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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 262


Chapter 262

Chapter 262 ’’Opening the Secret Territory’’

All of a sudden, a dry and hoarse voice came from within the fireball.

’’Keke, many years not seen and all of you are still so hearty. How can I not be included in as brawl?’’

In the next second, the fireball reforms into a skull and explodes into seven different smaller flames. Among the group, the largest was the first to land on the ground, followed by the other six behind it. From the fire, a withered old woman came forward first followed by six younger men from the other fireballs.

Fire Wielder Sect! This name gripped the minds of everyone present.

The Fire Wielder Sect was among one of the few well known evil cults from the central plains.

Worshipping fire as its deity, it's rumored that they had once been blessed by the immortal phoenix, making them immune to the flames of this world.

As to the identity of this old flaming woman that's even older than He Lao Dai and He Lao San, she's the vice leader of the Fire Wielder Sect, also a fourth element reincarnation master.

Though her entire being was freaky and strange to begin with, but the most eye catching had to be her crutch with the skull of a baby embedded on top. From the eye sockets, a serpent was squirming back and forth, spewing small puffs of flame that made it look extremely horrific.

Then there's those disciples behind her, they are all roughly around the reincarnation realm too. Like this, the title of being the strongest party now fell on them, knocking the Kai Jiang Manor down to second place.

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Now, finally for the first time ever, the five powers holding the map pieces have all gathered for the journey, signaling the start of the true show.

’’Ma'am is still the same as before, loves to make jokes. We are only bored from waiting, hence the reason why we are moving our bones.’’ Elder Yue from the Kai Jiang Manor was a person that knows how to stand with the waves. He knew the Heartless Sect and Fire Wielder Sect held a good relationship so if he continues to press in on Bo Qing, the one to lose will definitely be him now.

’’Humph, what a shameless old thing you are.’’ Ignoring the elder that tried to kill her, Bo Qing throws herself over to the old woman instead. Her face a heaping smile of affection as she curled her arms around the other: ’’Greetings to Fire Granny!’’

This was also when Hong Yu Long sobered up from his trance. Realizing what he's done, he's both angry at the witch and himself for being so foolish.

’’You... How did you get here and why are you dressed up like this?’’ Fire Granny at first didn't recognize the young lass based on her appearance, but after a careful observation, her old mouth started to twitch unceasingly.

One can ignore anything in this world, only not this little ancestor.

Fire Granny herself had heard already, the leader of the Heartless Sect and his wife are currently in retreat for training. If this little ancestor can be here, it must be because she snuck out while her parents are unaware.

Sure enough, Bo Qing started to wink at her, signaling Fire Granny not to say anymore.

’’Elder, the map.’’ One of the disciples who came with Fire Granny comes over to offer the item.

If one were to take a closer look, they would see how emotionless those eyes were. This person would be the very same prisoner who ’’survived’’ the torturing of the Life Taking Hall.

Giving a slight nod, Fire Granny accepts the map, completely unaware of the strange behaviors from her own people. Among them, the youngest, gave Ling Yue a quick glance after taking notice.

If only everyone here weren't so occupied, otherwise they would definitely notice the change in the boy's iris - it went from black to a golden shade for a good moment.

’’Since everyone is here, it's imperative that we enter the Tai Yi School's Secret Territory now. But first, I like to make a proposal in order to avoid any foolish casualties.’’ Elder Yue from the Kai Jiang Manor was the first to step forward.

The secret location of the Tai Yi School was definitely here at this place known as the Cang Mountain Peak.

As long they combine the six map pieces together into one, the passage will then open.

But as to what's hidden inside, none can say for certain.

In the case of where both opportunity and risks are involved, it's imperative that they work together, otherwise the danger will be faced by that party alone.

The proposal made by Elder Yue faced no rejections here today. The issue though was who's going to be the leader?

Prince Hou Hong and his goons, as well as those from the Kai Jiang Manor, would definitely vote for Elder Yue to lead them. But that idea faced harsh criticism from Bo Qing immediately.

’’Based on what can that old man be our leader? I have two pieces of the map so I say I'm more fit to be the leader.’’

’’Witch, considering strength and seniority, which part of you qualifies to be the leader?’’ Both Elder Yue and Marquis An fired back together, completely annoyed by the impudent lass.

’’If you want to talk strength and seniority then neither of you are qualified either. I say go with a vote. Whoever gets the most vote gets to become leader. I will start and I vote for myself to be leader.’’ Completely unfazed, Bo Qing raises her hand for herself, giving her two points instantly.

Helpless against this little ancestor, Fire Granny can only express her approval for the lass too.

As for He Lao Dai, he had already fought with Elder Yue earlier so he would rather pick Bo Qing then anyone else at this point. If anything, he can get some gratification from annoying the foe for good.

Of the five forces here, three had already expressed their approval for Bo Qing. Even if Elder Yue and Marquis An didn't like it, they can only endure this humiliation because they can't exactly everyone now that Fire Granny was here.

The Tai Yi School lies somewhere inside the Cang Mountain Peak, this much they knew. What they don't know was where, nor has anyone managed to locate the ruins in the past thousand years.

Fortunately, there's a vital clue here that's at their disposal. There's a huge rock slab at the base of the mountain peak where it's etched with six slots, each representing one of the map pieces in their possession.

Knowing what must be done, each of the parties began sliding their respective portion into the rock. And as soon as they did so, a faint rumbling started to shake the ground. Then louder and stronger, it felt like the entire earth would tear itself apart from how powerful the tremors became.

’’Look! The mountain, the mountain is cracking!’’

Under the exclaiming cry of someone, the Cang Mountain Peak that reached over four thousand meters in height suddenly began to split apart like it's been sliced open by a sword. Misty clouds poured out of the opening line as it did so.

As a second-rate power during its peak, the ancient Tai Yi School was founded by a being beyond the level of a reincarnation realm. According to the rumors, in order to prevent enemies from attacking, it's said that the founder used some special ancient ability to surgically introduce another mountain into the Cang Mountain Peak.

When this rumor became public, everyone would of course take it as a foolhardy story. Yet, here they are, standing in front of a mountain that's splitting apart before their very eyes.

As the mists of clouds gradually cleared up, what's inside soon became visible to their eyes. Forests, mountains, buildings, there's actually a whole valley hidden within the Cang Mountain Peak itself!

Without hesitation or delay, all five powers instantly made their move once they saw the scene.

First up was Bo Qing. Using her jingling bell on her wrist, she shot her threads out to grab her pieces of the map and swiftly stored them away.

As soon as she did so, the other four also took back their map without bothering to consult with anyone.

’’Into the mountain!’’

Like arrows, their figures shot into the valley next, leaving nothing but blur lines in their wake.

When the last of their figure disappeared from the view line, the divided outer shell of the mountain once again began to close.

Without any changes to the surrounding environment, this freaky and astonishing event left no traces of it ever happening.


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