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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 261


Chapter 261

Chapter 261 ’’Picking on the Small’’

’’If you are waiting for the Sun Sect then you can save your time. Their senior disciple is already fed to the dogs somewhere.’’ Flicking the last of his pumpkin seed into her mouth, Bo Qing begins to leisurely sip her tea, all the while not forgetting to tease Hong Yu Long and Chen Tuo with her tongue.

’’What! Then you are implying you got two pieces of the map?’’ Upon hearing this shocking news, Xia Hou Hong and that Elder Yue were both showing astonishment in their faces.

Although the Sun Sect wasn't what you call a master of one region, but their strength wasn't weak either. To think they would be obliterated by a single Bo Qing.

There are already four powerful forces present, the strongest being the Kai Jiang Manor and the weakest being Bo Qing of the Heartless Sect. As for Ling Yue and her companions, the others didn't even bother to take them into consideration because there's only He Lao Dai here that can be considered a real master in their mix.

Taking advantage of the Fire Wielder Sect's absence, Xia Hou Hong and the one from the Kai Jiang Manor begins to get dark ideas here.

’’Witch, hand over the map pieces this instant!’’ Fierce in his gaze, Marquis An rushes over like a diving eagle and destroys anything obstructing his way.

Seeing this, Bo Qing naturally wouldn't yield so easily. In one tap of her foot, she somersaults herself backward by several feet and barely dodges the attack.

’’Oh that scared me to death. You damn old man, we will see if you got that sort of weight to kill for my treasure!’’ Making a seductive giggle with her voice, Bo Qing surprisingly didn't show an ounce of fear towards an opponent one realm above herself.

Turning sharp in her gaze the next moment, the delicate bell on her wrist begins to jingle around as a series of green silken threads spewed out of the small opening. Though their size were only that of a hair width, but the toughness and sharpness were astonishing. All it took was one graze and Marquis An's skin were cut open with some definite lines running around the shoulder area.

Just like that, the entire tea house became covered in this stuff, forcing the original attack into a defensive position.

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’’Lord An, that evil witch is too sinister so why don't we team up to subdue her.’’ Seeing how Marquis An couldn't take down a single lass, that Elder Yue from the Kai Jiang Manor sneered from the side and stepped in. From his body, a burst of energy gushed forward and created a shield around himself, destroying any of green thread foolish enough to draw too close.

Likely feeling the recoil of his attack being broken, Bo Qing's complexion became a little white as the jingling bell issued out a muffled sound in response.

’’This must be Elder Yue, heir to the Chaos Shield technique. Please consider it a favor to us brothers here and not make things difficult for Miss Bo Qing.’’ He Lao Dai and He Lao San may not necessarily like Bo Qing as a person, but they are now in an alliance with the girl so they can't exactly stand idle.

Needless to say, there's also the fact that the other side would turn their sights on themselves once Bo Qing's gone. This was something that the He Lao brothers don't want to see.

’’And if I don't give you this favor?’’ Under the support of the Kai Jiang Manor, Elder Yue had trained his Chaos Shield to the point of being invincible among his peers of the same level. Even if He Lao Dai does make a move, he has no qualms about fighting the foe.

’’If not then don't blame me for being rude!’’

’’Boom!’’ Decisive, He Lao Dai didn't wait another second and instantly zipped through the place like a sharp knife.

What he practiced was a fifth grade martial technique called the Raging Flame Palm Strike. Under his rage, He Lao Dai's Yuan energy was like an erupting volcano, dangerous and overwhelming.

Not to be outdone, Elder Yue also activated his Chaos Shield and slammed head on into the attack. Together, they created a violent shockwave in the air as their attacks collided.

On the other side, Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong and Chen Tuo of the Kai Jiang Manor were also on the move. Together, they attacked He Lao San since he's weaker.

’’Witch, let's see who's going to help you now!’’

Measuring Bo Qing with his gloomy stare, Marquis An won't believe he can't handle a simple youngster by himself.

Giggling at the threat, she smirks at the man: ’’Oh so scary, I'm going to cry at this rate.’’ Then in one swing of her body, Bo Qing suddenly throws herself into Hong Yu Long's arm.

’’Sir, quickly save me.’’

Her voice was easy and sweet to the ears to begin with. Now that she's also using her seductive ability of the Heartless Sect, it's easy picking since the man in question was enamored by her to begin with.

Shuddering, Hong Yu Long instantly found himself losing control as his arms moved to pull the girl in. Just like that, he was now completely under the control of that spell.

’’Someone wants to kill me. If you help me kill them instead then I will be yours from now on.’’ Her whispering words are fire, intoxicating and irresistible.

Yours... Yours...

Turning red in the eye, Hong Yu Long pounced in front of Marquis An, ready to fight.

’’Nephew, move aside.’’ Greatly surprised by the boy's action, Marquis An didn't understand what's going on here.

’’Father, I will help you.’’ Seeing what's happening, An Ming Xia despised Bo Qing even more. Together with her father, the two now ganged up for the engagement.

’’Picking on the small, how shameless.’’ Just as An Ming Xia were ready to make the move, her ears picked up the cynical remark from her side.

Swish Swish Swish

Ling Yue who has been idle until now finally began to make her move as the daggers shot out of her back at the shameless pair.

That kid is an alchemist?

While An Ming Xia and Chen Xuan were both shocked by the discovery, a loud cry from inside the tea house broke their focus as a rolling fireball burst forth from the kitchen room.

This tea house at the base of the mountain was small to begin with. Aside from a few serving tables and some chairs, there's not much else here in the main dining hall. Therefore, when the fight broke out just now, the boss and the single waiter here promptly ran inside the kitchen for shelter.

They thought with so many guests today the business would get a nice windfall since they don't get much customers to begin with. But now, not only did the tea house become trashed, they even lost their life under the exploding fireball from within the stove.

No longer living, only the charred remains of the two innocent bystanders are what's left after the sudden explosion. Even then, the freakish green fireball didn't extinguish itself and continued to float there like a witness to its deed.


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