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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 240


Chapter 240

Chapter 240 ’’Blow One Means One’’

Getting an idea, Ling Yue directly brings out one of her stealth pills and swallowed it. Using this method, she followed the girl silently from behind without worry of being caught.

Its eerily quiet here this early in the morning, nevertheless, Nangong Qinglin still scanned the area to make sure her action of going into Alchemist Mei's cauldron room remained unseen.

Once inside, she immediately brought out a bottle from her bosom. The content was precisely the black powder she bought before, a material capable of exploding as soon as it comes into contact with a flame. It's considered a preferred tool for murdering the enemy in the battlefield because even a reincarnation master would be seriously injured if taking a blow head on.

’’Curse you both, this time I like to see you two come out of this unscathed.’’ While Nangong Qinglin was busy going about with her cursing spree, Ling Yue just stood there and took it all in with her eyes.

The amount of black powder showcased here was more than sufficient to kill Alchemist Mei if ignited. Not just her either, even those nearby would be caught in the crossfire by the exploding burst.

What a vicious person, and here I was thinking the girl's only unruly and spoiled inside. This time you are asking for it Nangong Qinglin.

After watching the departing back of the scheming girl from the cauldron room, Ling Yue's gaze gradually turned cold...

Once dawn came around, the number of people gradually started to arrive at the Royal Hospital.

Though for several years now Mei had been silent without rousing attention to herself, things quickly changed in recent days after her success with the reincarnation Dan pill. Alchemist Mei was now the hottest topic all around. As soon as she stepped through the doorway, the crowd jumped at her like grasshoppers standing in wait.

’’Master Mei, I'd like discuss with you the secrets of alchemy.’’

’’Master Mei, yesterday I created a new type of pill. Would you do me the honor of testing it with me?’’

’’Master Mei, I have here some quality herbs, please accept them.’’

Smothered by those flattering faces, she nearly became overwhelmed by the heated reception.

’’Manager Chou, you're here!’’ Someone outside the crowd suddenly shouts this aloud, sending the alchemists scurrying away in a frantic haze.

Taking this opportunity while everyone's busy with their own problem, Ling Yue breaks through the crowd and pulled Alchemist Mei out of the encirclement.

’’Thank goodness you're here.’’ Upon seeing the one was Ling Yue herself, the only thing missing was Mei chanting Amitabha like a monk to show her gratitude.

Using this moment while they are still unnoticed, both girls scurried off to the back where their cauldron room awaits.

Of course, not everyone's was fooled by the little distraction, especially Nangong Qinglin and her partner Alchemist Xue. Gnashing them teethes with envy after seeing the ’’scurrying’’ motion of the two, they hated the fact that they aren't the one being worshipped instead.

’’Their cheekiness won't last for long.’’ Though Nangong Qinglin kept her voice to whisper, it was still enough to attract Xue's attention.

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When turning to take an extra peek at the girl for why she made the statement, that viciousness in the eye frightened even Xue despite being on the same side.

’’Ling Yue, when will you let me tell the truth to everyone? That recipe is yours.’’ Towards the flattery and extra attention she's getting, Mei didn't like it at all and found them very uncomfortable.

In truth, the woman had long wanted to inform the king the achievement weren't just hers, it's also Ling Yue's too.

’’Miss Mei, you don't need to be humble. Even if I didn't offer you the recipe it will just be a matter of time before you reach the same result in a few years.’’ The reasoning why Ling Yue wanted to give a helping hand had much to do with Mei's upright pursuit of alchemy and her non-greedy personality.

She need's her own power in the Royal Hospital, and who better can there be than this woman known as Mei?

’’Since you are so determined then I want you to take these three reincarnation Dan pills. I heard your father is also a reincarnation master. They will definitely be of help to him.’’ Unable to persuade the girl, Mei can only use this method to repay Ling Yue.

The batch she created this time yielded a total of six pills.

According to the rules of the Royal Hospital, an alchemist must turn over half of their pills every time, meaning the three she's giving Ling Yue was everything she had in her possession since she created six this time.

’’Then I will not be polite and humbly accept your goodwill.’’ Though Ling Yue wasn't a reincarnation master herself, she still had other uses for them. Furthermore, Alchemist Mei was a practitioner of the spirit force so she had no uses for such a pill.

One pill will be reserved for her godfather Lan Ying Wu while the other two will be given to Marquise Wu.

As a fifth element reincarnation master, plus the old marquis was her mother's master, Ling Yue had nothing to lose by building up a good relationship on that end.

’’The hour is about right so we should begin lighting the fire if we are to refine some pills today.’’

Mei's habit didn't change much from before. Now that she got the recipe from Ling Yue, she only needs to make a single batch of the reincarnation pills to meet the minimal requirement of the hospital. As for the rest of the time, she can use it however she likes.

Giving a meaningful glance at the stove, Ling Yue went ahead to retrieve the firewood.

Likewise outside at the public cauldron room, Nangong Qinglin and Alchemist Xue were busy lighting their stove. However, the girl doesn't seem to be all that into the task and couldn't manage a spark even after a good while.

Why is there still no movement? Logically the timing should be around now when they start the stove...

Holding the flint in her hand, Nangong Qinglin randomly stuffs the firewood into the stove without looking. Her heart had become warped by the hatred she bear.

If only she didn't worry about other things outside of her area, because if she did, Nangong Qinglin would've definitely noticed the unusual smell in the air.


When her hands managed to struck the first spec of spark.

BOOM~~!! Nangong suddenly realized something at this instant.

Black powder, the smell is black powder! This cauldron is clearly the one from Alchemist Mei's room!

Nooo~~ Her eyes dilate without limit as a wave of heat blows out of the stove.

Without giving the girl the time to even scream, a plume of flame engulfs her very body like a raging demon.

Suddenly, the entire public cauldron room fell into an utter panic as everyone rushed out of the building.

Still inside their room, Alchemist Mei and Ling Yue were quickly alarmed to the sound of the massive explosion outside. Hurrying out of the building, they were immediately welcomed by the sight of disorder and smoke in the air with a blazing flame burning up the structuring building.

Some tried to fight the fire, but more were busy trying to carry the wounded out before it's too late.

Very soon, Manager Meng and Manager Chou had arrived at the scene.

’’What's the matter?’’ Chou asks with a delightful glee in his eye.

As the master of the instigator of the whole incident, he would of course know about what Nangong Qinglin had in store. Even the alchemist in the military department was introduced through his connection.

In the beginning he assumed such a big explosion would've killed Mei and that wrench, but after taking a closer look at the origin of the fire, his face promptly took a change for the worse.

How could it be the public cauldron room?

And why is that Mei and Ling Yue standing in the crowd?

Then who exactly is the one inside?

A unhealthy premonition starts to take root in Chou's heart.


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