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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 237


Chapter 237

Chapter 237 ’’The Secret Within the Iron Scripture’’

Directly absorbing the energy of a spirit core was in fact a very dangerous thing to do. Although abundant with Yuan energy inside the nucleus, it's also very violent and volatile. If careless and the user loses control, it might cause the body to explode!

As for why Ling Yue was able to achieve such fine results? It's mainly thanks to her black cauldron.

After dawn broke through the horizon and her newfound powers harmonized, she immediately got up from her meditative pose and went around the area in search of her Dragon Saliva Needle.

Sadly, when she finally located it in a bushel somewhere in the distance, Ling Yue can see a deep crack running through the main body, clearly done in by the swipe from the eighth rank Blood-Devouring Lion from last night.

This weapon was the very first ever weapon Ling Yue forged when she became an alchemist. Though it held a lot of sentimental values, its technically an imperfect byproduct of her weak spirit force and skill at the time.

Now that she's broken into the upper celestial realm, plus her spirit force now stands at the six cauldron level, it's clear to her the needle can no longer keep up with her strength.

Coming to a decision, Ling Yue figured its time she made a new weapon for herself. The new weapon shall be made using the melted metal in the needle and the alloy inside the iron scripture.

Seriously, only a fool would go worship an iron scripture made out of the second rarest metal in the world!

Pulling out the iron scripture first, she then summons her black cauldron into existence and directed it to suck the metal tile and needle inside. It didn't take long, only a short while before the content became a goop of molten alloy inside.

At first the two metals were quite resistant to melding together, but after a constant flow of energy using her right hand and manipulation with her left, the two finally fused together after much effort.

And of course, she can't exactly make another needle again when there's so much material this time around. Going by the measurement of the tile's size, Ling Yue eventually decided to go with a small dagger instead.

After repeated pulling and hammering with her spirit force, the molten metal now had the shape of a blade.


In one roar, a new artifact was born. It's about the size of her palm, and Ling Yue got the perfect name for it: Twinkling Star Dagger! This represented not only the silvery gleam glimmering off of the surface, it also represents the beauty of its craftsmanship. Captivating on the outside but also dangerously deadly like that of a snake.

Note: I went ahead and changed the name to Twinkling Star Dagger, otherwise if I went with the author's intended name it will be meteor saliva dagger. It's a horrible name and doesn't even match up with some of the future uses for this thing.

Excited beyond compare, Ling Yue invokes her will like usual. Immediately, the silvery dagger splits apart into six and slices through the air followed up with a toss of a Yuan Iron she pulled out from the Red Mist Sky.

Boom~ The iron bar makes a perfect split in the middle and then blows apart from the excessive force.

Not only was this new Twinkling Star Dagger three times faster than her original needles, the striking force was also astonishingly massive.

No doubt about it. If she ever encounters a creature like the eighth rank lion king again, Ling Yue have a lot of confidence she can behead the creature in one single strike with this weapon.

Just as she's still immersed in her joy of acquiring this new artifact, her cauldron suddenly makes a poofing sound and spits out another object.

Blankly staring at the item for a good moment, she finally noticed it's a yellowish stained papyrus paper underneath the residual metal. It's clearly of some age based on the discoloration. Curious, she picks it up to find the letters inscribed on it in the form of the common tongue. This wouldn't be all that strange if it were any old text, but this came out of the iron scripture, a holy relic of the Bhuddist Sect.

’’Reincarnation Dan Pill!’’ Reading the title aloud, her pupils dilated inward from pure shock.

As it turns out, the real prize didn't lie in the technique inscribed on the surface, it's this Dan pill recipe hidden underneath the outer crust.

No matter who it was, as long as they are an alchemist then they will know the importance of a Dan pill recipe.

Even if the ultimate results are aiming for the same product, the quality varies greatly depending on the items required by the recipe and methods used. Meaning one recipe might produce a lower quality version while another could produce the highest grade using the cheapest ingredients, it all differs.

All of a sudden, this thin piece of papyrus paper now weighed a ton in her hands because although she may have Mr. Red Mist's codex in hand, there are no mentions of a recipe like this. This made the paper all the more valuable to Ling Yue for its her only copy.

As to how she learned about the existence of these recipes and their importance, Ling Yue have to give credit to Alchemist Mei of the Royal Hospital because the woman's obsession lies exactly with this reincarnation Dan pill.

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But without a proper recipe and relying solely on one's own repeated experiments, Alchemist Mei never would've achieved her dream.

’’What an unexpected surprise that this iron scripture would hide something this amazing. It seems Da Xia will soon have a second person capable of producing a reincarnation Dan pill.’’ Sparks of light could be seen flickering in her eyes as she looked at the recipe.

Of course, the one Ling Yue referred to wasn't herself, it's Alchemist Mei. It's not that she's doing this out of pure kindness, rather there are many reasons involved pushing her to do so. Firstly was the lack of ingredients necessary for the recipe. Secondly, she doesn't even know if the recipe was authentic to be worthwhile. In the end she simply wanted to find a guinea pig, and who better was there than Alchemist Mei?

Aside from the lack of verbal communication, the woman was a decent person. Straight and fair, there's not much Ling Yue can ask for from a tutor in the Royal Hospital. Heck, based on what she observed in the past two months by working with the woman, she can be certain if Manager Chou were to leave, the one best suited to become the next manager had to be Alchemist Mei. She had the skills to back it up.

Making a copy of the recipe, Ling Yue headed straight for the palace to carry out her plan while it's still early in the mornig. Sure enough, she managed to find Alchemist Mei already hard at work in her usual spot inside the public cauldron room. Based on the burnt smell and the fact that the woman was busy pouring away the sludge, it appears the attempt was another failure.

Upon noticing the newcomer from behind, Alchemist Mei immediately stopped in her work and smiled at Ling Yue as a hello.

It's true the both of them can't be considered close friends, but after spending over two months working together, there's bound to be some feelings of kinship. Besides, their age difference wasn't all that high either, only seven to eight years. Furthermore, they are both qualified to be considered geniuses in this field. Compounding their skills together, it's been a wonderful experience for both of them.

’’You came just in time, I wanted to tell you that I intend to recommend you to Manager Chou. Your ability is enough to warrant you the right to work independently here.’’

Though its undeniable the woman can be dull at times, she's definitely the most impartial character around. Therefore, Alchemist Mei didn't want to drag this girl down with her when its this close to the end of the month - the impending deadline where she will be expelled from here.

’’Alchemist Mei, I've long wanted to ask you this, why are you so persistent in refining a reincarnation Dan pill? I've witnessed your skills and strength, its far superior to those here in the public cauldron room.’’

Although the woman only had the rank of a six cauldron mark on her chest, in truth, Alchemist Mei's ability to control the flames and ingredients wouldn't lose out to even a eight cauldron alchemist. In this case, Ling Yue can say its even better than Manager Chou in some areas and definitely leagues ahead of herself if she didn't cheat with the black cauldron.

In reality many have asked Alchemist Mei this same question in the past, but every time without exception, the woman would refuse to answer. However, she suddenly got an intense urge to explain herself today to this girl standing there.

Everyone inside the Royal Hospital had assumed the woman did it out of ambition, but only the person in question would know the truth. Its not for ambition or fame, it's for her pride as an alchemist!


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