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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 266


Chapter 266

Chapter 266 ’’Accidental Discovery’’

’’Ming Xia!’’

Seeing his daughter falling into the beast's mouth, Marquis An's very eye became a scarlet red.

In one sweep of his leg, he sends the nearby stone beasts flying out with the force. Sadly, it's already too late, his daughter's already gone without a trace.

’’Bastard, you killed my daughter! I'm going to make you pay!’’ He's seen it all, it was the disciple from the Fire Wielder Sect who knocked his daughter into the beast's mouth.

’’What a big mouth you got there. I like to see who will dare harm my people in front of me.’’ Fire Granny as well as the He Lao brothers and the Kai Jiang Manor people have all rushed out together at this moment.

Towards the trampled field and casualties from Xia Hou Hong's party, the reactions here were mixed.

Fire Granny and the He Lao brothers naturally became happy over the losses of the enemy, while Elder Yue from the Kai Jiang Manor only gave an order to his people behind him.

’’In a bit none of you are to touch the stuff inside the Tai Yi School without my order.’’

It must be said these late comers are quite unlucky. Back inside the foggy barrier, they had all collided together at some point and ended up delaying each other until now.

The fear of the treasures being snatched away were very real, but now it seems the stuff inside this place aren't so easy to mess with so their worries were for nothing.

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Who knows if one random touch of the grass will pop another group of stone beasts out. That's something none of the people here wanted to encounter again.

’’Marquise An, please stay calm. It's not a certainty Miss An would be dead. Maybe she's lucky enough to break free partway. We will find her eventually if we keep going inside.’’ Xia Hou Hong attempts to sooth the man over with his words. If not for Marquis An insisting on staying by his side, those from the Fire Wielder Sect never would've gotten the chance.

Through the mouths of her disciples, Fire Granny and the He Lao brothers have learned that Ling Yue and Bo Qing had already gone ahead inside.

’’let's go.’’ The members of the Kai Jiang Manor didn't dally around much and went straight for the inside.

Not to be outdone, Fire Granny and the He Lao brothers likewise followed from behind.

’’I must kill him to get revenge for my daughter.’’ Although Marquis An settled his anger for now at the head of the prince, but he knows very well it's hopeless. There's no way his Ming Xia would be alive after falling into the jaws of those animals.

Glaring at Wu Cheng's departing back, he swears to himself.

Tick Tack~

Something wet was dripping onto her cheek.

An Ming Xia thought she was done for this time after falling into the jaws of her pursuers, but surprisingly, the stone beasts didn't immediately shred her to pieces. Instead, they ran away with her and was soon out of the forest. Eventually, she, as well as her captors, had arrived at a stone temple.

Among the stone structures here, about six or so had collapsed due to disrepair. Nevertheless, they are perfect habitats for these creatures to nest in.

From her extreme fear of the situation, An Ming Xia somehow managed to calm herself because she realized her hand still held one of the Thunder Seeds. Originally she intended to throw it at that witch from the Heartless Sect, that way the bitch won't be able to seduce anymore men again.

Still keeping her eyes closed like an unconscious prey, An Ming Xia knows she's been taken into their lair now after hearing the low growling voices next to her ear.

Now, her only options are to be turned into stone, or be torn to pieces. If that's the case either way, why not take a gamble and go for it?!

Mustering up her last ounce of Yuan energy, An Ming Xia activates the Thunder Seed and punched the creature's nose with everything she's got. Next second, her injured body was jerked out of the jaw and in goes the Thunder Seed to that mouth.


This was absolutely lethal for the stone beast next to her. Blown asunder by the explosive impact, blood and innards sprayed the walls and her body, evidence of her success.

She gasped, trying everything to suck as much air into her system after that loud blow to her body. Then hurrying to pull out some healing medicine, she chugged the stuff first before sitting herself up.

Following a good while of meditation to regain her strength, the girl finally opens her eyes again.

Where is this place?

An Ming Xia scanned the surrounding, finding only the carcass of the stone beast responsible for her misery lying next to her.

Knowing the fact that she nearly lost her life to this animal, An Ming Xia's fury became lit again. In one pounce, she smashed the creature's remaining body into a messy mush.

Then taking another more detailed look, she realized this place was a bedroom. There's a bed and some daily necessities like dry rations and such. Of course, the stuff placed here had all been fossilized after a millennium of weathering, with the exception of the writings on the wall next to the bed. That quickly caught her attention.

Likely carved using a dagger, An Ming Xia's dirty face went from defeated to exalted after reading the content.

’’Tai Yi Secret Art, Beast Devouring. Even the heavens are on my side!’’

According to the records on the wall, this stone room wasn't an ordinary place like those used by the disciples to train, it's a room reserved for one of the elders of the Tai Yi School.

The supposed elder here, after many years of grasping and searching, created a fifth-grade martial technique called ’’Beast Devouring’’.

According to its description, the disciples who practiced this skill can devour the cores of a spirit beast. Then through the energies gained from the core, the user can then gain the same natural powers of the animal in question.

To this end, the elder captured a number of stone beasts from within the mountains and began secretly practicing the technique.

Finally, he successfully created the Beast Devouring technique, something no other in history had ever done. Using the increased strength he gained by absorbing the beast cores, he eventually defeated an opposing elder using the petrifying ability.

For that sin, the elder was forever confined to this stone room by the Sect Leader as punishment.

Unwilling to accept the reality that his precious technique would be lost after his death, the elder specifically recorded the way to train in this martial ability onto the wall here. This way, one day a lucky few might have the opportunity to see it and indirectly become his heir.

Not hesitating, An Ming Xia ran back over to the stone beast's carcass.

First ignoring the impulse to vomit, she stretched out her hand to grope into the abdominal cavity. Finally, after much gross encounters with her hands, her fingers soon found the core that she's seeking.

Due to the fact that the host had just died, the beast core was still full of vitality and life.

In accordance to the instructions written on the wall, the Beast Devouring technique was divided into three different ways to train. The first would of course be devouring the beast core like what she's doing now. The second would be devouring a recently killed spirit beast. The last would be the most sickening, devouring a spirit beast live.

The more the user devours, the more power the user would gain. For the elder who created this technique, the man used this same concept to eventually defeat his opponent after devouring more than a dozen beast cores.

’’Petrify... As long as I can master this move then I won't have to worry about anyone again. What Ghost Emperor Wu Cheng? What witch of the Heartless Sect? What Ling Yue? I will have them all die!’’

An Ming Xia's thought pattern was very simple. Once she kills Ling Yue, Feng Shen will be all hers.

With great urgency, she swiftly swallowed the beast core into her stomach.


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