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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 236


Chapter 236

Chapter 236 ’’Cutie Pet's Big Transformation’’

Converging her energy into a beam of light, she fires it out at her will and pierces the sturdy skin of the lion pouncing at her. Gore and blood splurges out of the gaping hole she left behind.

Following the first success, Ling Yue presses on with more confidence and made quick work of the pride. Fifteen minutes later, only the corpses of the lions could be found in the area here.

Despite her bountiful harvest, not much emotion could be seen in the girl's eye. Instead, her pupils radiated an alarming light as she exerted herself up onto one of the pine trees.

GRRAAAHHHH~!!! An earth rumbling roar breaks the silence further up ahead.

She can see the creature now as it came out of hiding. Black all over in its fur with golden irises, this here was a lioness the size of a bull. It doesn't take much to guess this was the rumored seventh rank ruler of the valley, but a female? Not exactly what Ling Yue expected.

Unlike the first encounter where she simply charged into the fray, Ling Yue didn't act rashly this time around;rather, she was extremely calm and steady atop of the tree. Her gaze entirely absorbed by the enemy up ahead on the ground.

With good reason too for the caution because a seventh rank queen lioness was akin to a Dan realm master, a formidable opponent for herself even if she combined her martial art and spirit force together.

Right now she must wait, wait for the perfect moment to slay this Blood-Devouring Queen Lioness. Then it came after half an hour of waiting. Impatient after getting no movement for so long, the creature finally turns around.


Bringing up all of her energy, Ling Yue volleys herself at breakneck speed towards her prey, leaving behind only the poor pine tree behind her snapped in half at the recoiling force.

’’Little Measureless Finger, First Point Universe.’’ The light beam from her finger makes a clean shot right through the lioness's throat followed by six needles flying out in unison. Their aim, the fatal points across the body.

Suddenly, when the battle was supposed to come to a close, a foul odor of death alarms her to something else from the back. She was perplexed at first by the mysterious contour behind the darkness, but that soon came to an end when the figure jumped out of its hiding.

Standing in height and size comparable to a small hill, this monstrosity was definitely the rumored lion king. The true alpha of this valley! Now it all made sense to Ling Yue. The one she attacked first was the female, the mate of this male.

Seeing its partner lying there in a pool of blood, the lion king furiously howls a pained growl to express its anger. Then in one single swipe of its paw, the force from the recoiling wind alone was enough to send the needles still lingering in the air away like little toys.

Now this was getting dangerous indeed as its abundantly clear to Ling Yue this lion king was far superior to the one dead on the ground. If her speculations are correct, this male lion should have already reached the eighth rank, a being equivalent to a reincarnation master in human terms! To make a bad situation even worse, after using the light beam attack on the first one, she needs more time to recharge before reuse the attack again.

Fortunately for her, not all hope was lost. Just as things got critical when the lion overtook our girl overhead, leaving Ling Yue with no time to dodge, something amazing occurred! Still squatting there on her shoulder, the red water droplet mark on Little Squeak's forehead began to glow a crimson red.

As if to challenge the dominance of the lion king, the usually docile fur ball suddenly showcased a never before seen aggressiveness in his howl while his body went through a drastic change.

From a mere teacup in size, Little Squeak began to expand rapidly like he's being filled with gas. No longer a furry fluff ball, his legs are now long and muscular while his underlying skin became encrusted with a layer of scale akin to that of a dragon's.

ROAR~!!!!!!!! In that instant, a terrifying wave of energy exploded out of his newfound body, sending the pouncing lion king tumbling back to the ground from midair.

Without giving the opponent time to regain its footing, Little Squeak raises a vortex of energy around himself and charged directly into the monstrous creature, sending the lion king flying out across the landscape like a bullet.

Towards this abrupt change in the script, Ling Yue was literally left standing there aghast with her mouth wide open.

It wasn't just her that's reacting like this. Little Crow too also became stunned by the newfound changes in Little Squeak, so much so that she literally forgot to flap her wings. Fortunately for the baby phoenix, she was only inches above Ling Yue's bosom at the time so she didn't incur any injuries from the little fall, otherwise who knows what damager she would've suffered if she was high in the sky.

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After snapping several trees in the process and smashing into a wall of rocks in the background, the lion king finally came back to the floor after leaving a heavy imprint on the boulder. Unfortunately for this once great ruler of this valley, it had sustained far too great of an injury, leaving most of its bones broken or shattered from the multiple impacts. Now, all that's left was the pile of slobbering flesh that could barely be recognizable from its former self.

One-shot! A true instant kill!

As if to gloat about his achievement, the newly transformed Little Squeak repeatedly waves his tail in the air to showcase his happiness. Sadly, the gloating didn't even last for a minute before something else occurred. As if deflating like a balloon, the Little Squeak that could one shot an eighth rank spirit beast suddenly made a wheezing sound and shrank back to his former self. No longer majestic and mighty, he's now cuddly and cute once again.


Scratching the back of his head, Little Squeak appears to be oblivious to what he had just done based on that expression.

Meanwhile in the back, there's only his stunned mistress and the worshipful Little Crow eyeing him.

’’Little Squeak?’’ Ling Yue gulps, uncertain what to make of this.

They all say a kid changes a lot in three days, but since when did the little fella have such a terrifying transformation?

Then it occurred to her. Right after the red water droplet mark appeared when they came into contact with the Brilliant Star Astrolabe, Little Squeak had been acting really strange in the past two months and was constantly looking to take a nap whenever possible.

Carefully checking the little guy for any injury, Ling Yue eventually exhaled a sigh of relief. Its fine to her if Little Squeak can transform but that's under the condition it doesn't bring with it issues in the future for her friend. But after some careful thinking she figured it's not that abnormal in the end. After all, Little Squeak originated from the Red Mist Sky, a place of many miracles and mysteries. Maybe its just part of the growth pattern that's starting to run its course.

A good guess, but the truth lies in the drop of Qilin blood bestowed upon Little Squeak that night by that mysterious couple. Anyways, none of that mattered to the trio right now. Their main focus still lies with the lion king's carcass.

After slaying the pair of lions tonight, Ling Yue made quick work of the skins and furs with her daggers. To add icing to the cake, she also found a spirit core inside the lion king's body, a surprise she didn't expect at all.

The cores of a spirit beast was their center, a place where all their energy resides like a battery. Therefore, if Ling Yue absorbs this energy into herself, it will be a great boon to her own cultivation.

Normally this would be quite dangerous because infusing a foreign force into one's body might have unfavorable repercussions, but now that Ling Yue's spirit force was at the level of a five cauldron, it's quite possible with the aid of her black cauldron.

Finding a more comfortable spot to seat herself, she immediately went about her business of doing just that. There's no need to search for alternative locations here tonight because this valley belonged to the blood-devouring lions here. And since she had slayed the rulers of this valley, there are no other predatory animals left to threaten her during this period.

Wisp after wisps, the energy hidden inside the core started to emanate outwards at her will. Through the nostril and pores in the skin, she started to suck in the mists like tiny vines. Very soon, Ling Yue can feel the immense power pouring into her body. Like a hammer constantly forging her muscles, the tendons, the veins, and everything inside were being strengthened again and again. Sweat poured out of her skin at the stress.

BOOM!! A wave of white Yuan energy rushes out of her scalp like steam in a water kettle.

’’Upper Celestial Realm!’’ Ling Yue abruptly opens her eye at the unexpected result gained through the spirit core.

From this moment on, Ye Ling Yue formally enters the realm of an upper celestial martialist!


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