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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 269


Chapter 269

Chapter 269 ’’The Sacred Treasures’’

After making to the top herself, Ling Yue went ahead and took the liberty of returning the weapons and armors to the He Lao brothers as well as Fire Granny.

While the old woman gave her thanks, the brothers were grinning with great delight as they interrogated her for answers. Mainly it's to know if Ling Yue had some sort of hidden item to bypass the effects of the stairs.

’’You are called Thirteen right. Return our armor and weapons, I will be sure to reward you once we go back.’’ Seeing how the other side got their stuff back, Xia Hou Hong and his side would of course not sit around and watch.

In particular was the man himself. In Xia Hou Hong's opinion, since Thirteen was from Da Xia, that meant the boy was his citizen.

’’Things are in Bo Qing's hand. If Your Highness wishes to take it then you can go ahead and ask her.’’ A chuckle escapes Ling Yue after hearing the hilarious request.

Sure enough, without deviating from the expected outcome, Bo Qing outright denies the request from the shameless prince. This naturally caused the boy to turn green with anger.

’’Your Highness, no need to put so much care on this. The Tai Yi School is an ancient sect that specializes in artifact creation. Once we go inside, we are bound to find plenty of stuff for us to use.’’ Those from the Kai Jiang Manor cuts in, attempting to sooth the boy's steaming face. Which it did work considering how greedy the guy was to begin with.

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Now that everyone's here, it's time they truly entered the Tai Yi School's inner area.

First up was definitely the defensive facilities for the place, then came the trainings halls and conference buildings. As well preserved as these structures were, Ling Yue didn't care. What she came for was for the Hollow Crystals and she can't find any here.

Finally, their search led them to the inner most sanctum of the place - the forging hall.

Unlike the other sects out there, the Tai Yi School's great craftsmanship were well ahead of its time. This can be seen in how grand this forge was. At more than a hundred individual sections divided along the walls, this place can house over a hundred users at once.

Looking around, the first thing to catch Ling Yue's fancy was the stuff cast aside next to the furnace. From semi-finished armors to weapons of all types, literally anything that can be named could be found here like a pile of trash.

Even the worst, a dagger, was made of Yuan iron around ninety percent purity mixed with a small percent of Dragon Saliva Metal.

If these gears were to be brought out to the world, there's no doubt it could equip a small army of a nation like Da Xia and North Qing.

Sure enough, as soon as Xia Hou Hong and those from the Kai Jiang Manor saw these, their eyes beamed with excitement.

But for Ling Yue herself, she wasn't all that interested because it's inferior to what she can make with her own cauldron.

As for Bo Qing, she's even worse and started grumbling like a grumpy child.

’’What sort of shitty Tai Yi School is this, making me run around so much. There's only rubbish here.’’

Fearing the girl would spew even more unbearable words to aggravate everyone, Fire Granny hurries to cover that foul mouth.

’’Oh my little ancestor, please don't say anymore nonsense. This Tai Yi School is very weird so it's best we be more cautious.’’

It must be said, for someone like Bo Qing who could play around with black class artifacts as soon as she's born, anything below an earth class can't even be called an artifact in her eyes.

Though Bo Qing's words are a little harsh, it's also a wakeup call for Xia Hou Hong and the rest.

’’What that witch said is right. These weapons are indeed valuable but compared to what should be inside the Tai Yi School, they aren't worth anything.’’ Elder Yue reminds everyone.

’’First pick up a suitable weapon before we go further in. We must find the true treasures of the Tai Yi School.’’ After saying this, Xia Hou Hong led the way around the hall to search.

Like everyone, He Lao Dai and He Lao San were also searching around the forge for something. However, their goal clearly wasn't the armor or weapons based on how fast they moved and the sweat coming off their forehead.

’’He Lao Dai, what are you looking for? If you want to pick a good weapon then I can help.’’ Seeing how urgent these two elders looked, Ling Yue came up to offer her expertise.

’’No Thirteen, we are not here to search for any great weapon or armor. To tell you the truth, we are here to find some Bhuddism Metal after overhearing there might be some in these ruins. Hence the reason why we made this journey. We want to help our second brother forge a new artificial limb.’’

The three brothers of the He family are deeply interconnected. After He Lao Er lost his legs due to the enemy's attack, the other two's been trying hard to search for a way to create a suitable replacement.

Unfortunately, the various prosthetic legs they made were too cumbersome, making it impossible to walk like a normal person.

Then one day He Lao Dai came upon a wondering news. Through the mouth of a master craftsman, it's said that only a limb made from Bhuddism Metal can replicate the feel of a true leg or arm for those crippled from injury.

Unfortunately, the reigning king of the top three alloys in this world - Bhuddism Metal - hasn't been seen in these lands for many years.

This left only the Tai Yi School. The brothers here are pinning their hope on this venture to find enough to bring back.

’’Then you will have to be disappointed then. These weapons and armors here are all made of ordinary Yuan iron, the best being mixed with some Dragon Saliva Metal.’’ Ling Yue regrettably informs the two.

’’It seems to be as they say over there. The main storage for the true treasures of the Tai Yi School is somewhere else.’’ He Lao Dai didn't get discouraged.

’’Everyone, I propose we gather the maps together again and have a closer look. Maybe we can figure out something we missed.’’ Suddenly stepping out at this moment, Xia Hou Hong makes a reasonable suggestion for once.

When they were entering the mountain, everyone were too busy worrying about their own map pieces to have a good look at the others. Therefore, aside from a small portion that's memorized, they don't really have a clue of what's around here.

Discussing it among themselves first, He Lao Dai and Fire Granny, as well as Bo Qing with her two pieces, agrees to the idea.

Putting together the six map pieces again, the whole terrain of the various areas are now presented before their very eyes.

’’Look, there is a ceremonial sword alter here.’’ After scanning the picture, their eyes all fell upon the point where it's supposedly the highest.

According to the map's brief description, the sword alter was a place for the Tai Yi School to bless their greatest creations, mainly the earth class and above weapons. And on there was a distinct outline of a cauldron with the name ’’Buddhism Cauldron’’.

’’Buddhism Cauldron, can it be made of Buddhism Metal?’’ Excited by the name, He Lao Dai's emotion became very high right now.

Since ancient times the various sects would often offer worship to the heavens, and as the cauldron in which they used to offer the incense sticks or other materials, it's definitely made of the highest quality alloy.

’’Let's not wait. We should immediately rush over there and see for ourselves.’’

Just when He Lao Dai and the others wanted to retrieve their map pieces, Elder Yue and Marquis An were making eye signals to each other.


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