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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 253


Chapter 253

Chapter 253 ’’Marry You as a Side Consort’’

Ling Yue had just entered the door to the Royal Hospital when Alchemist Mei followed from her hind.

Noticing the girl's odd expression, she took the liberty of asking a few concerned words. But after getting no proper response, Mei went ahead to do what she came for and took out two bottles from her sleeve.

’’You came back just in time Ling Yue. A few days ago the people of the Crown Prince Manor came to order this batch of Vital Boost Pills. Then today they came again to nudge us for delivery and named you to send it over. Aren't you happy?’’ Making a smile, Alchemist Mei was still enjoying their recent boon in activity.

Whether it be Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong, Sixth Prince Xia Hou Qi, or Sir Qing, each of them were bombshell characters eyed by the unmarried maiden class in the city. And without exception, the one named to treat them all were directed at Ling Yue.

Naturally, Ling Yue herself knew a menial task like delivering some pills shouldn't have required her own presence. But since she's been named, its obvious the prince wanted to see her.

Though she doesn't know what the intent of the other side was at this moment, but the boy was still the crown prince of the kingdom. As a titled princess, whether it be privately or publicly, she has no excuse to deny the request.

Taking the bottles, Ling Yue went ahead to the residence in question.

’’Princess Yue, His Highness has been waiting a long time for you. Please, this way.’’ The housekeeper obviously knew she was coming and became very attentive when leading her to the back garden.

The rules of Da Xia are like this: any prince or princess of the king himself are permitted to claim a residence outside of the palace. As for this one which belongs to the crown prince, its built exquisitely beautiful due to the plum trees planted at every corner.

Upon arriving at the back quarters, Ling Yue was immediately hit with the poetic scene of the man in question. Sitting in the pavilion with a mini stove in front, a pile of winter snow was busily melting away at the heat.

If Ling Yue herself didn't know ahead of time of the wretched things done by the person, she might actually mistake this prince as the romantist type.

’’Princess Yue, please sit.’’

Personally taking up the task of brewing a pot of tea, it didn't take long for Hou Hong to ready a cup for himself and Ling Yue.

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’’Your Highness, the pills that you requested.’’ Not bothering to take a sip from the offered drink, she directly places the bottles onto the stone table.

But instead of receiving the objects, the other side did something unexpected and grabbed at Ling Yue's backhand.

’’Princess Yue, I didn't ask you here today for some pills. I'll be straight with you. I've long admired you. If you are willing, I intend to propose to the Lan House for your hands. May I know what's your opinion on this?’’

Now this won't do. Just listening to that was enough to make Ling Yue want to puke everything out from her stomach. In one heavy gulp, she somehow manages to withstand the urge to chop off that perverted hand this instant.

’’Your Highness, I don't know what you are implying.’’

It can't be that a horse has kicked the boy's head now right? Rather than call his performance before ’’admiration’’, its better to say he wants to shred Ling Yue to pieces.

’’I've been urged to select a suitable beauty for my bride, and I'm interested in taking you as my side consort. I've already brought up the idea with General Lan, but your father said your marriage needs to be decided by you. Hence the reason why I invited you over today.’’ From Hou Hong's face, a tinge of affection glimmers off his eye to match his claim.

Compared to the disdainful attitude from before, the boy's demeanor now can be called a total one-eighty. Not because he truly wanted Ling Yue for himself. No! It's because General Nangong has been executed and now Lan Ying Wu controls a good portion of the military.

As the old saying goes, a ruler needs to control both civil and military power. Prince Hou Hong already has Hong Feng managing the civil side of the court for him, that leaves only the military. To remedy the problem, Hong Feng offered up the idea to the boy of marrying one of Lan Ying Wu's daughter. Lan Caier was definitely out of the question since she's too old, leaving Ling Yue as the most suitable candidate, which ultimately led to the situation now.

Although the girl was a bit cunning at times, but so long as he can get her through the door with the deed done, everything would be set in stone. At the end of the day, she can only obediently obey him, or that's what Xia Hou Hong had in mind anyways.

In truth, aside from the special hobby the boy has, he's honestly quite the eye-candy. He's got looks, he's got status, and most importantly, he's got power. With so many merits, not many girls out there can resist the temptation.

Watching the girl with his brilliant smile, Hou Hong figured it's about time he reeled in the line after saying so much. Reaching out with his other hand, he was expecting Ling Yue to shy away in embarrassment at his advancement;instead, he got his hands swiped away in one ruthless slap.

Facing the man with her big clear eyes, ’’Your Highness, did I hear you wrong, you said you want me to be your side consort?’’

In response, the prince confirms the question with a slight nod. ’’Yes, that's right. As long as you marry into my harem, aside from the crown princess, you will be the most honorable lady in my house.’’

’’Hoho, then dare I say, what about Hong Yu Ying of the Hong House? And what of the An House's An Ming Xia? Then there's etc... etc....’’

In one single breath, Ling Yue went ahead and named over a dozen girls belonging to the houses of some big names in the court, causing the prince to instantly turn dark in the face.

’’I say boy, no, forgive me for being rude. Crown Prince, if you really want to win the heart of the others, I fear your little manor here won't be able to house so many side consorts.’’ Then picking up the tea brewed by the prince, she blows at it to cool the content.

’’Lan Ling Yue, don't overstep your status. The fact that I can have you in my eye is your blessing!’’ Infuriated by the girl's attitude, Xia Hou Hong's strength causes the tea cup in his own hand to snap, leaving the water to trickle down to the floor.

’’Your Highness, I say, you must have been the crown prince for far too long and became accustomed to speaking to others in that commanding tone. Let me lay it out for you in plain white text. Even if all the men in the entire kingdom perishes, I, Lan Ling Yue, will never become your side consort.’’ At that, Ling Yue went ahead and poured the now cool tea to clean her hands that's been tainted by the boy's perverted touch.

’’Next time, if Your Highness wishes to invite me for a drink again, do please remember not to use such dirty means like drugging the tea to rape me. This sort of trick, I haven't used since eight life-times ago.’’ Leaving this behind, Ling Yue went ahead to get up and saw herself out without turning back.

’’Just you wait Lan Ling Yue. One day I will have you kneel before me on the ground to beg me to marry you!’’ His enraged voice echoes across the garden, sending the snow falling off the branches here.


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