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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 271


Chapter 271

Chapter 271 ’’Who's the Real Witch?’’

There are always those in this world who requires the experience of blood to learn their lesson. For this occasion, it's to not touch her - Ye Ling Yue's - stuff. Don't even think about it.

After hearing the truth, Marquis An and Elder Yue most certainly would verify the matter for themselves. Sure enough, it's as the brat over there said, the poison was desperately eroding their cultivation.

If this continues to drag on, ignoring the fact that the poison will kill them soon enough, their cultivation alone would be abolished at this rate.

’’Thirteen, I swear I will kill you!’’ Both Marquis An and Elder Yue swore in unison.

Underneath that loud raging roar of the two, a blood gushing sound of splatter made it all the more gruesome. Two hands continue to twitch on the ground despite being severed from their hosts.

’’I'm always waiting, but that's under the premise that you can find the so called Thirteen.’’ Ling Yue touches her nose and secretly murmurs this.

Aside from a lamenting feeling that two masters are now crippled, Fire Granny and the He Lao brothers were also getting a frosty chill running down their spines.

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There's only one thought running through their minds right now: ’’This Thirteen is too wicked!’’

Compared to this Thirteen, those evil cults aren't so much.

It was specifically on this occasion that Ling Yue has managed to make a name for herself using Thirteen as her male persona. Slaying the third son of Lord Kai Jiang, crippling two reincarnation masters, all these achievements are explosive on its own.

Rather it's Bo Qing who was the odd ball here. Sparkling in her eye, the girl was completely captivated by the scene.

’’Thirteen! I lived for so many years but this is the first time I met someone like you. So vicious, so cruel, and more importantly, you are more shameless than I!’’ Bo Qing meant it as a ’’praise’’, but when it came to the recipient herself, it only sounded eerie and harsh.

Just as Bo Qing was in the middle of flailing her hands in the air to celebrate, she suddenly got the sensation that a deadly gaze was coming at her from somewhere. Turning around to look for the source, it's already gone before she can locate it.

’’Stop, you people think you can just leave after taking the map?’’

Although Marquis An and Elder Yue are both partially crippled with the loss of a hand, that doesn't mean they will allow others to treat them like monkeys to be toyed with.

Not standing down either, Xia Hou Hong was also gloomy in the face. Giving the order to his guards, he threatens Ling Yue and her comrades with the Thunder Seeds.

’’If you want to fight then come on. You think we are afraid of you people?’’

’’Wait, something is wrong.’’ Right at this moment, Ling Yue heard a strange noise somewhere close by.

Like her, the rest of the people here were also starting to pick up that odd sound.

Looking around, they scanned their surroundings. That's when they saw them, a shocking number of stone beasts are gathering around the forge. Compared to the previous encounter out in the herb field, the numbers here were striking. This was especially true for the leader of this pack.

Unlike the other stone beasts that's clearly taking order from this one, the leader here was walking really strange and had a third eye on the forehead.

Outsiders... thieves stealing, must kill! The creature can see the intruders here, and it recognizes the weapons they hold.


Due to the arrival of this strange three eyed monstrosity and its followers, the situation instantly took a nose dive for the worse.

There's no delusions here for anyone. They know that unless they break out of this encirclement, they will all be shred to pieces by these predators.

Chen Tuo (boy) was dead and Chen Xuan (girl) practically became a cripple on the leg. The only ones left that's still fine among these noble lords are Xia Hou Hong and Hong Yu Long.

’’Cover His Highness!’’ Even with his injury, Marquis An continues to carry out his duty to the state and the royal family.


Relying solely on his power as a reincarnation master, the old marquis uses his remaining hand to knab the prince and dived right into the crowd of enemies. A few kicks here and there, the two had already broken out of the encirclement and left behind a few fresh corpses in their wake.

Meanwhile in the back, Elder Yue was a bit slower in making up his decision. However, when he did, he shockingly went for Hong Yu Long instead of Chen Xuan.

’’Elder Yue, save me!’’ The crippled Chen Xuan never could've saw this coming. She expected the elder to save her because the man had always been very caring for her and her brother over the years. But in this moment of life and death, the man chose someone completely irrelevant and that was Hong Yu Long.

It's not like Elder Yue was losing his mind here, it's him making the next logical choice. Chen Tuo was dead, Chen Xuan crippled, even if he does return with the girl to the Kai Jiang Manor, punishment cannot be avoided.

As such, he might as well save Hong Yu Long that's still fine without any injury.

Although the other party was also a son of a bastard child, the father was the royal tutor of Da Xia. If he does this well, he can seek to join the Hong House instead and be rewarded.

Without the protection of the elder and only a few guards left to protect her, Chen Xuan's fate was sealed now. In mere minutes, her sobbing voice was gone. In its wake, only a petrified statue of a girl remains on the ground.

After watching this unforeseen outcome on the other side, Ling Yue's heart promptly tensed up.

The reason was because of her discovery. The three-eyed stone beast didn't chase after the fleeing individuals, rather, it's slowly stepped towards them like there's a firm target it wants.

Faced with such staggering numbers, plus each and every one of these enemies are capable of petrifying a living being, the level of danger here had reached a critical high.

They know, unless they break through too, it's impossible to survive this.

’’Bo Qing, be careful.’’ Before Fire Granny's warning could even finish, the three-eyed monster had attacked with a beam of light from its third eye.

For some unknown reason, the monster was particularly fond of the girl, and not in a good way.

There's no mistaking it, this three-eyed monster here was none other than the now transformed An Ming Xia.

For her greed and her hatred, the price was to be turned into this monstrosity. A being that only knows death and carnage.

She does not remember her own father, nor does she remember her own identity. Unfortunately for Bo Qing though, An Ming Xia seems to remember her!

The reasoning wasn't anything exceptional, merely the instinctive nature of a woman's jealously. Back when Bo Qing first appeared before everyone, she instantly caught the eyes of the males in her group. This of course brought up a certain individual that's very similar, Ling Yue!

Ling Yue took away Feng Shen, meaning whatever thing or person that's related will be met with utmost hatred.

Like a crazy animal, the three-eyed monster fired out its green petrifying beams one after another.

Others wanted to help, but the numbers here were way too high to allow any leeway in their movement.

’’You damn beast, you really think grandma here is that easy to bully?!’’ Since her birth, Bo Qing had never once been pushed around like so. In her fury, she suddenly lifts open her sleeve and slid out a certain object.

That's a bead, and inside it was a power raging with thunderous variables.

A divine bead capable of absorbing electric energy?

When you seeing the bead for the first time, forget about the He Lao brothers, even Wu Chong was reduced to staring at it.


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