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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 264


Chapter 264

Chapter 264 ’’One is Sick, One is Jealous’’

After some screening, Ling Yue soon selected a dozen herbs of differing specie - mainly the most precious kind as well as some poisonous plants.

Scurrying into the field of herbs, she quickly used her spirit smoke to absorb the various properties and effects of the plants while also directing the two little fellas into gathering the mature seeds.

One woman and two animals, this field of about three acres were soon ransacked by them.

With these precious seeds in her hand, she only needs to wait until she finds the Hollow Crystals to reenergize the Red Mist Sky before replanting the crop in the future.

Not stopping for a second, this act of robbery continued until Ling Yue's very own cauldron became so stuffed that she can't push anymore inside.

’’Can these things be eaten?’’ Squatting next to the boy's side, Bo Qing kept eyeing the collection of seeds in Ling Yue's possession because she found the whole act very fun to watch.

The girl herself wouldn't need anything like spirit herbs or elixirs, but she knows Thirteen's an alchemist, meaning he would be very much interested in collecting everything here. But for some reason the boy didn't even try to dig up the plants like she expected from a situation like this, rather the boy only went around touching the leaves and flowers. This behavior perplexed Bo Qing to no ends.

If only the girl knew, she would definitely be surprised too. During that brief duration, Ling Yue had already successfully absorbed the benefits of those plants without missing a single one.

Though the herb field remains the same on the outside, but inwardly its already completely different.

In reality, this wasn't the first time Ling Yue pulled something like replacing the dragon with a chicken. Back in the lava cave, she used the exact same move against the Ghost Emperor.

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’’It's not edible, but it's able to exchange for a lot of money.’’ As soon as Ling Yue imagined the scene of the other forces coming here, her eyes inadvertently curved into a crescent shape due to her grin.

’’You can't smile like that in the future.’’ Blinded by that sweet smile, Bo Qing rushes to warn the girl with this brainless comment.

Bo Qing had seen all sorts of smiles before: flattery, enchanting, seductive, shy. But no matter which one they were, none could compare to the one just now.

’’What's the matter?’’ Unsure why the girl would say something like that, Ling Yue asks without thinking too much on the meaning.

’’It will make others sick,’’ she murmurs. According to Bo Qing's logic, the feeling was the same as when she became sick as a child. Dry in the throat and hot in the cheeks, the contradictory feeling confuses even herself.


Ling Yue was ready to reach out to test the girl's forehead for the temperature when she froze.

She can't see it yet, but her instincts are telling her there's something staring at her, giving her an indescribable chill in the spine...

Straight ahead, the contour of a pair of legs soon came into view. Ling Yue realizes it that there's another group about to come out. Just that she's not sure who it could be.

Looking up, what met her eyes were a pair of hazy pupils.

How unexpected, for some reason she assumed the group to be those she's familiar with;instead, it's the disciples from the Fire Wielder Sect.

The one called Fire Granny wasn't among them though, and the one to come over first was the youngest among their group, the sixth disciple.

This person wasn't handsome by any means, nor was he ugly. Rather, he belongs to the type that won't attract any attention when dumped into a crowd.

A little intrigued by these people, Ling Yue took the opportunity to observe them some more. Coincidentally, the youngest over there was also observing her.

That's when Ling Yue felt a spark running through her skin. Something about this person seems familiar yet also not, it's like she's seen the boy somewhere before.

How can that be? Her memories had always been good, the kind that she won't forget a face no matter what. Yet, those eyes and contour looked nothing like anyone she's met before, it's more of a temperament and aura feel.

Then for some odd reason, this disciple there kept eyeing Bo Qing with a look that could kill if the recipient was less hearty.

’’Aighya, little brother, why are you staring at me so much? It can't be that you are interested in me?’’ Now that there's more target for her flirting, Bo Qing's spirit promptly went lively again.

With her personality, she won't be comfortable unless she messes with others in a day.

Fluttering her seductive winks, her curvy body begins to make its way over to that disciple. Yet, in one fell swoop to the side, her advances were easily dodged with a duck.

And to make it more embarrassing, due to her own carelessness, Bo Qing ended up tripping face first into the dirt.

’’Humphh, you are bullying me, I'm going to tell Fire Granny.’’ Still biting onto some weeds in her mouth after coming up, Bo Qing's foxy eyes were cloudy with tears like a person that's been wronged oh so hard.

’’Shut it.’’ The sixth disciple of the Fire Wielder Sect used his knife-like stare to instantly shut the yapper mouth up.

So horrible. This man, that tone and demeanor, why is it so much like my old man?

’’Sixth Junior, these herbs?’’ The remainder of the disciples from the Fire Wielder Sect arrives on the scene too. Apparently, they were too astonished by the herbs here, hence the reason why it took them so long to come forward from the outskirt.

However, instead of gathering the stuff immediately like any other sane person would, they only gathered around the young junior like someone awaiting their order.

Right now, the only way to describe Wu Chong in his disguise would be a sour puckered husband eavesdropping on his wife. If he could, he would go snatch a chain to bind the girl up on the spot. This way the restless girl would be unable to go cheat on him. And to make things worse, all of those flutter bodies are beings that she shouldn't go provoke.

Only heavens would know, when Wu Cheng first came out of the mist, the first sight he saw was the intimate flirting between the two. How can someone have so much to talk about after only a few days of acquainting?

Due to the extremity of his foul mood, the man seems to have forgotten the fact that he's currently wearing the skin of the sixth disciple still.

Wu Cheng had planned this out perfectly. Years of planning had gone into this journey, but with Ling Yue mixed into the pot, everything just went out of the water.

He even went as far as to forcibly make Feng Shen's condition worsen just for the occasion.

Everything should've gone seamlessly. So why did this girl have to show up here?

’’Don't bother with them.’’ Wu Cheng only returned this simple sentence, completely ignoring the stuff.

Sure enough, this answer only made Ling Yue even more surprised.

The sixth junior of the Fire Wielder Sect can't be brain dead right? Why would he not want the herbs?

Don't bother with them. How can he say something like that?

Finally, he too noticed the astonishment from Ling Yue's eye. He knows the girl's temperament far too well. Take the previous time at the lava cave. For a simple ginseng, the girl nearly went red in the eye for it so how can she resist these herbs that's so many times more valuable? Something's definitely amiss here!


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