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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 251


Chapter 251

Chapter 251 ’’She's on Top, and He's Below’’

The medicine was soon brought up, and this time she intends to personally feed the boy to be certain nothing goes wrong. However, when she delivered the spoon up to Feng Shen's mouth, a wave of cold blows out and caused a layer of ice to form over the surface of the bowl in her other hand. If not for Ling Yue's own energy shielding herself and the spoon, she too would've been hit with the same effect.

It's no wonder the maid couldn't feed the boy the much-needed medicine. Like this, who can?

Twisting her brow into a knot, Ling Yue invokes her Yuan energy to reheat the bowl and tried again with another spoonful. Sadly, like before, she couldn't pry open the boy's mouth due to how stiff it was.

Repeating this process several more times, Ling Yue finally gave up on the act.

Now they are in a dilemma. Feng Shen hasn't eaten for several days now. Unless they get this medicine inside and give that body a physical boost, she can't continue with further treatment.

’’Mr. Mu, please stay outside with Dao Nu while I work,’’ Ling Yue shyly asks this, too embarrassed to make eye contact with either men.

Understanding the meaning, Mr. Mu led Dao Nu away and closed the door behind them. Like that, the two now stands outside like a pair of watchdogs, vigilant while also being worried.

Left alone now, Ling Yue averts her gaze back to Feng Shen and the tattoo markings spreading across the body. She knew, even with the support of the spirit smoke and her cauldron, trying to turn this around would be difficult.

’’Oh whatever, consider it me owing you for taking your precious life-saving medicine again and again.’’ Watching the unconscious boy and that unbearable appearance, Ling Yue makes a helpless sigh.

I've already performed mouth to mouth back in the marsh anyways, plus it's not like anyone can see me in the room. Yep, no one will know as long as Feng Shen is unconscious here.

Biting her lips in determination, she swings herself on top of the boy's stomach and took a sip from the bowl. Going in, the first order of business was to pry open that mouth. Sadly, due to the stiffness of that flesh, what she achieved was but a crack, hardly enough to allow the liquid to pass through.

In the end the medicine could only spill out of the side and onto the bed.

Frustrated by the failure, Ling Yue decides to screw it and went all in. Moving her tongue, she attempts to forcefully pry her way inside like the time she was attacked inside the lava cave.

Suddenly, as if engrossed by the permeating aroma of the girl's alluring scent, Feng Shen's frozen lip gradually loosened, allowing his jaw to widen enough so that Ling Yue's tongue can slip inside. Bit by bit, the medicine was delivered into the boy's throat using this as a vessel.

As their breath intermingled like one entity, so does the heat shared by their body. No longer a ghostly white, their skins are now a charming pink, causing those tattoo markings on the boy to look exotic and seductively alluring under the contrasting tone of shade.

Feeling the boy underneath finally warming up to her touch, Ling Yue knew its time. Taking this opportunity to send her spirit smoke inside, the scene before her eyes are no longer just the bare skin, blood and veins flowed like a moving picture in her head.

Blood veins, muscle tissues, none of these have any issue so where is the problem?

Dantian... As her consciousness moved into the stomach area, Ling Yue quickly took notice to the vast amount of frost coming her way.

This does it, the source of the problem lies in here, the Dantian!

Just as Ling Yue was ready to go further inside to probe around, a hand suddenly breaks her thought pattern as it wrapped around her waist. Exclaiming in shock, Ling Yue as a whole became overturned in the next second and was firmly pushed against the wall.

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’’Nooo~’’ Ling Yue lets out a soft moan of defiance as the powerful tongue and lip squashes her last will to resist.

Subconsciously, she wanted to revolt against the forcefulness of it all, but for some reason, the usually frail Feng Shen was abnormally powerful today. No matter how she struggled with her hands and body, she became powerless against that grip. In fact, its as if her pointless squirming only enticed the boy to get even more possessively aggressive that she soon found herself clasping for air.

By now the medicine had long been consumed from her mouth, leaving only the interlocked tongues between the two like a pair of twisted snakes vying for dominance.

Until Ling Yue felt like her very lungs were sucked dry, she finally couldn't take it anymore. Forcefully pushing the attacker away in one heavy knock, she now saw the boy in question was well and awake.

’’For future references, I prefer to do it on top when doing this sort of stuff.’’

Raising the corner of that beautiful mouth, his smile was extremely stimulating like a lover telling their partner their desires.

Realizing the special meaning of Feng Shen's statement, only then does Ling Yue notice how ambiguous her position and act was earlier.

Yes, she was ’’riding’’ him just now...

But then again, when did Feng Shen become so wickedly evil? The way he speaks was nothing like the usual him.

Just as Ling Yue was about to attack in frustrated anger, Mr. Mu and Dao Nu that's still standing outside makes an interrupting knock at the door after hearing the movement inside.

’’Your lord is better now!’’ As if being caught red handed in bed, Ling Yue makes a dash for the door and ran away without looking back.

In her panic, she had even forgotten to ask about the strange behavior inside the dantian.

Still inside the room, ’’Feng Shen’’ watches on in amusement as the escaping back departs from his view.

It seems that useless ’’Feng Shen’’ is still as popular with the girls as always. His slender fingers gently rubbed against his lip that's still lingering with the girl's taste.

For that level of attractiveness, he's honestly starting to get a little jealous there.

Casually flipping over Feng Shen's pillow, a golden mask lay there unmoved. Grabbing it, the man's iris changed to a golden glow before his entire existence disappeared from the room and out the window.

The whole process was but a blink of an eye, leaving those outside still oblivious to the fact that their lord had left.

’’What's going on, why did Miss Yue look like she's seen a ghost?’’ Dao Nu rubs the back of his head, confused by it all.

Mr. Mu too also shook his head, unsure what's going on. Together, they walked into the room to find it empty. The young man that's supposed to be lying there on the bed was gone. In its place, only the numbing chill lingered in the air, causing both men to turn horrified at the sight.

The young master is missing again!

’’Housekeeper Mu, it can't be the young master he...’’ Dao Nu shudders at the thought.

’’I'm afraid so. 'That one' has appeared again. Who knows what sort of major incident will occur again because of him. Spread the news. Say the young lord is going to stay at the hot spring this month for recuperation. Anyone who draws near is to be killed on sight. No pardoning!’’ Mr. Mu's anxious face had crumpled into a wrinkled ball at this point for every time that ’’one’’ appears, there's bound to be something big happening.

Take the last time for example. They didn't plan to stay at Glass City - it wasn't part of their original route in their journey - but due that ’’one’’ suddenly showing up, they ended up stalling there for a good amount of time.

That's not the worst of it. Mr. Mu was more worried about whether or not Ling Yue had taken notice to the change and figured out the ’’Lord’’ wasn't the same person anymore.

That's the master's greatest secret, also the one thing the young lord didn't want Miss Yue to know about.

In reality, Mr. Mu was overreacting here. Forget about taking notice, Ling Yue's brain was so rattled by the predatory attack by ’’Feng Shen’’ that she can't even tell left or right in her current state.


Da Xia's capital.

Somewhere inside a secretive underground chamber, the sound of whips and lashings could be constantly heard within the dimly lit cells.

This here was the Life Taking Hall's torturing chamber, a place where no screams or pleas for mercy will ever escape its walls.

Tied to a scaffold, a warrior stained by his own blood now lay there, refusing to utter a single word at the questions coming his way no matter the pain or torture.

’’You people can forget about it, I will never hand over the map to the Tai Yi School's location.’’


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