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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 270


Chapter 270

Chapter 270 ’’Chop Hand or Save Your Own Life, Pick One’’

Almost at the same time, the two men shot towards Fire Granny and He Lao Dai for their pieces of the map, followed by Xia Hou Hong and Chen Tuo for Bo Qing's.

There movements were lightning fast, clearly an orchestrated act, making it extremely difficult to fend against.

Just like that, they quickly withdrew as soon as they got their hands on them. Meanwhile in the back, the guards were all ready with their swords drawn in a circle formation.

’’Haha, the Buddhism Cauldron is no longer of your concern.’’ The plan was well carried out. Take the map, then kill the other forces, that's been their motive all along.

Aside from the use of indicating the various routes and locations of the region, there's one other major role it has: to open the secret passageway for entry and exit.

Now that Xiao Hou Hong and his side has all the pieces in their possession, it means that Ling Yue and her peers are trapped here with no escape to the outside world.

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’’Despicable, and you people have the nerve to call yourself righteous and good? Your methods are even worse then what we villains do.’’

’’This is called violence against violence Witch. As if we would need to use righteousness to deal with evil like you. Now all of you better get moving to find your own exit, otherwise don't blame us for killing you all here. I won't deceive you people, we are all equipped with large amounts of Thunder Seeds. If you push us, we won't mind using them.’’ As arrogant as Xia Hou Hong's statement was, he knew full well if they were to go at it fair and square, it's their side who would definitely lose. Hence the reason why he's resorting to these underhanded methods of threatening and stealing.

Even if Fire Granny and He Lao Dai are reincarnation masters of the third element, not even they can fend off a rainfall of Thunder Seeds.

’’You think we will be afraid just because you threaten us? Before yapping that mouth of yours, why not look down at your own hands first.’’

While Xia Hou Hong and the rest were gloating over their success, Ling Yue suddenly chimes in from the side in her seated position.

Their hands?

Aside from Xia Hou Hong who knabbed Fire Granny's portion, everyone else that took part in the robbery were now facing a serious problem - their hands are three times the normal size. In addition, it's also deadly black in color and a numbing sensation of paralysis was starting to spread upwards throughout their body.


As if seeing a ghost, Marquise An and the other three all dropped their maps like a reflex reaction.

’’Haha, if it hadn't been for me to have foresight in listening to Thirteen's suggestion, you people might have really been successful this time. How do you dogs of the court like it, the taste of the poisons I drizzled on there?’’ Spitting at the floor, Bo Qing makes a cheeky face to show off how pleasurable it was to see this outcome.

As it turns out, along the way to the Tai Yi School, Ling Yue had already proposed to everyone to drizzle some poisonous water on the maps. Back then Bo Qing didn't understand why the need for the precaution, but now she does and it's perfect!

’’Third Young Master, hurry and take some antidote.’’

Marquise An and Elder Yue could still suppress the poison through sheer will with their high cultivation, but Chen Tuo on the other hand weren't so lucky. As soon as the poison entered that body, it was already too late even if he had some sort of antidote pill.

’’Quickly, hand over the antidote.’’ Seeing his young lord getting worse and worse, literally sprawling on the floor and rolling around like a mad sheep, Elder Yue yells out this demand without thinking.

Yet, it was already too late. In no time at all, that former living body had melted away from the inside out and turned into a pool of rotted fluid made up of flesh and blood. There's not even bones left due to how corrosive the poisons were.

What a deadly poison!

This sight naturally made Marquis An and Elder Yue turn green with fright.

Now they know, know why the He Lao brothers would bring along a youngster like that for the journey.

In truth, it's not just them whose shocked by this outcome. Even for He Lao Dai and He Lao San, they too are scared witless by how deadly the poisons were. In particular was He Lao San. Now it made sense for him as to why Ling Yue would pay a heavy price for Madam Lai's poisonous plants that day.

’’What exactly is it that you want so you will give us the antidote?’’ Marquis An and Elder Yue were both extremely angry right now. Despite this, they can't use force against the boy either, leaving them at his mercy.

At most they can continue to resist for another hour. Once that's past, the poison will definitely break through their immune system and turn them into a pool of blood like Chen Tuo just now.

’’Hand our pieces over. Also, remember to include your sides too.’’ Ling Yue pricked her brow, eyeing the enemy with mockery.

Right now, none from her side was making a peep and had consciously gave up their speaking right to this kid they call Thirteen. The reason was no other, because they know not even they themselves can confront that deadly poison.

After confirming that there were no mistakes in the four map pieces belonging on their side, Ling Yue then turned her gaze over to Xia Hou Hong's hand.

For some unknown reason, the prince suddenly found himself being eyed by a venomous gaze like that of a snake's. Hesitant at first, he eventually relented and gave up his portion. Who knows what sort of deadly trick the boy over there still hasn't used yet.

Once again, all six pieces are reunited, but this time it's in Ling Yue and her comrades hand.

’’You already have the map, now give us the antidote!’’ Anxious in their voice, the two poisoned elders yelled out their demand.

’’The antidote is very simple. Just chop off your hand. I'm sorry, but I only know how to poison people and don't know how to cure people.’’ Smooth and casual in her voice, Ling Yue sounded like chopping one's hand was as easy as eating dinner.

’’Thirteen, how dare you play us!’’ Red in the eye, madness overtakes the two elder.

’’If I were the two of you, I would rather chop off my hand. At least that way you can save your life, it's worth it. By the way, I don't mind telling you this fact. The poison will erode one's cultivation if they try to activate their Yuan energy, so, you can ditch the idea of trying to forcefully eject the poison from your system.’’ Ling Yue smirks, knowing she has them in the bag.


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