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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 239


Chapter 239

Chapter 239 ’’Emergence of the Reincarnation Dan Pill: Super Revival of the Salted Fish’’

Nangong Qinglin had been taking Ling Yue as a thorn in her side ever since the incident outside the alchemist tower, constantly scheming to have the girl removed only to have the results come back to bite her in the ass. Therefore, she spared no efforts this time around to keep a keen eye on Ling Yue and Alchemist Mei's every move.

She's already noticed it this morning, both had been missing from the public cauldron room. Originally Qinglin had assumed they were too embarrassed to show their faces because of their unsightly position in the roster, but it appears that's not exactly true.

Ignoring everyone's scrutinizing gaze and unwelcoming attitude, Ling Yue motions her partner to go forward with a wink. The latter answered by taking a step and pulling out a pill bottle.

From within, six beady little objects rolled out under the witness of the crowd, leaving no room for speculation of where they came from.

In the instant of their appearance, the blue and clear sky above the building abruptly went through a drastic change. Cloudy with streaks of lightning running through the masses, a swirl of Yuan energy began to form above the Royal Hospital.

’’Reincarnation Dan Pill!’’ Deputy Manager Meng that's been watching from the side the whole time suddenly makes a loud shriek and cried out this name, sending the rest of the alchemists here into a complete shock.

Seventh Grade Reincarnation Dan Pill, an alchemic product capable of triggering even the Yuan energy in the sky and earth.

’’In accordance with the rules of the Royal Hospital since Alchemist Mei here managed to create a reincarnation Dan pill, she will henceforth be qualified to have the right to use an independent room in the back. Also, she's the winner of this month's roster listing.’’

In the face of a reincarnation Dan pill, five hundred mid to low grade pills are nothing.

’’Wait a minute, the result of the roster is already out. Even if Alchemist Mei did manage to produce a reincarnation pill, she already missed the deadline.’’ Alchemist Xue wouldn't give up, and can anyone blame the person? The prize was already in the person's grasp, and now six months' worth of work just went down the drain.

’’That's right, Alchemist Mei left the public cauldron room so we don't even know if these pills are indeed created by her.’’ Nangong Qinglin simply can't accept this reality when the woman in question hadn't achieved a single success in ten years and now its complete in the most crucial of moments? Don't kid around!

Meanwhile on the side, Deputy Manager Meng suddenly found herself breaking out with goosebumps from head to toe. The reasoning, the gaze she's getting from Ling Yue was creeping her out when she indivertibly shot a glance that way.

Truthfully, she didn't want to have a second run in with this little death star.

’’Main Manager, the roster has always been carried out at noon, and its exactly noon right now. Furthermore, since when have there been a rule that a member can only work in the public cauldron room? The matter of a reincarnation pill is our kingdom's glory. As long as those from the Alchemist Association comes over to verify their authenticity then we will know who's the one that created them.’’

Since his own peer had blurted out the name already, Manager Chou can only do as the girl say and invite the members of the association over. One appraisal through, it became unquestionable that its made through Alchemist Mei's hands.

As soon as the news spread, a sensation instantly overtook the kingdom that even the king had to personally summoned Alchemist Mei for an audience, rewarding her with the post of Deputy Manager of the Royal Hospital.

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Finally in twenty long years of Da Xia's history, another person capable of producing this valuable reincarnation Dan pill has appeared in addition to the old president of the association. Good news for the alchemist tower, and great news for the entire kingdom and its people.

For a brief period, the number of requests made to the Royal Hospital for the precious pill became so overwhelming that a special announcement had to be made. The content went as following: due to the extreme difficulty involved, Alchemist Mei won't be able to produce any reincarnation pills in the short term. Only like that did it manage to push those requesters back from stomping through the palace gate.

’’Master, did you not say that Mei don't have the ability to create the reincarnation Dan pill? If I had known she had that sort of ability then I wouldn't have ignored her.’’ Nangong Qinglin sounded discouraged based on that tone, but even more than that, a flare of anger was raging inside her heart when seeing how happy those two were when moving into the independent room.

To make the situation worse, those that had been currying favors from her had stopped coming to her and turned their attentions the other way!

’’This matter eludes me too. Under normal circumstances it should be impossible for Alchemist Mei to produce the reincarnation Dan pill, but you know it as well as I do, the monthly portion of herbs allocated to Mei are of the lowest quality. It can't be the woman's really a genius of the century, is she?’’ Manager Chou also didn't like the outcome of the whole situation, making his mood very unhappy right now.

As if he would know, Ling Yue had long changed the herbs with those from her Red Mist Sky. What garbage ingredient? More like super dosed with double the chances of success!

There's already that Master Longyu hovering above Chou's head to begin with, making his position unstable from the onset, but now there's also this upstart Alchemist Mei with a greater gift than all the rest?

’’Master, we must think of a method to rid us of those two nasty women. Otherwise, if we wait until they get bigger here in the Royal Hospital then there won't be a spot left for you and I to stand on.’’ Nangong Qinglin began consulting with her master on the possible solutions.

As it so happens, this scene was accidentally caught by Deputy Manager Meng hiding in one corner. Therefore, the old greedy woman immediately ran off with this news to Ling Yue for reporting.

’’Manager Meng, can I believe what you are saying, warning me to beware of Manager Chou and Nangong Qinglin?’’ This came as no surprise to Ling Yue because she had expected the enemy to not rest after what they did.

’’Please don't misjudge me princess, I only did what I did before under duress from those people. I too have a consciousness and can no longer watch on in ignorance.’’ Her face steaming with injustice as she made a determined expression.

’’Just quit it, you aren't much better than Manager Chou. I know you are coveting the man's position so you want to borrow my hands to remove the obstacles for you.’’ Not blinking or turning away, Ling Yue openly points out the real motive behind the act.

Gasping in utter terror, Manager Meng couldn't understand why this little lass would see through to her tricks each and every time. Its not like they had a lot of interactions, only that one time!

Seriously, what is going on inside this princess's head?

’’However, you needn't worry, I can help fulfill your wish so long as you follow my command. For the next while, I want you to pay close attention to each and every move of that Nangong Qinglin. If there's any movement, you are to report to me immediately.’’ Honestly, she do want to see what sort of trickery this pair of master and disciple have in store.

Very soon, news information arrived at her doorstep.

According to the informant, Nangong Qinglin had secretly went to the military's alchemy department to procure some Black Powder Stone, a type of alchemic ingredient used to create gunpowder.

What exactly does Nangong Qinglin want to do with that stuff?

Suspicious, Ling Yue commands Yanche to once again keep the girl under close watch.

Sure enough, her instincts were spot on. The very next day early in the morning, Nangong Qinglin uncharacteristically left her home long before everyone else, thus alarming Yanche to report back with the news.

Immediately, Ling Yue began trailing the girl from behind and eventually came to the Royal Hospital of all places.

What does this girl want to do inside the hospital this early?


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