.

’’You!’’ Bo Qing's body quivered at the sight. Slowly, Ling Yue's hand too became a blueish grey.

Before Fire Granny and He Lao Dai could come back to their senses, she had already finished mending the wound with some lotion and a bandage. The cut wasn't deep by any means so her spirit smoke was able to make quick work of the poison.

’’Now you should believe me right?’’ Slightly annoyed here, Ling Yue stepped forward without caring for the others and began mending and cleaning the poison in Bo Qing's system.

It's unsure if its due to poison being too intense here, or that her wound was too painful, but those eyes had swollen into a bright red color like those found on a rabbit. Her sight becoming a hazy mist as she watched the young boy tending to herself.

Thirteen would hurt himself for me....

In her entire life, aside from her father and mother, there had never been anyone else who would go this far.

Falling into steep turmoil, Bo Qing didn't know what to make of this newfound feeling in her heart.

Oh Thirteen, why do you have to be so good to me.... How am I supposed to repay you for this?

After the initial treatment, the poison has been cleansed and everything should return to normal with a little rest. It's just that, Bo Qing's eye had become different from before, it's much more emotional when facing Ling Yue.


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