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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 235


Chapter 235

Chapter 235 ’’Test Trial of the Sixth Rank Martial Technique’’

Since ancient times there have been a saying of miracle cures and brilliant healers out there, but Madam Lai have never believed in any of those legends. But now, she knows the world truly has more to offer than she took it for.

That face, that oh so familiar face reflecting off of the mirror, how can she ever forget it? That's the same face she wore twelve years ago, the face in her youth of sixteen. The most beautiful yet also the stupidest part of her life when she fell for that man.

Tears started to trickle down her side, not because of sadness, No! It's because of joy, an unbelievable amount of joy.

Combining the amazing knowledge of Immortal Alchemist Red Mist and Lady Jade Poison Hand, Ling Yue's effort to cure the woman of her ruined skin had yielded far better results than her initial projection.

At twenty-eight years of age, Madam Lai's face now looked like that of young teenage girl. The skin white and clean, the eyes glistening with beauty, any weaker man would have a terrible time holding themselves back from pouncing at such delicacy.

’’Very good, Madam Lai, from this day onward you are a member of my Ghost Sect. I have here a pill, take it.’’ Ling Yue nods with satisfaction as she hands the woman a red pill of unknown makeup.

There's no need for Madam Lai to ask questions now. In one take, she swallows the pill without hesitation.

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Its poison, she knew that, but none of that matters anymore. During the treatment, Madam Lai had learnt in addition to being a princess of Da Xia, Ling Yue was also the mysterious sect leader of the Ghost Sect, an underground power that has grown exponentially in the past year.

The girl may be young, but Madam Lai had no delusions about the danger imposed by Ling Yue and her people. Take the other core member Yanche and the thirteen assassins under him. To be able to control men of such dangerous nature, how can she not take the girl seriously know this?

’’Close your eyes and I'll take you somewhere.’’ Towards the obedience portrayed by the renewed woman, Ling Yue was very pleased because it also represented her own judgement.

Though at the moment absolute trust was still impractical between the two, but Ling Yue has a lot of confidence that will change following the passage of time. Besides, she already had Madam Lai ingest the poison pill she created. If in the future it's determined there's no ulterior motives, Ling Yue will gladly free the woman. Until then, she will have the woman continue to take the partial antidote in intervals that she had set in place.

After closing her eyes as instructed by the girl, Madam Lai soon found herself in a whole different place entirely by the time she opens them again.

Unprecedented fresh air surrounded by strong levels of energy, this place was like a paradise no matter how she looked at it. There are tall fresh grasses on the ground, plump vegetables and fruits everywhere, everything about the picture was unbelievable.

How can there be such a place in this world?

It wasn't easy for Ling Yue to bring Madam Lai in on her most important secret. Alas, after weighing the benefits, she went ahead with the decision. Besides, Ling Yue had already imprinted the woman with her spirit force that was similar to enslavement. If Madam Lai has so much as a thought of betraying her now she will know immediately through their connection.

’’This here is called the Red Mist Sky. I hope you can use the abundant energy here to help me grow all sorts of poisonous herbs. It won't be long until my Ghost Sect enters into a deadly confrontation with the Sha Sect. When that time comes, I need a vast amount of poisons for my people.’’

The contradiction between both underground powers have reached a whole new high after Yanche's failed attempt at Yang Qing's life last time.

As a single person Yang Qing wasn't hard to deal, what's hard was his lackies that's constantly gathering around him after the last incident. Then there's the poisons used by the Sha Sect. It has caused some heavy losses for the members of the Ghost Sect in recent days.

Now that Ling Yue have joined the royal hospital in the palace, there's no time left for her to create more poisons for her people. That's where Madam Lai comes into play. She's a skilled alchemist and an expert when it comes to handling poison. There's no better candidate for the job.

’’Sect Leader, I will not disappoint you.’’ Madam Lai firmly states this.

Standing there inside the Red Mist Sky, she's both astounded and excited by the opportunity because there's no better place to grow her plants. Furthermore, just being inside the Red Mist Sky will help her cultivation, something Madam Lai haven't had the chance to do in a long time ever since she fell into ruin years ago.

Although she's also very skeptical about the existence of this paradise, but if the sect leader herself was willing impart such an important secret then it's not hard to image the heavy burden this implied.

Truthfully, Madam Lai was a little flattered inside too so her enthusiasm was boiling right now. Almost immediately, she began checking the soil and water quality for suitability.

Although it's late at night already by the time Ling Yue came of the pocket dimension, she still summoned Little Squeak and Little Crow to her side. Their eyes scandalously evil.

’’It's time to hunt.’’ Picking up Little Squeak, Ling Yue swallows one of her flight pills to soar through the sky with Little Crow by her side. Their destination, a canyon valley outside the capital city that's only fifteen minutes away by air.

This steep mountain valley was called the Lion's Roar Valley, a location that's perennially occupied by spirit beasts and ancient pines making their home here. Though she's only at the mouth of this funnel-shaped valley, Ling Yue could already hear the roaring cries of the Blood-Devouring Lions inside. These spirit beasts are usually around the fourth to fifth rank, but according to the rumors, the deepest part of this forest held a Blood-Devouring Lion King, a powerful seventh rank spirit beast.

As for why they are here tonight, it's mainly to have a test run of her new skill the ’’Little Measureless Finger’’ technique. Its been two months since she first started training with it, and now there's some success.

Slightly narrowing her eyes, Ling Yue activates her farsight to scan the forest. Very soon, she found her first prey, a pride of wild lions about two miles away.

Making a loud shout, she dashes forward with Little Crow taking the lead in the air as a scout.

Aware of the invader since Ling Yue had no intentions of hiding her presence, the lions roared out in unison and went red in their eyes at the activation of their blood skill.

Sparks flied as blades and claws met in this clash, but the winning factor fell onto Little Crow's aid for its her aerial supremacy that tipped the balance in Ling Yue's side. By using her agileness, the bird had pecked out the eyes of the lions in each swoop, leaving the enemies blind with gaping holes in their eye sockets.

Cornered now, the lions can only make one last desperate attempt to take down the hateful invader, which was also the opportunity Ling Yue's been waiting for.

Flashing a light of killing intent in her eyes, Ling Yue condenses her Yuan energy onto her fingers: ’’Little Measureless Finger, First Point Universe.’’


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