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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 263


Chapter 263

Chapter 263 ’’Herb Field’’

As soon as the members of the five-power rushed into the hidden valley, the spirit energy in the heaven and earth immediately became abundant.

There's something wrong with the mists here. This was the first thought that came to Ling Yue's mind after entering the cloudy fog covering the landscape.

Blanketed in a cloak of white, she can no longer inch forward now. As for the rest of the people who came inside along with her, their presence had also disappeared without a trace. It's like she's trapped inside a cage, slowly encroaching in on her body, becoming heavier and heavier.

Though it's not exactly the same, the feeling was very similar to how Manager Chou used his spirit pressure back in the Royal Hospital.

This is impossible, the Tai Yi School faced destruction over a millennium ago so there's no way a master is still around gaurding this place.

Then that's when Ling Yue noticed the two little miscreants acting up on her shoulder. Unlike herself who's clearly starting to feel the weight coming down, Little Squeak and Little Crow was completely unaffected by the clouds. In fact, they are quite enjoying themselves here, similar to how they act when inside the Red Mist Sky with that foggy barrier.

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Now this got her thinking, why wasn't the spirit pressure effecting the two?

If this thick layer of mist really had the same effect as a spirit force user activating their pressure, it should equally apply to everyone.

Or is this all an illusion?

Understanding this now, Ling Yue threw away anything unimportant in her mind and stepped deeper into the fog. Sure enough, the deeper she went, the less powerful the spirit pressure became.

Her speculations weren't wrong, this layer of fog was in fact a type of barrier restriction placed by the Tai Yi School. There won't be any actual damage to the physical body, merely a hallucination to repel any foreign invaders from attacking at random while also being a way to prevent the weaker disciples from randomly sneaking out and getting in trouble.

Normally the hallucinations won't be so strong like a spirit pressure attack, but since Ling Yue was a spirit user and a martialist all in one, the effects became magnified by two-fold.

As for those weaker individuals that came into the mist, they will naturally be lost in in the fog due to panic. In some cases, they might even harm themselves or their comrades in the process of self-defense.

Without incident, most were able to pass through the barrier without harm coming to themselves. Of course, there are a few weaklings here that couldn't make it through to the end, mainly some of the guards from the Kai Jiang Manor. Issue was, every has become separated as a result of this little incident.

’’Who's there?’’

Just as the mist became thinner and thinner, Ling Yue heard a crisp jingling sound of a bell nearby.

’’It's you?’’ The owner of the bell clearly recognized her.

Coming into view, a fiery red figure soon appeared before Ling Yue's eye. If it's not Bo Qing of the Heartless Sect then who else can it be?

’’Thank goodness, I've finally found someone. This strange mist nearly got me lost here.’’ As soon as the troublesome girl saw a friendly face, she immediately broke out into a happy grin.

First inquiring about the situation, Ling Yue promptly learned that both of them were faced with the same visibility issue.

’’Do you feel any abnormalities, like a pressure on your spirit and stuff?’’ Seeing the relaxed and leisure manner of the girl, Ling Yue became a little surprised and confused.

’’Nope, I only found the air in this direction to be a lot better so I came this way.’’ Blinking and blinking, the girl obviously didn't know why her friend there asked such a weird question.

Different from Ling Yue's version of calming her inner demon to transverse the barrier, Bo Qing had completely relied on her own intuition to walk the full way.

Hearing this, Ling Yue had to wonder what sort of background this girl came from. At times she can be innocent like a child, playing around with Little Squeak like it's nothing, but at other times she can be as cunning as a fox.

While she's busy thinking about all this, the two were already at the edge of the mist and could start seeing the visible outlines of the greenery.

Further ahead was a forest, an ancient forest that hasn't been stepped upon by humans in a thousand years.

From the entrance, a thick layer of herbal aroma wafts into their nose following the gentle breeze of the wind.

So many spirit fruits and herbs!

’’Thousand-Year Red Yang Ginseng!’’

’’Scarlet Fruit, said to be able to cure hundreds of poisons!’’

Thought to be extinct among the various kingdoms out there, these precious herbs can be seen at every turn like weeds sprouting out of the groun.

Compared to Ling Yue who's clearly stunned by it all, Bo Qing was rather uninterested in the stuff. In the girl's view, she would rather find some peach or apples to satiate herself. At least those can be eaten and sooth her pallet while these spirit herbs are bitter and tiresome to dig up. They will dirty her hands!

As a lazy person by nature, Bo Qing's greatest hobby, aside from eating, was to collect treasures. This was also the main reason why she came to the Tai Yi School, it's to check out the various artifacts to see if any would fit her.

What good are these spirit herbs when she herself didn't even like cultivating? She be better off getting some bank notes for spending!

As much as Ling Yue wanted to rush up and start digging everything up this very instant, she can't. There are many factors denying her this opportunity. First was the condition of the Red Mist Sky, it's very unstable right now. Second was that there's still others coming here and they will likely be out from the mist too.

But to helplessly watch these herbs fall into another groups hand, Ling Yue simply can't accept such a cruel outcome. It would be akin to someone ripping out her heart and squeezing it!

Pondering the problem at hand, her heart immediately gave birth to a wonderful idea!


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