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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 259


Chapter 259

Chapter 259 ’’Reencounter a Pair of Assholes’’

Getting no response whatsoever despite seeing Ling Yue's necking blushing from her tickling, Bo Qing starts finicking with the hair instead out of boredom.

She didn't expect much at first, but when she combed through that set of deep black hair, Bo Qing quickly became enamored by how soft and silky smooth they were. Truly interested now, she got the kind idea of unleashing her Heartless Sect's iconic skill of enchanting a person's mind and heart.

First wrapping her hands around the chest, then wriggling her body left and right, she presses in to make as much contact as possible. If it were any other man instead right now, there would definitely be a reaction down there.

Odd, how come he's not being seduced by my ability?

’’Bo Qing, if you keep moving like that then I will throw you on the ground.’’ In her fit, Ling Yue give's Bo Qing an eyeful to show her displeasure. If not for the sake of the map pieces, she would've kicked the brat as far away as possible by now.

’’They all say I'm a natural born freak that takes both men and women, but I say this Thirteen is a even bigger freak than I. Look at that grumpy expression, it won't lose out to me when I put on that pouty face!’’ Losing her breath for a second there over Ling Yue's adorable face, Bo Qing didn't dare activate her seductive ability again because its rare enough to meet an opponent that can match herself.

It seems this trip to the Tai Yi School is getting interesting.

Together, after two days of traveling like this, Ling Yue and her party finally arrived at the main mountain peak.

’’No wonder they say the mountains here are one of a kind.’’ Looking at the towering peak that reached up to the sky like a sword, a sense of reverence appeared in He Lao Dai's eye.

Whether it be an alchemist or a martialist, unless they reach a certain point, they will always remain miniscule before heaven and earth.

’’We are finally here. Oh my precious treasures, here I come!’’ Like a troublesome monkey, Bo Qing jumps off of Ling Yue's back and ran in front of the cliff with her hands wide open as she cried out this statement.

’’Don't you think it's too early to say the treasures are yours.’’ At the foot of the mountain, several men and women came out of the tea house after hearing the commotion.

Upon seeing the two leading the pack, Ling Yue's complexion promptly changed for the worse.

Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong and Hong Yu Long, what are these two doing here?

Fortunately Ling Yue had already disguised herself as a man with a lot of her original features hidden behind makeup and other stuff. Aside from the blink of surprise running through her eyes initially, nothing would give her away now.

Aside from the two bastards, there's also An Ming Xia as well as several martialists as her bodyguard. Among the group, there's a middle-aged man with an impressive aura that's as strong as He Lao Dai, a fourth element master. This one was none other than Marquis An, one of the four leaders of the noble faction in court.

So it turns out one of the other powers that's coming from Da Xia was this group.

’’How unexpected, to think that the both of you from the Treasure Cave is in fact people from the Quick Finger Sect.’’ Marquis An's expression slightly changed for the worse upon seeing He Lao Dai and He Lao San's presence.

Likewise, the brothers didn't expect to encounter an acquaintance either on this trip.

While the elders are busy eyeing each other, Crown Prince Hou Hong on the other hand had his eyes on a different prize, the woman in the red dress.

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This was especially true for Hong Yu Long. Those eyes nearly popped out after making contact with Bo Qing's enchanting gaze.

How can there be such a beautiful woman in this world?

As for An Ming Xia - the only female in that group - her reaction was very easy to read: disgust and jealousy at her foe's exquisite appearance.

This woman, flaunting those legs and arms around, definitely the dirty type.

Seeing so many eyes shooting her way, Bo Qing started blinking like someone confused by the amount of attention she's getting. In one stride, she immediately came in front of Hong Yu Long, the seemingly easiest target.

’’This handsome little brother, I am called Bo Qing, what's your name?’’ Curving her finger into a hook, she smoothly slides it across the cheek while also blowing a puff of air into the boy's face.

Against that hypnotic aroma invading his senses, Hong Yu Long completely lost himself and nearly became enslaved in that very moment.

’’My name is Hong Yu Long, a person of Da Xia.’’ Never had he encountered someone so seductive before. Even his legs are going numb from the intensity of the experience.

’’Yu Long, beware of this witch.’’ Prince Hou Hong can see the woman was filled with treasures from head to toe, but even then, it cannot hide away that evil aura surrounding that seductive body.

’’His Highness is correct. Nephew, if I'm not wrong, this witch is a member of the Heartless Sect so you mustn't be confused by her tricks. Witch, if you dare try that again then don't blame me for being rude.’’ Marquis An's duty was to act as an escort for the youngsters here today so he's not going to allow any variables to interfere, especially when his own daughter was present.

Under the harsh hollering of Marquis An, Hong Yu Long's brain promptly sobered up somewhat.

Giggling at the fact that she's been caught, Bo Qing quickly retreats back to Ling Yue's side like an innocent girl again. ’’What a group of sanctimonious bunch. The brother over there is clearly hard down there when I grabbed it.’’ Sweeping their gaze down to the boy's crotch, it's clear to everyone that her statement was true based on that bump.

Both panicking and angry at being pointed out, Hong Yu Long's eyes were mixed with emotions.

This Bo Qing is a real witch!

Watching this from the side, Ling Yue was immensely amused by Bo Qing's flirting. Originally she had been annoyed by the alliance with the girl, but after this, it's more than worth it!

Now that's what you called dealing bad with something worse. To think this Hong Yu Long that's used to being arrogant in Da Xia would become an idiot in front of Bo Qing.

’’You two, how dare you keep the map piece a secret. I advise you to quickly hand it over, otherwise I will immediately report this to the king afterwards and have your Treasure Cave treated as traitors of the state!’’

Although Marquis An keeps calling Bo Qing a witch and stuff, but he's not dumb enough to go mess with the Heartless Sect. It's a well-known fact that if one crosses a member of that evil cult, they will never relent in getting revenge until the offender perishes or suffer a fate more miserable than death. For example, losing all family and friends was one of the common practices of the Heartless Sect giving pay back.

Now that he's lost the income of the Fairy Square, Marquis An truly didn't have the resources to go against such a big enemy. Therefore, he instead directed his attention to the He Lao brothers and the youngster carrying Bo Qing earlier.

’’Watch your tongue Marquis An. Us three brothers are only making a living in Da Xia. Since when have we become citizens?’’ He Lao San grumpily rebuked the man. In his life, he had hated people like Marquis An who looks down at others just because they got a little authority.

As expected, these so-called nobles are never any good.

What pious and righteous? For some treasure, they will immediately turned tail and change a new face.

Although the other side had more people in their mix, but if they really had to fight here, the He Lao brothers aren't afraid to go at it.


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