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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 249


Chapter 249

Chapter 249 ’’A Gentlemen Pursues a Fair Sweet Lady’’

Ling Yue's expression took on an unprecedented tone of seriousness after listening to the elder.

She can tell He Lao Dai should be the strongest among the three brothers here, probably at the fourth element of the reincarnation realm. With the three brothers combined strength, they can easily be considered a master of one faction in Da Xia.

But still, they are being pressed into a corner by the other five bearers? This detail alone was enough to tell Ling Yue the other powers are even stronger than the He Lao brothers.

As a lowly five cauldron alchemist wielding the strength of an upper celestial martialist, wouldn't she be throwing herself into the fire by taking part in this treasure hunt? It's one thing to look for treasures, but that's under the assumption she can live to use them!

Seeing how silent the girl was, He Lao Dai quickly figured out her doubt. ’’Sir Thirteen, Hollow Crystals are a very special ore that exists between the heaven and earth. In ancient times, the Tai Yi School was known to use such materials to create dimensional storage bags for their disciples. That alone tells me there must be some remaining in the ruins.’’

’’That may be so, but that's assuming I can live to use the crystals afterward. I'm sorry, but I need some time to think this over.’’ Ling Yue's rule of thumb was that no matter what she did, the end result must be that she lives by the end of it.

’’You can take your time Sir Thirteen, there's still a month before the deadline. If you ever come to a decision, do notify one of us immediately.’’ He Lao Dai did not insist on the matter, but he did force her to promise not to disclose the matter of the map to anyone.

After returning to the Lan residence, Ling Yue immediately had her cauldron absorb the crystal fragment. Sure enough, the Red Mist Sky's condition immediately showed result after ingesting the new energy source: the energy in the air had become stronger again, the vegetation stopped withering, and the creek was less cloudy now.

Even if she does decide to go on the venture, there's still a month until then. This will have to do before then or when other solutions pop up.

As much as Ling Yue wanted to go look for alternative solutions right now, issues with the Royal Hospital had forced her to push the idea aside.

This actually had much to do with the incident of Nangong Liang being charged with treason. Since Manage Chou was also implicated with the matter, though the elder was cleared of any charges in the end, the king still banished the man to the public cauldron room and stripped him of his title as head of the department.

Now that the post as Main Manager was open again, who else was better suited to take up the responsibility? That would of course be Alchemist Mei after she created the reincarnation pills.

Though she's been quiet for so many years, the woman was more than sufficient in terms of skills and experience. Nevertheless, it didn't excuse her from being bashfully busy even with the support of Deputy Manager Meng by her side. Unable to watch and do nothing, Ling Yue can only step in to help deal with the matters of the Royal Hospital.

It didn't help either when it's the winter season, especially this year that's abnormally cold for some reason. One after another, the frail concubines as well as the members of the royal family became infected with the seasonal cold, sending the physicians and alchemists of the hospital into state of panic at tending all these patients.

Among them were two people that left Ling Yue with the most headache.

This very morning, as soon as she stepped through the doorway of the hospital, Sixth Prince Xia Hou Qi and Sir Qing had come running from behind.

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To make it worse, both of them had directly asked for Ling Yue to see to them for ten consecutive days now without stopping already. Because of these two, the door to the Royal Hospital nearly became trampled as a result.

’’You are sick again Your Highness?’’

’’Sir Qing, your cold isn't better yet?’’

As handsome individuals, both of them can be considered gentlemen with superior bloodlines. In fact, they are cousins in reality.

’’The weather is cold recently and my body is simply disappointing. Rather it's you, my cousin. As a martialist, how can your body be as bad as mine?’’ Xia Hou Qi cracks a joke at this elder cousin of his.

’’Oh Your Highness is jesting me. My cold is a stubborn one and needs long term care. I was just in the middle of asking Princess Yue to give me a thorough checkup.’’ Not backing down, Sir Qing fires back with his own attack.

Staring at each other, their smiles can only be called splendid to describe.

’’Big Cousin, real people do not lie. Your cold is fake and your real reason here is to see Ling Yue right?’’ Sixth Prince Xia Hou Qi became tired of keeping up this charade and asked outright.

He can't be fooled. The boy was here to pursue Ling Yue.

’’Oh Small Cousin, since you are calling me out then I will be honest. I really do admire Princess Yue.’’

Since the first time he saw the girl, Sir Qing had found Ling Yue oddly special from the usual girls that fondle around himself. As such, the idea of pursuing the fair lady became stuck in his mind.

’’Big Cousin, Ling Yue isn't those common women where you can play games around with.’’ Hou Qi knows this cousin of his well. Even if there's not hundreds, there's still dozens of women under the man's belt.

’’Small Cousin, does it look like I'm playing around? Rather its you. I heard the king and dowager is currently seeking a suitable girl to be your consort.’’ Retracting his smile, Sir Qing becomes serious as he points out the fact.

He admits that initially he was just curious about Ling Yue, but after seeing the various means of the girl, he's confident to say Ling Yue will be the most suitable woman for the female master of his Qing House.

Hou Qi wrinkled his brow just then because he was also having a headache over the consort selection. ’’I will not marry another woman as my consort. The one I like is Ling Yue.’’ Hou Qi confidently states this, certain he won't back down on the claim.

’’But can you marry her as your main consort? Cousin, let me advise you, if you want this beautiful land known as Da Xia, you best behave yourself. That girl is not what you think. She's not so simple that you can just keep in your harem.’’ Sir Qing advises the boy in earnest.

Personally, Sir Qing does hold a decent impression of this cousin of his. Besides, his father Marquise Qing had already said, the boy was more suited to be the king then Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong.

Their Qing line may have kept their hands off from dabbling in the matters of the throne, but that also meant they are absolutely loyal to the king.

He's can see it very clearly. The girl cannot be limited by the court or this country for that matter.

As for why he would try to persuade the prince here today, it's for his own interest certainly, but on the other hand its also for Da Xia as a whole.

Tongue tied at Sir Qing's pressing words, Hou Qi was left in a bind on how to reply.


Finding an opening, Sir Qing takes the opportunity to squeeze through the doorway for the cauldron room, leaving the stunned prince behind in the dust.

Flushing at his own foolishness, Hou Qi now realizes it he's been had. Rushing inside too, he chases after the man.

But just as the two competing youngsters finished barging through the doorstep, both of them were hit with the sight of Ling Yue being dragged away by a big man in a tornado fashion.

In response, both Hou Qi and Sir Qing could only stand there in total shock, unable to comprehend what's going on.


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