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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 247


Chapter 247

Chapter 247 ’’The Changes in the Red Mist Sky’’

Glaring at Wulei's face, Yang Qing abruptly attacks the woman with a palm strike. Since it came so suddenly, dodging or parrying was out of the question here.

Just when the hit's about to land, Yang Qing hand quickly into a claw. In one tear, he rips the dress apart in the chest area, forcing that bountiful mound to expose itself before everyone in the room.

Silky white without a spec of blemish, those roundish assets are particularly eye catching at this moment.


This act obviously frightened the Mama of the brothel and everyone else present, this was especially true for Wulei since she's the target of the assault. Yang Qing was considered a regular of the establishment, and since his looks are above average for a man of his age, he's been a preferred target for the girls here as their patron.

As a result, it came as a great surprise for everyone that he would freak out so randomly today.

There's no birthmark?

According to his memories, Yang Qing remembers his lawful former wife had a birthmark on the breast area, hence the reason for his rudeness.

’’Oh Lord Yang, what is the meaning of this? You nearly scared me and the girls here to death. Today is Wulei's first day receiving a customer so how can you be so anxious like that!’’ Upset by the man's inconsiderateness, the Mama angrily sends a few scolding words his way.

’’You are called Wulei? You are not her?’’ By now all form of tipsiness had been drained from his system. Upon closer inspection, Yang Qing too realized he's been rash. The girl was at most no more than eighteen years of age based on that appearance and figure, completely different from his former whose well into the middle years of a woman's life. This was especially true for the skin. Its bouncy and elastic, the type usually found only in those ready for the picking.

Did I really make a mistake here?

Given the situation and the facts lay before him, Yang Qing figured it must be so. Those toad warts on the woman's face are so bad that even the best alchemist in the land cannot cure them, so how can this delectable specimen here be that same person? It must be a coincidence.

’’My apologies Mama Song, I drank a little too much there and lost myself. Miss Wulei, please forgive my brazen actions just now, I mistook you for a former friend of mine.’’ The more he looked, the more tempted he was to take this ’’young girl’’ here and now.

This girl called Wulei has both his former wife's appearance, yet also had the youthfulness and gentleness his former wife lacked. All of a sudden, Yang Qing found himself returning to his younger years back when he's in his twenties. A time where a youth had all sorts of excess energy for consumption.

Very quickly both of them had become well acquainted. It wasn't until late into the night that Yang Qing took his leave after expending all his energies on this Wulei.

Watching the departing carriage disappear into the night, the gentle smile on Wulei's face instantly went away as she stood outside the brothel. In its place, only a bone piercing cold could be seen in that expression.

Inside the Red Mist Sky.

’’Reporting to Sect Leader, I have successfully approached Yang Qing per your order.’’

Wulei, a persona adopted by the brand-new Madam Lai. Through careful planning, she was instructed to orchestrate this show tonight following Ling Yue's order. Even if it meant getting in bed with that man again...

’’You've done well.’’

Ling Yue had been planning this for several months now. To make sure nothing can go wrong, she specifically hired a special tutor for Madam Lai so the woman can remove every shadow of her former self. This way no suspicion would be raised on her demeanor. And that birthmark too. Ling Yue had used her spirit smoke to remove it completely for tonight.

Then to pin the final nail in the coffin, extra help had to be used even if the new Madam Lai received an extra boost with her cosmetic pills. Like how Lady Yao used that red pattern fragrance pill on the king, Ling Yue did the same here. Of course, there's that special dose of ’’Lovesickness Grass’’ she infused into the pill to make Yang Qing go mad with lust like tonight.

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With so many layers of insurance, there's no doubt in everyone's mind that it's just a matter of time before Madam Lai gains the full trust of the hateful man.

Oh Hong Feng ah Hong Feng, I bet you would never expect the same move you and Lady Yao used against the king would be reused against your own people now would you?

’’It's thanks to Sect Leader's nurturing that I can have this day.’’ Towards Ling Yue, Madam Lai only had gratitude in her heart because if not for the girl, she would otherwise never be able to satisfy the hatred coursing through her veins. ’’There is one more thing I like you report. While I've been here, I noticed the Red Mist Sky's usually abundant energy is starting to dwindle. Its weaker than before.’’

During this period, she's been working at the brothel during the night, and during the day she's here in the pocket dimension helping Ling Yue cultivate all sorts of poisonous plants.

As the one spending most of her day inside here, Madam Lai was best aware of the changes going on in the environment. In her observation, the plants are definitely growing slower than when she initially started. Then her speculation was definitively proven when the rainbow creek started to get cloudy.

Something's happened to my Red Mist Sky?

Now that she's reminded of this, Ling Yue immediately took a careful look at her precious treasure.

The result? it's exactly like Madam Lai said. The energy in the air had become weaker than before and even the white mist surrounding the open space had signs of drawing inward.

How did this happen?

Then looking at the rainbow creek again where the Yin-Yang Carps are swimming, some had already flopped.

Now it's getting bad.

To make matters worse, the codex had no records of such occurrences. In the end, Ling Yue was fortunate enough to have Little Squeak by her side. Through the little fellow's mouth, she managed to learn that its due to the excessive use of the pocket dimension, thus draining its energy reserve.

Upon learning this truth, Ling Yue can only say she's ashamed of herself.

In her mind, she had assumed the Red Mist Sky was inexhaustible, hence the reason why she's never held back in her use of the place. But due to her foolish flaunting, the pocket dimension that's given her oh so much was now facing its biggest crisis.

’’You mean, to get the Red Mist Sky to recover, I must get it to upgrade as quickly as possible?’’

While in her care, the pocket dimension had already upgraded itself twice before.

The first time was due to her spirit contract with Little Squeak, then the next was due to her breakthrough into the lower celestial realm. Since then no other changes had occurred, not even when she broke into the upper celestial realm.

It's obvious to her now the secret to making the Red Mist Sky upgrade itself lied not in her own cultivation. That assumption was her mistake and now she's paying the price.

Then what's the secret behind making it level up again?

Seeing his own mistress making a worried frown, Little Squeak crooked his head and started to think too.

Minutes later, an idea hit him. Turning tail to dash for the little straw house, Little Squeak started to rummage through the belongings inside. After making a mess of the inside, he then ran back out with a stone for Ling Yue.

Flipping it back and forth, the object in question Little Squeak spent so much effort to look for was in fact a crystal-like stone fragment.

Invoking her spirit force, Ling Yue takes a quick peek to discover something totally unexpected. The inside was jam packed with a strong fluctuation of Yuan energy.

’’You mean, as long as we collect a large number of such stones and refine them into the cauldron, it will reinvigorate the Red Mist Sky and help it level up?’’ Ling Yue asks, a bit dubious of the information.

According to Little Squeak's limited memory, Mr. Red Mist had created the entire pocket dimension by using these stones with the black cauldron in her right hand.

Unfortunately, the small little shack now only contained this one tiny piece. Likely a leftover from the original task. As for where they can procure more of such material, Little Squeak didn't have a clue.

Holding the unknown fragment in her hand, Ling Yue got mixed feelings about all this.

Ever since she got her hands on the Red Mist Sky the place had been functioning very well. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect a change like this to occur.

It seems the only recourse she can turn to was to seek out more of these stones. But where? In-between her thoughts, only one place came to mind, the Treasure Cave! Perhaps the cripple He Lao Er would know something.


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