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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 258


Chapter 258

Chapter 258 ’’The Scourge of the Millennium’’

’’Since it's like so then we would have to ask Miss Bo Qing to make an oath along those lines. Afterwards, we will be formal allies. But if Miss isn't willing, then would rather destroy the map then to yield it.’’ Only after finding out the name of the woman did she become satisfied.

Raising two of her fingers, the woman speaks out in a crisp loud voice for all to hear. ’’I, Bo Qing, swear by the ancient God Demon King, will never break my promise. If I do so, let me be forever cursed with an unrequited love.’’ She wanted to scold at herself for being so careless. But since it's come to this, she can only accept her fate.

As soon as she did so, the sky suddenly clapped with thunder as if to stand witness to that oath.

Shuddering, the woman couldn't help but stand there in an absolute daze as she looked up in the sky.

I've made so many vows before, can't be that unlucky this time right?

Touching her heavily thumping heart, Bo Qing got the sensation that she just made an irreparable mistake tonight.

’’We are now allies then. This here is He Lao Dai and the one beside him is He Lao San. As for these two little fellas here, they are Little Squeak and Little Crow.’’ After a brief introduction, the woman in red had turned from an enemy to an ally. And since her age was similar to Ling Yue's, the two quickly hit it off without any issue.

Just that, it's unsure why, but Little Squeak who's usually very fond of beauties didn't keep the same attitude with Bo Qing. It's almost like the little fluff ball disliked the seductive woman instead.

For the next few days after Bo Qing joined the party, their journey was smooth sailing without any incident. But that only applied to them. On another side inside the Heartless Sect, that place was in a total mess right now.

’’This isn't good, the little ancestor is gone!’’ The maid in charge of servicing the little ancestor rushes into the main chamber with the news.

Already sitting inside are four individuals known as the Guardians of the Heartless Sect: No Love, No Hate, No Anger, No Foolishness. These are their respective titles.

’’What! How did the little ancestor disappear?’’ No Love was a white-haired middle-aged man with a foul temper. In one grab of the maid's collar, the frightening face of the man nearly causes the maid to faint away.

’’The little ancestor said she wanted to do closed door training and that we are not to disturb her.’’ The maid looked ashen in her face.

’’Little Ancestor is such a lazy person so how can she be the type to sit around and train? You've followed her for so many years and you don't even know this?’’

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’’Enough No Love, stop blaming her. You know very well how capable our little ancestor's mind-heart manipulation abilities are. She doesn't know anything else, but that skill alone is already comparable to the Madam's level. Forget about these useless maids, even us four here wouldn't be able to fend off that ability.’’ No Hate was a woman with a better temperament than her peer. Moving forward, she manages to save the maid with her words.

’’There's no need to guess, the little ancestor must have taken advantage of the Lord and Madam's absence to sneak out.’’ Among the four Guardians here, No Anger had the best relationship with the little ancestor.

Aside from the fact that this little ancestor of the Heartless Sect was the precious child of the sect leader and his wife, the person also had both amazing talent and amazing luck. Over the years, just about every treasure gained by the Heartless Sect had been given to this child, including cultivation manuals and artifacts. Yet, despite being able to get whatever she wanted, the person kept complaining about not being able to roam the world for fun.

’’No Foolishness, why aren't you saying anything?’’ At this point No Love didn't have the patience to blame those useless maids either and turned his attention back to his peers.

’’The truth is I was just going to tell the three of you that I had lost the piece of map to the Tai Yi School in my possession. A few days ago I accidentally told the little ancestor about the fact that I'm heading for the secret meeting location.’’ The reasoning for why No Foolishness called the other three Guardians here was for this exact matter.

’’Why didn't you tell us earlier about something so important?!’’ The other three cried out in unison.

That's if you three would give me the chance to say it first! No Foolishness protests inside, too afraid to say it aloud or face a unified beating.

’’Knowing how much Little Ancestor liked to collect treasures since he was young, he must have gone to the Tai Yi School that's rumored to be filled with such stuff. We can't delay this. No Foolishness, you must rush over there and bring back the little ancestor before he gets inside the Tai Yi School's Secret Territory. Only like that will he not... become a scourge to the world!’’ Pulling down his face, No Love states this with a resolute tone in his voice.

They are perfectly aware of how many powerful artifacts are on the little ancestor's body, that much can guarantee anyone's safety. Nay... What they are afraid of was the possible destruction and mess that will follow in the child's wake. If that does occur, who knows how many of those righteous sects would gather together for a subjugation crusade against their Heartless Sect!

The Enclosed Ashen Gray Mountain Range may of high elevation and far away from Da Xia, but it's seasonal weather remains perennially spring, making this a paradise in its own way. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, what a scenic environment.

’’Aigh, I'm so tired, can we at least rest for a bit?’’ A figure with a red dress protests on the ground.

Rubbing her legs, Bo Qing becomes watery in the eye like a dainty little damsel in distress.

If this scene were to happen anywhere else, it's a certainty a whole bunch of men would rush over to serve her needs. But right now...

’’Miss Bo Qing, you've already rested for five times today. Every half an hour you would demand a break. One time you say your legs are cramped, the other is a bug bite, then after that it's a stroke. If we keep going at this pace then who knows how long it will be before we reach our destination.’’ He Lao Dai And He Lao San frustratingly points out the fault in the girl.

They are both girls so why is Thirteen so much better than this one?

’’I don't care, I can't move anymore. Unless someone carries me then I won't go anymore.’’ Bo Qing was a lazy bone to begin with so it's no surprise that she would act this way.

Of course, this little princess tantrum had sent the brother's flushing in anger. They are both characters with a certain amount of fame to their name. To carry a young pretty girl like this, how can they face the world and their peers again if it becomes public? They got to at least keep their face intact!

’’If someone must carry you then let me do it. Both elders are not suitable for the task here.’’ Seeing the sun was getting more intense by the minute, Ling Yue knew they must pick up their pace;otherwise they might not make it for the scheduled date.

’’Okay!’’ A touch of cunning flickers past Bo Qing's iris.

Smoothly and neatly, she climbs onto Ling Yue's back without shame.

Although Ling Yue herself was an alchemist, she's also a martialist so carrying someone on her back wasn't much of a burden under these conditions.

Now that their pace has picked up again, the party quickly moved through the woods without stopping.

’’Thirteen, your body smells really good.’’ Lying against her shoulder, Bo Qing begins to sniff at Ling Yue's neck while also rubbing her nose around.

A little embarrassed by the intrusion, the only thing restraining Ling Yue from slapping Bo Qing across the sky was the fact that she's also a woman like herself.


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