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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 244


Chapter 244

Chapter 244 ’’His Big Favor’’

’’Your Majesty, that's definite proof it's this vicious Lan Ling Yue who caused my daughter's death. My King, please give my child justice and hand down severe punishment to the girl.’’ As if injected with a dose of chicken's blood, General Nangong tears up and starts begging on the floor.

’’Your Majesty, the black powder is from General Nangong's home. During our search, we also found a secret chamber containing nearly a thousand pounds worth of black powder in storage, as well as a letter detailing the collusion of Nangong Liang and Manager Chou with an enemy nation.’’ The captain of the royal guards snapped at the claim and presented a letter.

Still crying one minute, Nangong Liang now felt like he's been struck by lightning. A thousand pounds worth of black powder and a letter for the enemy nation is found inside his home, how could that be?

’’FALSE! My King, your servant here has been wronged, it's all a scheme to frame me! I don't where any of those stuff is from!’’ Now its General Nangong and Manager Chou's turn to become dumbfounded.

Making an extreme change to his complexion, the king forcefully grabs the letter off the presenting eunuch's hand to look. Sure enough, the handwriting was truly that of the general's. It contains the detailed plan of Nangong Liang and Manager Chou orchestrating a plan to blow up the entire palace during the upcoming New Year's Festival!

Leaking cold sweat down his back at the information presented, the king thought it was a great fortune they managed to discover the plot early on, otherwise....

Slamming the table with one hand, the ultimate ruler of the nation flings the letter in front of Nangong Liang's face.

’’Nangong Liang, Chou, you two have a lot of nerve to dare plot a rebellion.’’

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Manager Chou was seriously scared now, he didn't think he would be implicated too in the matter.

What's this all about? He only wants to eradicate this Lan Ling Yue and Alchemist Mei, but now all of sudden he's committed treason? None of this made sense to the old elder.

Despite General Nangong constantly banging his head on the floor, the king simply won't give him an opportunity to explain himself.

’’Strip General Goldsword's military power and hand him over to the army interrogation. Effective immediately, General Lan will exercise the duty of the Grand General position and oversee the military formerly belonging to Nangong Liang. Furthermore, have the former main manager of the Royal Hospital taken away to the prison to stand trial.’’ Vexed by the supposed truth, the king hands down a series of decree and retreated away without looking back.

In the throne room, Lang Ying Wu and Xia Hou Qi can finally exhale a breath of relief.

Meanwhile on the opposite end, Hong Feng and Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong didn't look so well, their faces gloomy and dark.

From end to finish, the entire judgement handed by the king was so quick that neither of these men could chime in to help. Now that its come to this, its already too late. Moreover, the king was in the middle of his raged state, they knew better than to speak up now.

What's confusing here though and the main question they were asking still was the black powder. A thousand pounds! That's not a small amount. How the scheming party pulled such a task off remains a mystery.

Towards Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong, having General Nangong stripped of his military power was akin to slicing off one of his arms. Now the boy just lost a huge part of his influence in the military, a terrible sign and a threat to his position.

While Xia Hou Hong was gnashing his teeth right now, Hong Feng on the other hand was a bit different. Shifting his gaze to a certain girl in the throne room, his sight fell upon the one known as Lan Ling Yue.

From being ’’planted’’ to being ’’interrogated’’, the reactions of this titled princess had been a great deal of concern for him.

Its undeniable the girl was a fourteen year old child, yet during situations like this where one could lose their head, she had never portrayed the behavior that's fitting of a young girl. Its too calm in front of a disaster...

You reap what you sow.

From beginning to end, Ling Yue's been keeping her head hanging low while kneeling there. As a result, her legs had become numb when trying to get up. Suddenly, two powerful hands came in front of her view. One belonged to Feng Shen and the other Xia Hou Qi.

’’Ling Yue? (Ling Yue?)’’

Equally concerned based on their tone, Ling Yue became slightly startled by the two. Looking up, she can see both are concerned for her on their faces.

’’Feng Shen, Hou Qi, thank you both.’’ Hesitant for a moment, she didn't accept the aid and instead rubbed her knees to help sooth the numbness. Only through her own efforts does she get up.

Both men in front of her were equally good, both very beautiful and handsome, but there's too much hatred in her heart right now. Stuff like love and such cannot be a part of her.

Standing not far away, Hong Feng takes this scene in without moving, his eyes turning sharp and dangerous.

So that's it, the reasoning for the Phoenix Lord's arrival is not for the Royal Hospital, but that girl! This Second Miss of the Lan House isn't simple at all to capture the Sixth Prince and Phoenix Lord.

Concealing the sadness in his heart, Xia Hou Qi forces a smile on his face after being denied. He can tell, despite being in the same awkward bind as Feng Shen, the connection between the two were much stronger than himself.

Once the chariot containing Lan Ying Wu and his daughter were out the palace, the general immediately asked the girl what's going on.

’’What is this all about Ling Yue?’’ How did Nangong Liang suddenly become a traitor committing treason, and where did you get those black powder from?’’ Lan Ying Wu knew her goddaughter far too well. The whole thing in the throne must have been orchestrated by the clever girl.

He may be enemies with that Nangong Liang for many years, but the general knew enough about his peer that the man was loyal to Da Xia and wouldn't collude with foreign power. A bad character doesn't mean a treasonous heart, this much he knew.

’’Godfather, I only used their own medicine against themselves. If they can bribe a servant in our home then of course I can have someone go dig a tunnel under their home.’’ Ling Yue calmly explains this.

’’I can still get the arresting and bribing part, but what's the deal with that black powder? They mentioned a thousand pounds in the secret chamber.’’ Lan Ying Wu was a man of the military so he knew very well how difficult it can be to purchase that level of quantity of the stuff. Even for the military department of Da Xia, there wouldn't be that much in storage at one time.

’’Then you will need to ask him.’’ As she says this, the chariot had stopped outside the Lan residence.

Flipping over the car curtain, Feng Shen's familiar figure was already standing in front of the vehicle.

From the day when Ling Yue got wind of the possible plan to attack her from Deputy Manager Meng, she had been orchestrating a scheme in place to counter.

Like the tunnel and secret chamber underneath Nangong Liang's home, it was done through her Ghost Sect. However, the black powder wasn't something she could source, that's when she sought out Feng Shen for help. Originally she had only expected a single stone or maybe even a box at most from the boy, but when it arrived, it became a thousand pounds... That part hadn't been in her initial calculation.

The Phoenix Lord of North Qing can mobilize that much black powder? Lan Ying Wu felt a numbing chill running through his back at this moment.

’’General Lan, you mustn't misunderstand me, I have no interest in politics.’’ Feng Shen makes a reassuring smile that somehow became a dangerous warning instead to the general.

Feng Shen's didn't hold any ulterior motives in this incident, he only thought: since they are getting rid of the Nangong House any ways, they might as well do a thorough job to avoid any more problems in the future.

For the first time ever, Lan Ying Wu realizes this frail and weak looking Phoenix Lord wasn't as weak and frail as he seems from the outside. If the boy truly wished to dabble in politics, he can definitely make waves like he did in the business world. As the old saying goes, business was the same as the battlefield, both savage and ruthless.


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