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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 26


Chapter 26 ’’A great merit’’

Inside the main manor of the Ye Household, a loud smashing sound of cups breaking could be heard.

The members of the different houses, aside from Ye Huang Yu only, even Ye Huang Yun (second uncle) that's in charge of guarding the martial shrine was called over.

The reasoning, something big nearly happened today at the Ye family's forge.

Ye Gu's face looked livid with anger as Ye Saint kneeled dejected on the ground in front of him. As for the other members of the first house, they all stood by the side frightened and scared.

What happened at the forge was something bigger than what he could conceal. Knowing this, Ye Saint's took the initiative to confess before everyone, hence the scene right now.

’’Father, I think this matter cannot be solely blamed on Ye Saint. I've seen those fake iron ores too, there's something fishy about all this.’’ After the news of the incident reached the mountains, Ye Huang Cheng had rushed home from the mines.

Even for him, someone that has worked in the mines for over twenty years, had trouble figuring out if those ores are real or fake at first glance.

The ores were just some ordinary rocks, but unsure how, the top was infused with a layer of Yuan Iron half an inch deep into the rocks surface.

If it was he himself today, it's likely he would be fooled too, let alone Ye Saint.

’’What that Chen merchant used was a very lethal poison so we couldn't find the source. There must be someone behind the scenes, that's why it was done so cleanly. This child is foolish too to have nearly fallen into this trap.’’ Ye Huang Yun (big uncle) disappointingly stares at Ye Saint, his son.

This kid is so disappointing. Originally he intended to let the boy take on the responsible of transporting the ores into the city during the next shipment, but with this fuss, it's a certainty that he will be punished by the family rules and be locked away for a month. Ye Huang Yun thought.

Any discernable person can see the matter with the ores was an orchestrated event, someone wishes to frame the Ye Household. Inside the entire Autumn Maple Town, the only ones to do something of this kind was the Song Household.

Unfortunately, the only witness has committed suicide through poison, and the people sent to investigate only knows that the guy was a thug in the next town over, thus ending the only lead they had to go on.

No evidence or witness, the Ye Household can't just go up to the Song House and demand justice. In the end they can only suck it up.

’’Good thing there's fortune within misfortune. It's thanks to little Ling Yue's cleverness today that we managed to dodge this, otherwise we would've suffered a huge loss.’’ Ye Huang Shu spoke up from the side in order to fight for Ling Yue's achievement.

The biggest hero of today's event was standing on one side. Other than the few words she said at the forge, she had not said another word since then. This demeanor of hers left Ye Gu very satisfied.

He's heard it already. Today was Ling Yue's first visit to the family forge.

Truly a lucky star. If not for her, the Ye family would've lost over five thousand gold, that's over a quarter of the yearly income.

’’Ling Yue, even your big cousin Ye Saint couldn't see through it, how did you notice there's a problem in that batch of ore?’’ Seeing Ling Yue had remained quiet up till now, Ye Gu mistakenly took it as her being frightened by the commotion and lowered his tone to a kindly voice.

’’Grandfather, it was all an accident, how can I be compared with big cousin. I only thought the merchant's expression didn't look right, then the next thing I knew that happened.’’ Ling Yue embarrassingly scratches her head while making a perfectly innocent smile.

Can it be, this lassie is really just that lucky?

Ye Gu remains unceasingly puzzled, but he then thought, Ling Yue never went to the forge before, how can she distinguish what's real or fake.

Fine then, maybe it's just a coincidence. She's a girl after all. In terms of attentiveness, she's bound to be more vigilant than Ye Saint when it comes to subtle changes.

’’No matter what, you have earned a great merit this time. Tell me, what reward would you like?’’ Ye Gu's a man of right and wrong. Ling Yue did well so she will get a reward, as for Ye Saint, since he made such a big blunder he will be sentenced to solitary confinement inside his home for a month.

Upon hearing there's going to be a reward for Ling Yue, both brothers, Ye Huang Cheng and Ye Huang Shu, can't resist tensing up.

Ling Yue's rising growth inside the family was way too fast. At this rate, she will likely become the second Ye Huang Yu (mother).

If she dared to desire anything she's not supposed to ask for... Ye Huang Cheng coldly eyed Ling Yue.

’’Grandfather, if possible, I would like to help cut and classify ores inside the family forge.’’ Ling Yue's answer astonished everyone.

Cut and classify ores? What kind of reward is this?

Wasn't rewards supposed to be something like money or martial techniques and weapons?

That's hard labor she's asking for, which of the young lords/ladies in the family would want to do that. This Ling Yue really is stupid to ask for something like that as a reward.

’’This ... Of course it's okay, you go to your big uncle and get a badge. Then you are free you access the forge when you please.’’ Ye Gu didn't expect a reward like this so he ended up casually accepting the request.

As Ling Yue walked out of the hall, she was quickly caught up by the ashamed Ye Saint from behind.

’’Ling Yue, this time I really want to thank you.’’ Ye Saint still held some dislike towards her earlier, but since Ling Yue accidentally ’’helped’’ him and even supported him in front of their grandfather back there, his attitude naturally shot up like a straight line.

’’Big cousin is welcome. We're all family, no need to be so formal.’’ Ling Yue makes a humble appearance.

’’If there's anything in the future, or anyone who dare bully you, feel free to come find big cousin.’’ Ling Yue's respectful act was working very well on Ye Saint. After patting Ling Yue on the shoulder, he finally left.

At the same time over at the Song Household in Autumn Maple Town.

’’What, the plan has failed? What are you all doing!’’ In a fit of rage, the master of the Song House shattered the ebony red table by his side and sent the contents crumbling to the floor.

But just as when the white porcelain cup was about to hit the ground, something unexpected happened. Suddenly stopping in mid-air, the cup filled with water began floating through the air and fell into the hands of another person without spilling a single drop.

The owner of the hand was a young man with a yellow complexion. Based on his facial features alone, it can be said that looked upright. Issue was those eyes. Due to the excessive lust from those pupils, the aura he gave off was a bit evil to those near him.

’’Master Lian, I apologize for letting you see a joke like this.’’ The Lord of the Song Household was then reminded of this prestigious guest at his home.

To be able to make this family head of the Song House lower himself like so, who knows what sort of background this young man of twenty five-six had.

’’Not an issue. It's only proper that I solve your issues since I took your money, that's what I promised you. Since the plan was unsuccessful, then we can always try next time.’’ The man called Master Lian revealed a smile of determination.

’’That's right. With you here, what is the Ye House? In another month is that old man Ye Gu's fiftieth birthday, we will have to bother Master Lian to make another move again.’’ Just thinking of the imminent destruction of the Ye House was making this chieftain of the Song House overjoyed with happiness.

Exchanging a laugh, both men could see from each other's eye a strong sense of murderous intent.


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