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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 257


Chapter 257

Chapter 257 ’’Emergence of the Demonic Coven’’

Attracted by the reaction of the He Lao brothers, Ling Yue quickly became perplexed by their fearful expression.

It's unavoidable she would look at them like that. The amount of time she spent roaming the world remains limited so she honestly doesn't have the needed insight to know about the Heartless Sect.

This also drew the attention of the woman in red because Ling Yue's non-fearful face went against the usual norm that's come to be expected for her.

’’Sir Thirteen, you likely don't know because you haven't been around much. The Heartless Sect is one of the descendants of the Demonic Coven. What they cultivate are the dark arts, an infamous evil cult in these lands.’’ Disregarding the glare coming his way, He Lao Dai hurries to explain.

’’You old bone, how can you talk like that. Did our Heartless Sect dig up your family's grave? Or did we bed your wife?’’ The woman in red shoots daggers at the elder with her eyes, unhappy at the insult.

Her manner of speech does carry the style of an evil cult - rude and hotly - but at the same time it's also quite amorous, making He Lao Dai huffing with discontent.

’’Humph, as expected of a witch from the evil cults. Members of the Heartless Sect are known to be heartless. They like to play with one's love, break up families and cultivate with se*. If that's not the deeds of an evil cult than what else can they be?’’

’’Peh, even if I do cultivate with se*, you should at least look at your own face first old man. With that coffin face, you wish I would get in bed with you. Now as for this young and handsome little brother here, he's a different story entirely.’’ Moving to face Ling Yue, the woman in the red attempts to flirt again when...



Standing left and right, the two troublemakers became door gods, ready to repel any unwanted variables.

’’Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to harm you, rather I'm here to cooperate with you.’’

Unable to inch forward, the woman can only guiltily retract her hands and obediently sit down again. From her belt, she pulls out two of the map pieces similar to the one in the party's possession.

This act definitely garnered the attention of the three, but upon seeing the bloodstains on one of the pieces, He Lao Dai and He Lao San's face instantly went white.

No longer pristine and white, those hands from the woman are akin to a death talisman, frightening and horrific.

While her companions became turned off by the sight, Ling Yue on the other hand just shrugged it off. She may be still wet behind the ears in terms of roaming the world, but when it comes to blood, she's no newcomer.

Now, based on her observation, since the woman here holds two of the pieces, it would mean among the six powers that's supposed to be coming, one has been killed.

For one single person to take out the forces of a single power, this woman here can't be as simple as she portrays herself.

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In truth, those from the Sun Sect had indeed underestimated the woman here, that's why they were murdered. Their original plan was to take the woman in, snatch her treasures, then secretly kill her off and take the map piece too. A good plan indeed, but the end results said otherwise. One by one, those from the Sun Sect were taken out by the woman using the Thunder Bead in her possession instead.

Now as for Ling Yue's party. The woman in red had planned to ambush them instead of playing around, but who would've guessed there would such mouthwatering fishes here. With a useless tummy that gave her away, the woman can only toss her initial plan and dive for the food. Truthfully, she didn't mind it either. Ever since she left the Heartless Sect, she's been stuck sleeping in the wild and eating those horribly cooked foods, leaving her palate screaming with protest.

’’I admit I was going to rob you guys of your map too, but I've changed my mind now. I suddenly find traveling alone to be quite boring. So long as you ally with me then I won't rob you,’’ she giggles awkwardly, afraid the real truth would come out.

There's no way she's going to admit that it's because Ling Yue's grilled fishes and fruits are too delicious, making her unwilling to forfeit this benefit.

It can't be helped. The woman had been camping in this area for quite a while now, and never once did she encounter such delicious food.

Looking back and forth, the He Lao brothers didn't know what to make of the proposal. The woman's personality was simply too eccentric for them to get a good idea of the outcome. On one hand they are afraid of the woman flipping out if they denied the request, on the other they are afraid the other forces would mistake them as part of the evil cults due to the Heartless Sect's infamy.

’’Fine, we can make an alliance but under one condition, you must swear never to sell us out.’’ After weighing the pros and cons, Ling Yue figured it's more beneficial to cooperate.

As for being a part of an evil cult or not, she never cared about it to begin with.

Take her own Ghost Sect for example, it's not like it's worthy of being called noble either.

Giggling, the woman beams a smile: ’’That's simple. I swear that if I ever backstab you guys after making an alliance, l will be struck by lightning and face a miserable death.’’ Like drinking water, she easily spewed the vow out without blinking.

What a bunch of fools. Making an oath is useless for me, I'm part of the Heartless Sect! Since when do you ever see a devil keeping their oath?

Note: I had to use the word devil here. As much as I loath the idea, there's no replacement for it. Just think of devil as a different race altogether and don't mix it with the demon race. That's reserved for later in the story.

’’Making an oath is not like that. I ask you, what sort of belief do your Heartless Sect follow?’’ asked Ling Yue.

What sort of belief?

’’What we believe in is the ancient God Devil King.’’ Reverence could be seen on the woman's face. She may be presumptuous at times, but when it comes to this topic, not even she would dare joke around.

’’Then you will swear by your own name at the ancient God Devil King. If you break your oath, you will one day be bit by love and suffer eternally.’’ Ling Yue's direct and shocking demand left the woman utterly wordless.

What a cruel oath. For the members of the Heartless Sect, making oaths are the same as eating dinner. But being infatuated? Now that's true torture!

But very soon the woman became relieved again.

Who in this world is worthy of my affection?

The entire Heartless Sect may have the possibility of becoming involved in true love, but not her, she's the only exception.

’’My name is Thirteen. From now on we are friends so tell me your name.’’ While the other party was busy having their silly thoughts, Ling Yue suddenly reached out with her hands and asked.

Slightly startled by the act, the woman in red first looked at the outreaching hand, then back up at the teenage boy.

This person wants to be my friend?

Unconsciously, the woman met the act and reached out her own. ’’My name is called Bo Qing’’

Note: Bo Qing means inconsistent in love, according to the dictionary anyways. It's actually a really nice name in Chinese and a total fit for this character.

When their hands met for the first time, Bo Qing's first thought was that the boy's skin was so fair and delicate. These alchemists sure got nice hands, like a girl's.


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