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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 238


Chapter 238

Chapter 238 ’’Who's the Number One on the Roster List?

Six years ago when Alchemist Mei was but sixteen at the time, she alone made her way to North Qing, the holy land of the alchemist profession for further learning.

That's her first time leaving home, and also the first time she came into contact with other knowledge outside of Da Xia through the group of friends she made along the way.

Everything about the trip was enjoyable, that was until she saw a certain building there.

’’That is the Tower of Fire, the honorary sacred temple of us alchemists and a segment of the Five Star Memorial Pagoda. Only the top alchemists are allowed inside, and I wanted to enter it. I had no ulterior motives, I merely wished to have a glimpse. But in the end I was driven out.’’ Speaking up to here, Alchemist Mei's volume increased and grew more emotional.

’’Our kingdom Da Xia haven't produced a reincarnation Dan pill for years now. As a country incapable of producing even a reincarnation pill, then naturally our people aren't qualified to participate in the Constellation Cave Expedition, let alone enter the Five Star Memorial Pagoda.’’ The wave of insults from the alchemists of North Qing once again echoes across her ear.

Over the years there had only been one person capable of producing a reincarnation Dan pill in Da Xia. However, old president Master Jia Hou hadn't returned for nearly twenty years now.

Rumor has it, the old elder had already passed away.

’’Does the reincarnation Dan pill really hold such an important value?’’ Only now does Ling Yue begin to sense the absolute importance of her recipe.

’’Your time as an alchemist is still short so you don't know it yet. A reincarnation Dan pill isn't only a seventh grade product, it can also greatly improve a nation's proportion of reincarnation masters. In the battlefield a master of that caliber can at least match a thousand lower celestial martialists. Why do you think North Qing is considered a powerhouse of the continent? Its because their production of the pill is among the highest, meaning the number of reincarnation master in their premise is by far the largest.’’ Since that trip to the nation, Alchemist Mei swore she will achieve the goal of producing the pill so her home can stand on equal grounds.

’’And the Constellation Cave, what does that have to do with the tower?’’ Ling Yue haven't forgotten what the old dwarf said to her before. When mentioning the topic, even Longyu was making a face of reverence when talking about the topic during one of their work sessions.

The Red Mist Codex does hold a large number of cultivation methods and knowledges, but due to the Mr. Red Mist's reclusive nature and different era, there are no mentioning of the Constellation Cave or many other well-known modern day features.

’’The Constellation Cave was once the home of an immortal alchemist before the person ascended into the higher plains. There are numerous treasures left behind by the great master, but that also meant there's a powerful barrier outside the cave. If one wishes to enter, they can only wait until the autumn season of every year to try. The most vulnerable period in the barrier lasts only three days, meaning that's the time limit one can venture inside. Knowing this, the alchemists of the continent came to an agreement that as long as one can bring out a reincarnation Dan pill then they can enter the cave for training.’’

She too only heard of this through some old-timers and haven't actually went inside. Unfortunately, ever since Mei joined the Alchemist Association of Da Xia, there had been none capable of producing the pill in question, leaving her unable to enter the Constellation Cave.

’’As for the star tower, it's rumored to be one of the five ancient structures used to suppress the negative dark energies in these lands. They are positioned throughout the continent from east to west, and many say there are numerous senior and immortal alchemists making these structures their home.’’ Alchemist Mei also heard that a lot of the now missing alchemists are in fact hiding within these pagodas. As for its true or not, there's no way to confirm unless they can head inside.

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’’So that's why. Now it made sense why you are so persistent all these years. And here these fools in the Royal Hospital don't even know your good intentions when foreign alchemists are already knocking at their doors.’’ After listening to the story, even Ling Yue couldn't resist making a scowl at the others here.

’’It's me not knowing my ability, as if a reincarnation Dan pill would be that easy to create. This is likely my last time attempting the task again. I heard Manager Chou have decided to kick me out of the Royal Hospital this time.’’ A wry smile filled her face.

Over the years she had consumed tons of medicinal herbs without contribution - plus she's not even part of their faction - so it's no surprise that she would be kicked out eventually. Only regret Mei has now was her impending separation with Ling Yue, a girl that's willing to listen to her nagging.

’’No, you don't need to leave.’’ Ling Yue breaks her silence and firmly states this.

’’It's too late already because there's only three days left until the end of the month. Even if I start now and work nonstop, I cannot produce enough to salvage my spot.’’ Regret filled the woman's eye, her tone drearily sad.

’’No need, you don't need to produce that many pills, we only need to produce one to win.’’ A chuckle escapes Ling Yue.

A single one? Confusion could be found in the woman's face.

’’Congratulations to Master Xue. After this month you can get the right to use the independent room in the back.’’

Nangong Qinglin and her tutor Alchemist Xue now stands in front of the roster list, their expressions cheeky and excited for their ranking are leagues ahead of the rest.

’’This saying is still too early Miss Nangong.’’ Though the person says this, that gloating face indicates another story.

’’It's already a thing of certainty. Oh poor Alchemist Mei, she's still at the bottom. My master already said it, he will drive her out of the Royal Hospital this time if she didn't improve. An unproductive person like that is nothing more than a waste of food and water anyways. It's been long overdue.’’ When seeing who's at the bottom of the list, Nangong Qinglin clearly showed great pleasure at the misfortune of other's.

Alchemist Mei, Lan Ling Yue, people like them must be removed from the Royal Hospital. Let's see who will dare disobey me again in the future, humph!

Just thinking of the fact that her hated enemy will be expelled, her mood couldn't help but be overjoyed with elation.

Finally, the day has come for the public announcement of the roster list. Today, Manager Chou and the ’’sickly’’ Deputy Manager Meng will be making an appearance together to check everyone's score at the end of the day.

’’Everyone, the monthly results are out. This month's number one is Alchemist Xue and her partner Alchemist Nangong Qinglin with their score of five hundred and sixty seven. This is also their sixth consecutive month of taking first place.’’

Manager Chou then made an approving nod at his disciple.

’’This means Alchemist Xue now has the right to use one of the independent rooms in the back...’’

’’Wait!’’ Just when the all things are final, Ling Yue and Alchemist Mei interrupts their announcement.

’’Ha, very good Lan Ling Yue, I didn't think you and that woman still got the courage to show yourself today. My master had just announced the results of the first place, now it's time to announce the last place. If I were you, I would begin cleaning out your possessions.’’ Nangong Qinglin made no attempt of hiding her snickering scowl.


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