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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 254


Chapter 254

Chapter 254 ’’Tai Yi Secret Territory’’

After the fallout with the crown prince, the first thing Ling Yue did was to inform Lan Caier of the matter.

’’Ling Yue, that man is the type to always repay his grudge. If you aren't careful then you might really be in danger.’’ Upon listening to the story, the big girl immediately showed some concern in her face.

It's no secret Lan Caier had crossed paths with the prince before, and the end result was her taking a loss and dragging her father down as well. Furthermore, as the crown prince, his influence was far reaching. If the boy really wanted to marry Ling Yue, not even the Lan House can get in the way by then.

’’In my view there is only one way to make that disgusting man lose the idea completely, and that is get you married as soon as possible. I say, Sixth Prince Xia Hou Qi and Sir Qing are good candidates are they not?’’

Out of the blue, the big girl suddenly throws this sentence out there and startling Ling Yue in the process.

’’Sister, what nonsense you are saying!’’ she tries to laugh it off like its some silly joke.

Seriously, talk about having the same personality. Only Lan Caier and her father would fall into the same logic pattern when it comes to matters like these.

’’You like neither of the two? Actually, the Phoenix Lord is also a very good candidate. Shame his body is so weak. If you marry him then you will have to follow him to North Qing.’’ The big girl then shows off a frowning worried face because if that does come to past, it would mean she be bored to death here in Da Xia alone.

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While one was continuing her excessive gossiping, the other was bumbling quiet at the mention of Feng Shen's name again. Ling Yue may not show it, but her heart still hasn't recovered from the trauma of being taken advantage of this morning.

Fortunately Dao Nu soon made another visit to the Royal Hospital after this day. According to the big loaf's wording, Feng Shen's health has recovered somewhat and was no longer in danger. Nevertheless, its decided that his lord will be temporarily staying at the hot springs for the next month or so.

Aside from being relieved at the news, Ling Yue didn't forget to instruct the big guy to bring several nourishing medicines back with him. All at the expense of Ling Yue of course.

’’Miss Yue, I've been rash that day.’’ Prior to departing, Dao Nu rubs the back of his head like he wanted to something more. But after thinking it through, he relented and went ahead without saying what's on his mind.

What with that incident behind her, the unavoidable had finally crept up on Ling Yue. Unable to find a different source or solution, she in the end decides to journey with the He Lao brothers for the Tai Yi School's secret location.

After all, no matter the dangers involved, her Red Mist Sky's importance holds too much weight right now that she can't ignore.

Leaving behind some instructions for the Royal Hospital, Ling Yue went ahead and used Master Longyu as an excuse for the Lan House, claiming she's out to forage some rare herbs on behalf of the old dwarf.

Normally this lie would need to first go through the man in question, but since her mentor was in the middle of a closed-door experiment, none will bother interrupting the old master. This naturally means no one will be able to suspect her true purpose for leaving.

With everything properly arranged, Ling Yue went ahead to procure some finely made silken robes to disguise herself as her male counterpart Sir Thirteen. Only then did she go ahead to visit the Treasure Cave.

Upon learning the disguised lass was finally willing to travel with them, the He Lao brothers would of course became ecstatic at the news. Immediately making plans, the group decides to depart on the very same day.

According to the map piece in their possession, the ancient site of the Tai Yi School now lies somewhere approximately at the Enclosed Ashen Gray Mountain Range. If by foot, the journey would take several months to half a year on land, hence the reason why the party will be traveling by air using flying beasts.

The He Lao brothers are experienced adventurers so they didn't have much in terms of baggage, but Ling Yue on the other hand was a little peculiar in her getup. Carrying two little animals on her shoulder, one little white fluff ball took up the right shoulder while a baby black raven took up the left shoulder. One cute and one ugly, this contrasting scenario left both brothers completely wordless.

It must be said, their journey this time wasn't for games. There will be many dangers involved, from both the unknown and the expected variables. Regardless of either scenario, its unwise to carry around such ’’pets’’ for the ride.

’’Now that you are here Sir Thirteen, we can begin.’’ Waving his hand in the air to motion the girl over, He Lao Dai then pinches two of his fingers to make a loud whistling sound with his mouth.

At the signal, three sixth grade Red Lightning Eagles promptly descended to the ground in unison.

These lightning eagles are a type of bird that can easily shuttle through the clouds like the lightning in its name. For aerial travel, these eagles are of the best kind due to its stable body size and excellent speed.

’’These three Red Lightning Eagles had been following us since they were but fledglings. If Sir Thirteen is willing, you can ride on my second brother's eagle. But I must warm you ahead of time. That one has a bad temperament and can be easily irritated so its best you be careful.’’ Worried the girl might not have a flying mount of her own, He Lao Dai went ahead and prepared a third eagle just in case.

Ever since the abnormal behavior with the Red Mist Sky, Ling Yue had stopped keeping the two little fellas inside the pocket dimension for safety measures. Therefore, when Little Crow first saw the eagles that's several times her size, she immediately got curious and started eyeing the birds.

As the one with the worst temperament, the lightning eagle that's meant for Ling Yue naturally had the highest ego. Noticing a tiny raven eyeing itself, the eagle promptly shot a disdainful glare right back at the source.

This ugly little black thing can still be called a bird? That's what the eagle meant by that look.

Against the obvious discrimination, Little Crow would of course be unhappy.

Opening up her beak, she lets out a perfectly crisp chirp that seems to descend from the sky itself.

As if sensing an invisible pressure, the highly egotistic lightning eagle from earlier immediately any form of attitude. Drooping its head and wings down to the ground, it just lay there unmoving like a frightened creature.

Flabbergasted by the scene, both of the He Lao brothers didn't know what to make of this. Ignoring the silliness of it all, Ling Yue went ahead and mounted the eagle readied for her. Together, the three slowly road into the sky for the west.

After days of flying, the party had already left the border of Da Xia.

’’Another day of flying and we will be at the Enclosed Ashen Gray Mountain Range. I have to say Sir Thirteen, you really do surprise us at how durable you are.’’ He Lao Dai applauds the girl for her ability to take the strain of traveling for so long.

He had assumed the lass would at least complain about the aches and pains that comes with riding another creature, but there hasn't been any complaint, not even a peep at all.

As seasoned adventurers, He Lao Dai and He Lao San knew exactly how hard it can be to camp outside for weeks on end. Even for a fully mature man with a powerful build, it's not a definite that they can take what they are going through. That alone was worthy of being praised for someone oh so young, and a girl at that!

Just as they were talking in the air, Ling Yue suddenly wrinkled her brow into a knot. ’’Be careful, I sense something.’’

’’What?’’ Alarmed, He Lao Dai promptly ordered the eagles to slow down.

Among the three in the party, the only alchemist here was Ling Yue, making her the only user of the spirit force. Aside from the job of exploring with her senses, she's also in charge of detecting dangers ahead of their flight path.

This was also the main reason why He Lao Dai would be so persistent in bringing a third person along for the journey. A treasure hunt in some unknown ruin holds a lot of dangers that can't be perceived with the naked eye.

Considering Ling Yue's level as a five cauldron alchemist, her senses can explore up to several miles, making her a ideal partner to have.

’’It's a bit abnormal further ahead.’’ Ling Yue looks in front, her eyes focused and alarmed.

By this hour of the day, it's already after dusk with the sun slowly disappearing over the horizon, thus making the whole landscape covered in an orange glow.


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