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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 268


Chapter 268

Chapter 268 ’’Good Character’’

By now anyone can see this stairway wasn't just for show or decoration. Despite the great value those armor and weapons had, none of the occupants here had any wish to touch them now.

’’Oh-Oh, who are these people, how come I can't recognize you all without the clothes.’’

’’You... why are you unaffected?’’ Seeing the girl completely fine without any issue, Xia Hou Hong and his goons, as well as those from the Kai Jiang Manor, wanted to start cursing from how annoyed they were.

Even a fool can tell Bo Qing was the one here with the most artifacts. Take that red dress for example. It's definitely superior to the armors they wore.

It can't be a staircase would know how to play favorites here?

Ling Yue too can guess the girl likely had a treasure that can hide the presence of her artifacts. Otherwise, how else would she be immune to the weight increases here.

Seriously, what sort of background does this Bo Qing have? To be able to deceive even this Tai Yi Stairway, it's too ridiculous.

Without a doubt, Bo Qing had the easiest time climbing the steps today.

Even so, that doesn't mean the others can't keep going now that they've discarded their valuables. Very soon, Xia Hou Hong and the rest too made it up to the end without any more incident.

Remove or not to remove...

While everyone else that's important had already made it to the top, Ling Yue was still undecided on her decision.

All of a sudden, a figure came in front of her. It's the sixth disciple of the Fire Wielder Sect. The boy still had his weapon on him, and for some reason his eyes kept staring at herself like he's not sure to leave or to stay.

’’Six, what are you still staying down there for? Hurry and come up.’’

From above the stairway, Fire Granny was perplexed over her disciple's odd behavior of not throwing the weapon away.

This disciple was the youngest among her many apprentices, but also her most favored.

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Prior to coming for this journey, the boy would always use that slick tongue of his to please her. But somehow, after coming here, her student practically became a mute.

Unless asked, the boy would only nod or shake his head at any question.

’’Yes master.’’

But before the boy turns away, Ling Yue seems to have picked up something from her ear.

’’Leave the weapons behind.’’

Looking up at the suspicions back in front of her, all she saw was the boy ditching his own weapon to the ground and walking up the steps.

Now, all that remains was Ling Yue herself at the base.

Even Little Squeak and Little Crow had been taken away in advance by the He Lao brothers.

Knowing she can't delay this anymore, Ling Yue looks back down at her dagger in frustration.

Am I really going to have to leave this here?

She's already the weakest to begin with. Without her weapon, it will only make things even more difficult, forcing her stance to be even more passive.

Gritting her teeth, Ling Yue's inherent stubbornness came into play now.

She didn't discard her dagger, instead, she crawled upward like a snail.

With every step she took, a wet footprint would be firmly imprinted on the floor behind her.

Watching this, He Lao Dai and He Lao San naturally became quite worried. Not because of the fact that it will be nightfall by the time this ends, it's for Thirteen's own safety.

After all, they knew she's a girl!

’’Let's go.’’ At that, Fire Granny attempts to pull Bo Qing away with her.

’’I will not leave. I want to wait for Thirteen and go together.’’ Like her friend down there, Bo Qing's stubbornness also came out, ’’Thirteen, we're not in a hurry, take your time.’’

After listening to that statement, Wu Cheng - still in his disguise - became even darker in the face.

He stared at the ant like girl there, suppressing his inner urge to rush up and knab the girl up this instant.

Damn this woman, why are you so stubborn.

No longer just sweat under her feat, the fluid coming off of Ling Yue's shoe now was a tinge of red - clearly blood.

Everything in her view was starting to get hazy, like the world itself was spinning around.

She's only halfway up the stairs and it's already this bad.

As much as Ling Yue wanted to keep going, she had no more strength to lift her legs anymore.

So tired, I want to sleep...

However, as soon as this idea came into her mind, another thought was triggered.

NO! I haven't found the Hollow Crystals yet. This is just the beginning Ling Yue, you mustn't lose here.

Probably sensing the unwillingness in its host, the cauldron inside her began to shake.

That's right! Can I do the same here, like how I absorbed the alcohol from that wine drinking contest?

Without the need for her order, the cauldron activates itself and magically removed the weight off her body. At the same time, the spirit smoke was spewing out nonstop, repairing the tired muscles and tendons in every corner.


Like a wave, the Yuan energy came bursting forward and propelled her legs again.

’’Awesome Thirteen!’’ Becoming ecstatic over this scene, Bo Qing starts jumping around like a dancing child.

Likewise, this also eased the tenseness in Wu Cheng's face.

This girl... though weak, her willpower is indeed unmatched.


Those from the Kai Jiang Manor and Xia Hou Hong's group had intended to leave after mending their wounds, but then they saw the boy down there. What used to be a snail was starting to move faster and faster, as if the gravity of the weights didn't affect him one bit...

It's understandable that Bo Qing can make it through with ease because the girl did have plenty of treasure on board. But that boy down there, what gives him the right to act so pompously when he's only an upper celestial martialist?

To make things even more depressing. When Ling Yue arrived at the spot where they themselves discarded their weapons and armors, she did the unthinkable and snatched it all up!

’’Bo Qing, come help me. These are all yellow and black class artifacts. We can't just leave them here.’’

At the same time, Ling Yue didn't forget to send a gorgeous smile that's borderline cruel at the former owners of these precious items.

It's bad enough she's picking up other people's stuff, but to call for help? That's plain robbery! Can't be helped, Bo Qing was the only one with the storage belt.

If it was any other time, Bo Qing would never bother with these lowly artifacts. However, since they belonged to Xia Hou Hong and the others, the troublesome girl knew she can't miss out on this chance to vex the enemy.

Skipping like a baited rabbit, Bo Qing gleefully runs down to her friend.


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