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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 256


Chapter 256

Chapter 256 ’’A Witch’’

Puzzled, Ling Yue's first reflex was to look down at the furry thing on her lap, it can't be, still hungry?!

Now Little Squeak was starting to get urgent because he's truly been wronged here.

It's not me okay! He's a well-mannered, well-groomed Little Squeak. Something as low as letting their stomach growl was definitely not his style so it can't be him!

It was then a series of rustling sounds from the bushes as well as the jingling sound of a bell interrupts their moment.

’’Oh I'm starving.’’ In the next second, a pair fine legs without any covering rushes over from the shrubbery, followed by a pair of delicate hands wearing a twinkling bell that's making a grab for the fishes next to the fire.

Normally thing's wouldn't turn out like this, at the very least someone would be on guard before the intruder enters their camp. However, this person's speed was simply too fast that even He Lao Dai with the highest cultivation couldn't see the figure until it's too late.

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Under careful scrutiny by the three, it became clear that the newcomer was a charming woman. Although her manner of devouring the food left some questionable remarks, but those movements had an undeniable elegance to them.

’’Mhmmm, these fishes are so much better than the ones cooked at home.’’

Her eyes moved fast and quickly fell upon He Lao Dai and He Lao San first, leaving Ling Yue and her two partners for last.

The oldest is a fourth element, the somewhat younger elder is a first element. As for the most eye pleasing and youngest, she's a rookie of the celestial realm. Hmm, two baby pets too eh?

Plump in her cheeks, the woman in red continues to munch on her fish as she observed her host. Then once she had an accurate idea of their strength, a cunning light filled those foxy eyes.

According to what she knew, there are a total of six different powers who got their hands on the map pieces. Since she already had two pieces in her possession from ambushing another party before, that leaves only four powers still out and about.

To her knowledge, the weakest was definitely the He Lao brothers of Da Xia. Based on the getup of the people here, the woman in red figured they must be it.

Strange though, the rumors states that the He Lao brothers are three elders so why would there be a young lass among the party?

Like a whirlwind, the woman in red swiftly resolved the fishes and didn't forget to lick her fingers like a greedy little cat to showcase her appetite.

After eating, she then went ahead and used that pair of foxy eyes to stare at Ling Yue. Her meaning was simple: Do you have more?

Speechless, Ling Yue can only throw over some fruits so the stranger can satiate her hunger.

’’May I ask, who are you Miss, and why would you appear here?’’ From the beginning to end, the He Lao brothers were on full alert like they are facing a formidable enemy.

This area was absolutely desolate so its very strange that a lonely unarmed woman would show up out of the blue.

Even more bizarre was the woman's outfit... As descendants of the Quick Finger Sect, the He Lao brothers would of course recognize the treasures all over that body.

Just take that red dress for example. Though seemingly ordinary, it's in fact made of the skin from a serpent dragon of the North Sea, an earth class artifact in and by itself. When worn, not only will it resist all attacks from those below a reincarnation master, it's also extremely flexible.

Then there's that belt! It's a dimensional storage belt that can be sold for an astronomical price in the auctions.

As for that twinkling bell on the woman's wrist, He Lao Dai honestly don't even know what to make of it. One thing this elder was certain of though was that it's definitely not lower than an earth class artifact. That's based on the judgement of his expert eyes so there's some weight to that appraisal.

Fortunately, the cultivation of this mysterious woman only lands around the Dan realm;otherwise the brothers would never dare allow her to get this close to the party.

’’I am lost. This kind hearted little brother, can you take me in?’’ As she says this, the woman in red impolitely went ahead to make a hug for Ling Yue's neck. Just when her fingers are about to make contact, those nails suddenly extended by a few inches and turned razor sharp.

This should've gone unnoticed until it's too late considering how harmless and evasive her movements were, but as soon as she wanted to puncture into that fair skin, the woman felt a cold chill running around her neck instead.

It's a dagger, a silvery dagger with a dangerous gleam.

Oh shit, this boy's an alchemist? That enchanting smile instantly froze on the spot like a stiff doll.



Now that's what you called fast. Seeing their mistress being encroached without permission, the two little fellas immediately volleyed themselves at the woman and double stamped her in the face.

’’OH NO! Not the face!’’ In a frantic jolt from the ground, the woman in red scrams around the campsite in an effort to drive Little Squeak and Little Crow away from herself.

But as if that would be enough to deter the troublemakers from attacking. Like a perfect pair, Little Squeak takes to the back side and bit at the hair while Little Crow pecked from the air, making them a duet of troublesome goodness.

What baby animals? What cute pets? They are clearly two little death stars that will implode upon contact!

The woman in red became absolutely frustrated by their pesky harassment.

’’Stop! I GIVE, I GIVE!!’’ At that, she raises her hands in defeat at Ling Yue, her face pitiful sadly cute.

Understanding, Ling Yue went ahead and ordered her two friends to stop through her connection. ’’Who are you?’’

Receding that smile, she focuses in on the suspicion woman that came out of the woods.

’’Aigh, why are you all so serious, making my heart thump so hard. Mmm, I'm just a member of the Heartless Sect,’’ she purses her lips, becoming all innocent again.

Heartless Sect?

Upon hearing this name, the He Lao brothers were twitching nonstop in their mouth, clearly frightened by the woman's origin.


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