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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 250


Chapter 250

Chapter 250 ’’Feng Shen's About to Die!’’

’’Somebody, there's an assassin.’’ Hou Qi cries out after coming back to reality.

How can someone openly kidnap a member of the Royal Hospital? What the heck are the palace guards doing!

’’That is not an assassin. The dull looking man is a guard of the Phoenix Manor.’’ After getting a clearer look at the man carrying Ling Yue away, Sir Qing promptly recognizes it as a guard of the Phoenix Lord. Though their encounter was but a brief one, he can still vividly remember it's the same coachman from when he went to congratulate Ling Yue on her restaurant's grand opening.

The big man may be dull looking but the strength he held was unquestionable. Even if the guards were to come at this time, it's pointless now for they cannot possibly catch up.

’’Phoenix Manor, you are implying the one from North Qing? When did Ling Yue get involved with the people there?’’

’’It's more than just knowing, I fear the both of them had known each other long before we did. I seem to have forgotten a very important factor. In addition to you and I, there is another person out there who's also a powerful suitor for Ling Yue.’’ None of the usual smile can be found in Sir Qing's face at the mention of the topic.

If he had felt there's still some odds when facing off against this cousin of his, then an unprecedented sense of crisis can be used to describe the one from North Qing. Not because of their status, no... rather it's the way Ling Yue looked at that man. It's different from himself and Hou Qi.

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Now it was Sixth Prince Hou Qi's turn to lose the smile because his memories somehow went back to the scene of the day when the Phoenix Lord suddenly made an appearance in court at Ling Yue's hearing.

Phoenix Lord of North Qing... But very quickly he shook his head.

’’Ling Yue can never marry the Phoenix Lord. No matter how far away the man drifts away from the royal family, he's still the nephew of the King of North Qing. A royal bloodline. The royalties will never allow a foreign princess to infuse their blood into their lineage. Furthermore, the Phoenix Lord already has a fiancée.’’ Hou Qi firmly states this, feeling confident again.

The Phoenix Lord has a fiancée? Now this was the first time Sir Qing heard of it.

While both men were busy discussing the matter behind others back, snow, continues to swirl down from the sky.

’’Dao Nu, what happened to Feng Shen?’’ Puzzled by the man's urgency, she asks while being carried away by the man's robust arm.

She had only just arrived at the Royal Hospital just now, then Dao Nu abruptly came barging in and dragged her away without giving any indications as to why.

’’Your heart still have His Highness in there?’’ It's one thing if she didn't ask, but now that she did, Dao Nu's sore point became ticked and sent him into a fit.

’’What's this got to do with Feng Shen? He went to the hot spring palace for recuperation so I can't exactly run over there every day.’’ At the mention of that heated place again, her cheeks instantly flushed a cherry red.

During her last visit to the hot spring, Ling Yue was able to indulge herself to all the glory of the man's magnificent body;therefore, she can't avoid being embarrassed by the indecent act she carried out after being reminded of it.

’’For you, His Highness is willing to hand out even the seventh grade pill he reserved for emergencies. And for that, he's having another attack and is about to die now...’’ Dao Nu started to tear up.

He's someone that had been following the Lord since he's but a child, so he's perfectly aware of how special Ling Yue was. What he didn't expect though was how far Feng Shen was willing to go. Even in the past month where the cold sickness had started to act up again, he and Mr. Mu were forbidden from informing Ling Yue, causing the condition to worsen even more.

Upon hearing those last few words from Dao Nu, Ling Yue's heart promptly tensed up, Feng Shen is about to die?

Complete blank in the head, no matter what Dao Nu said now Ling Yue couldn't comprehend a single word.

Seventh Grade Soul Renewal Dan Pill, a medicine Feng Shen specifically brought from North Qing. This medicine wasn't something the alchemists of Da Xia can create.

In previous years, because of the warm climate the boy usually stayed in, Feng Shen only needs to partake in two of these to keep his conditions stable. However, due to the abnormally cold winter this year in Da Xia, couple with the fact that he gave away his last pill to Ye Huang Yu, his life was now in jeopardy.

Of course, that's not the only reason why Feng Shen's condition was having such a powerful relapse. It also had much to do with the previous attacks that occurred in Glass City. Though Ling Yue had used her spirit smoke to elevate the coldness inside, she didn't fully heal the boy, thus leaving behind residues that accumulated until this month where it came pouring out.


As soon as Ling Yue arrived outside the hot spring palace, she can hear the sound of something shattering.

’’Useless thing, why are you so clumsy.’’ From Mr. Mu's fatigue and tired voice, a tinge of anger could be clearly made out.

’’Housekeeper Mu, the young master's body is too cold. As soon as I touch it I can't help but retract my hands from the burn.’’

On the ground, a medicine bowl was broken as the maid attempts to clean it up. Its as she says, her right hand still held the traces of frostbite.

’’Mr. Mu, why did you not inform me earlier when Feng Shen is so sick?’’ Ling Yue quickly approached the bed only to be stunned by how ghostly white the boy's complexion was.

Mr. Mu wanted to explain himself but couldn't. The Lord wouldn't allow it.

’’Don't say anything. Have someone go brew the medicine while I dispel the chill from his body.’’ She places her hand on the boy, astonished by how cold it was. Its like a slab of ice rather than a living body.

Ignoring anything unnecessary, Ling Yue went ahead to untie the clothes. That's when she froze because the tattoo markings had appeared again, and its bigger than ever!

’’Mr. Mu, when did these tattoo markings appear on Feng Shen's body, and where did they come from?’’

Ling Yue had only seen the markings once in the marsh, and she's certain they don't show up normally because he had seen the boy naked during her first visit here at the hot spring pool.

As the housekeeper, she figured Mr. Mu would have the best idea as to why.

’’From what I know the young master has had them since he was but a child. I think it was about the time when the king saved the young master when the former lord and mistress of the house perished. At the time his whole body, including his face, were filled with these markings.’’ Mentioning the past again, even Mr. Mu was showing a frightened face.

That time everyone had thought the boy perished along with his parents. However, news quickly came several days later, stating the King of North Qing managed to save the young master from the battlefield.

Even so, the Feng Shen back then was already close to losing his last breath with the markings covering his entire body from head to toe.

In a frantic craze, the king at the time summoned several of the hidden alchemists inside the Five Star Memorial Pagoda as well as Senior Alchemist Chen Hong Ru to treat the boy.

After seven days and seven nights, the end result was of course they managed to save Feng Shen's life with the markings disappearing. However, they couldn't snub the problem at its source. Following that day forward, whenever the cold sickness had a relapse, the tattoos would resurface again in a weaker fashion.

But ever since Feng Shen encountered Ling Yue starting this year, things have changed somewhat. Sure, the conditions of the cold had stabilized more than before, but that didn't apply to the tattoo markings. In fact, its expanded and only got worse!

Regarding this matter, only Mr. Mu knew about it. Not even Dao Nu that's always by Feng Shen's side noticed this change.

For this issue, Mr. Mu had discussed it with his young lord only to get a heavy order not to say anything.


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