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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 248


Chapter 248

Chapter 248 ’’Quick Finger Sect’’

Ever since the last time where she auctioned off the ability pills in the Treasure Cave, things have quieted down from the initial stir. However, Hong Feng and Yang Qing remains on the lookout for her throughout the city, hence the reason why she's kept her distance during this period.

But following the sudden change with her precious Red Mist Sky, Ling Yue had no choice but to seek out Feng Shen for another trip. Yet, who would've guessed that on her visit to the Phoenix Manor, the boy would be out on a trip to the hot spring palace. As a result, she can only come alone today with her disguise as Sir Thirteen.

After explaining her purpose, Ling Yue promptly brought out the stone in question

Issue was, even after He Lao Er and He Lao San had a look, both elders still couldn't recognize the origin of the object.

Just as she's ready to leave in her moment of disappointment, He Lao Er stopped her.

’’Perhaps, our eldest brother will recognize this stone. Please wait a moment Sir Thirteen.’’

The big brother of these two elders are called He Lao Dai. Ling Yue herself had heard the name before, but other than that, she never seen the man in person.

Taking the stone away with him, He Lao Er left for a good moment and then returned with a man holding strong resemblance to the two.

’’This is called Hollow Crystal.’’ He Lao Dai clearly recognizes the crystal fragment based on how fast he said the name aloud. And considering that tone, the material can't be simple or ordinary.

’’Boss Dai, may I know if the Treasure Cave would have these kinds of stones for sale? I want to buy them all.’’ As her Red Mist Sky grew weaker and weaker following each passing day, Ling Yue's worry also got heavier and heavier.

In response to the claim that the girl wanted to acquire everything, Boss Dai just made an amused chuckle.

’’Girl, let's assume we do have some Hollow Crystal in stock, not that we do mind you, you are not going to be able to afford it. Take this fragment here for example. Just this alone would cost you a hundred thousand gold.’’

What, this piece alone is that expensive?

Then how much did Mr. Red Mist use to create the Red Mist Sky?

Inwardly, Ling Yue wanted to scold the ancient elder for being such a spendthrift. But unbeknownst to her, when a being grows strong enough to reach the level of an Immortal Alchemist, such worldly possessions aren't worth anything in their eye.

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’’I need this kind of rock right now. Boss Dai, do you know where I can find more of this stuff? I must find them no matter the cost.’’ Ling Yue figured the elder must also know where to find the material if he can recognize it.

Contemplating the request, He Lao Dai answered: ’’I won't keep it from you. I indeed know a place that might have such crystals. But if Sir Thirteen wishes to go, you must promise me one thing.’’

’’Big Brother, it can't be that you want to tell her that matter, right?’’ He Lao Er and He Lao San were both shocked by their brother's statement for its one of the biggest secrets of their Treasure Cave.

’’These days the kingdom's court is starting to take notice of our establishment. If all three of us brothers are gone, I fear something might happen to the Treasure Cave in our absence. Therefore, I intend to let Lao Er stay behind for the trip,’’ he says this earnestly.

Although Boss Dai didn't show up the last time Ling Yue visited, but the impression he got of the girl was very deep from his review of the flight and stealth pills. Whether it be skill or quality, Boss Dai can say its comparable to a sixth or seventh cauldron alchemist. As a martialist, plus his third brother was one too, they need to find a replacement for their second brother whose usually in charge of the alchemist department. That's where Ling Yue came in since she showed up at the perfect timing.

’’Ahumph, everyone, don't you think it's only proper that the three of you ask for my opinion first before making a decision? I have always thought that the Treasure Cave is only a place of buying and selling.’’ From listening to their conversation, Ling Yue became fuddled with confusion.

’’Sir Thirteen, this is a long story. In actual fact, the Treasure Cave is only a cover for us three. Our true identity is an organization called the Quick Finger Sect from the central plains. I am the third sect leader, while my eldest brother here is the first sect leader and my second brother the second sect leader.’’ Among the three brothers here, He Lao San was the most eloquent with the words, also the one most familiar with Ling Yue.

From the central plains?

Quick Finger Sect?

’’You are part of an evil sect from the central plains?’’

What Quick Finger Sect? The name sounds more like those used by petty thieves. Also, Ling Yue highly doubts it's even a sect at all. In her mind, she speculates the only members are these three elders here and no more!

In truth, her guess wasn't all that far off in reality.

But there's one detail she doesn't know.

The Quick Finger Sect wasn't just your typical evil sect, it's in fact a direct descendant of an ancient sect called the Treasure Seeker.

A thousand years ago, this Treasure Seeker Sect had once too been considered a huge school with over tens of thousands of disciples during its peak. Its mission, to search and explore the greatest treasures in the lands with the final goal of unraveling the secrets of the world.

However, due to excessive looting and plain thievery, many of those so called noble and righteous personnel took them as a thorn in their side. Then through a combined effort, the members of the Treasure Seeker Sect were eventually vanquished one after another. As the years went by, this once enormous school too fell into ruin, leaving only the three He Lao brothers left in this day and age.

In order to survive, and to retain their heritage, the three brothers can only establish the Treasure Cave to make a living. Fortunately for them, by relying on their talent and strength, they were able to set up a fair business in countries like Da Xia and North Qing.

’’Sir Thirteen, the origin of our Quick Finger Sect is about it. Unlike the evil cults and sects from the central plains, the three of us never did anything wicked worthy of great punishment. To us, our goal has always been treasure-hunting and no more.’’ He Lao San explains with great pride in his voice.

’’Then what exactly were the three of you discussing just now? To be clear, I'm not going to help you do anything like stealing or such.’’ Towards whatever evil sect or cult, Ling Yue personally didn't hold any good feelings towards them. However, she must find out the whereabouts of the Hollow Crystals.

’’This much you don't have to worry Sir Thirteen. The place we want to go is an area called the Tai Yi Secret Territory. We intend to carry out an adventure inside.’’ He Lao Dai complyingly explains.

It was approximately three years ago that He Lao Er accidentally came across a small piece of the map to the secret territory. As the site of the ancient ruins of the Tai Yi School, many great powers, whether good or evil, are all coveting the treasures inside.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that He Lao Er only managed to obtain one-sixth of the whole map, they could not carry out the mission of exploring the ancient ruins. Nevertheless, just one-sixth was enough to attract countless pursuers. This was also the period when He Lao Er lost his legs due to the constant flow of attackers.

Even so, there had never been a day that's gone by where others aren't trying to get their hands on their piece of the map. Due to this reasoning, the three brothers suffered greatly over the years.

Then came the letter from a few days ago. The content states that the Tai Yi Secret Territory will soon emerge and that the writer of the letter wishes to invite the other five bearers of the map pieces to gather together. This way all parties will get a chance at the treasures inside. Of course, whether or not each party can get their hands on something will depend entirely on their own fate and fortune.

After repeated contemplation, He Lao Dai eventually caved and couldn't resist the temptation. But out of consideration for He Lao Er's legs, plus the place was very far away, he decides to seek outside help for the trip.

Now that's where Ling Yue came into the equation. As an alchemist, plus she arrived at the right timing, He Lao Dai wants to invite her for the adventure.


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