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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 242


Chapter 242

Chapter 242 ’’It's Time for the Battle of Daddy's’’

How unexpected, to think this Second Miss of the Lan House is a martial master too.

In addition to shock, the urge to kill the girl grew even bigger inside Nangong Liang's heart (Goldsword).

With the shining sword in hand, he's going to personally apprehend this Lan Ling Yue.

’’Alchemist Yue is resisting arrest. All soldiers attack. Whether she's dead or alive, this murderer must be taken down today.’’ The man bellows out the order, leaving no room for misjudgment that he wants blood today.

’’Who dares to touch my daughter!’’ In that instant, Lan Ying Wu single handedly breaks through the encirclement and crashes the party. Radiating the flames of a reincarnation master around his body, his whole being gave off the impression of a war god.

What is Lan Ying Wu doing here?

So what happened was that when Manager Chou sent his people to inform the Nangong family, the old greedy Deputy Manager Meng knew immediately things would turn out badly.

As someone in the same boat as Ye Ling Yue, there's no way she can stand idle. For if she did and the girl pokes herself out from hiding, then nothing good will come out of it. Therefore, Meng secretly ordered someone to contact General Lan as insurance.

Through fate or by chance, the two main generals of Da Xia now stands in a faceoff like the old wild west, neither willing to back down in any possible way during their stare down.

While their title and reputation were about the same the kingdom, that didn't exactly apply to their personal strength. As a reincarnation master, Lan Ying Wu definitely held the advantage here in terms of cultivation because his opponent only stood at the peak level of the Dan realm.

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’’Lan Ying Wu, your daughter murdered my Qinglin. I must thoroughly investigate the matter today. Don't think about stopping me, otherwise I will bring this up with the king if I must.’’ They had always been enemies in the court, and through much wishing and hoping, Nangong Liang finally saw his rival banished to an outback like Glass City and took over the post of Grand General.

But fate likes to play tricks. Who would've guessed even after the man's injury and without aid, this Lan Ying Wu would still manage to break into the reincarnation realm, thus pulling one over his head in the end.

He's been sleepless ever since the bastard returned, and who knows if its destiny at work, even their daughters are enemies.

’’Pehh, Nangong Liang, as if my daughter would resort to a lowly mean like using black powder. Don't start mouthing off with that dirty tongue of yours just because you want to.’’ General Lan knows very well how capable this goddaughter of his can be. If she wanted to kill someone, there's hundreds if not thousands of ways to go about it. There's no reason to make a big commotion like this today based on his view.

’’How dare you talk so sardonically. My daughter is dead and I will have your daughter pay with her life!’’ After hearing the mocking phrase from his enemy, Nangong Liang grew even angrier.

They are sworn enemies to begin with, and for their daughters today, both men had gone red in the eye.

Without signal or sign, both figures abruptly shot at each other and made a series of loud impacting blows from their exchange.

As the one with a weapon, Nangong Liang had the privilege of starting out the fight by making the first move. Unlike those that learned from a bloodless school, he's a man that honed his skills from the battlefield;therefore, his swing yielding the full might of a Dan realm master left no room for mercy.

As dangerous as that sword dance was, Lan Ying Wu was no pushover either. He experienced the fall of his career due to an injury and was banished as a result. Then through fate or by luck, he broke through to the reincarnation realm. After experiencing so many ups and downs in his life, the mentality he holds cannot be compared and have sharpened his senses far above the common foe.

While one was impatient and fierce with the sword, the other was calm and smooth in the fist. In a blink of an eye, they had exchanged over a hundred blows left and right.

However, as time dragged on, Lan Ying Wu's higher martial realm soon became clear as he gradually overtook his foe with the sword.

Peng! In one swift deflect, Lan Ying Wu bypasses the sword and gets up to his foe, allowing him to gain an opening to detonate an unstoppable amount of energy from his palm strike on the chest.

Though Nangong Liang can see the attack hitting him, his body simply won't react in time. Feeling the pressure going into him, a splurge of blood vomits out of his mouth from the sudden pain.

’’Please stop the both of you. Whether or not this is Miss Yue's fault will be known after we investigate. Such a big commotion in the Royal Hospital will have to be informed to the king so please keep calm.’’ Manager Chou gives a signaling wink at General Nangong as the tide turns against them.

Without Lan Ying Wu they can definitely capture the girl, but now that he's here, none can touch Ling Yue.

For now, the only one capable of judging the matter can only be the king.

The Royal Hospital incurring an explosion, General Nangon's daughter perished as result, the most favorable Princess Yue of the dowager and queen got accused of being the perpetrator, all this combined together instantly stirred the whole capital up like a scandal.

’’Your Majesty is just, I implore you to get justice for my daughter (disciple). Out of jealousy, Princess Yue secretly smudged black powder onto my daughter's (disciple's) cauldron, causing her to die without a whole body. Such a heinous crime from such a vicious woman is deplorable and needs to be judged My King.’’ Coming together in front of the king, General Nangong and Manager Chou makes a case for themselves.

’’Your Majesty, Ling Yue and Miss Nangong may have a rift between them but that's not enough to cause one to murder the other with black powder. Furthermore, Nangong Liang here keep pointing at my daughter, saying she's a snakish woman without direct proof or evidence.’’ The more Lan Ying Wu hears of those people the angrier he became.

If not for the king's presence, he would've jumped at Nangong Liang again.

’’Evidence? If you want proof then I'll give you proof.’’ Clapping his hand, General Goldsword motions an alchemist to come inside the grand meeting hall.

’’Your Majesty, this man here is an alchemist from the military department. A few days ago that poisonous wrench procured a sack of black powder from him.’’

Under the general's questioning, the alchemist quickly confirmed the story, claiming he was short on money for his mother's illness and needed money. Then one night a self-proclaimed woman going by Princess Yue approached him and offered a hundred gold coins for the powder.

Of course, he also mentioned the buyer wore a robe and covered her face, leaving him unable to confirm the appearance.

’’That's definite proof, what more do you have to say Lan Ying Wu?’’

’’Please be patient General. The accused is also here so let's hear what she has to say. Princess Yue, what do you like to add to your case?’’

The king himself had seen Ling Yue several times before, and his impression had been a very good one, especially the girl's ability with alchemy.

Furthermore, since the matter happened so suddenly, his queen mother and queen kept telling him to make a thorough investigation so the innocent doesn't get wronged in the process. With that sort of pressure, how can he as the king push the trial off?

’’I do have something to add. Let's say I did go out to buy the black powder, why would I do something so foolish as to state my real name?’’ Ling Yue can tell the alchemist acting as the witness knew nothing about the whole plan and was only telling the truth.

Talk about being a vicious evildoer. That Nangong Qinglin obviously wanted to frame everything onto Ling Yue after the explosion, claiming the girl was jealous and ended killing herself from careless handling. This way Nangong Qinglin herself will become the victim even though she's the one that orchestrated everything.

’’What Princess Yue said is also reasonable.’’ After some thinking, the king himself also found it illogical and can't connect the dots for a plausible reasoning. In fact, it's the polar opposite.

’’My King, please don't be deceived by this woman's cunningness. My family's Qinglin had long stated this girl's very sly in her words and is skilled at manipulating others. I bet all of this is a deliberate act to shook off her suspicion when caught.’’ Nangong Liang ignores right or wrong and keeps biting onto Ling Yue's tail without reasoning.

’’Nangong Liang, you are convinced my daughter's the criminal based solely on a single alchemist's confession. What exactly is your motive for this?!’’ Not losing out, Lan Ying Wu cuts in and began scolding his foe.


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