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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 233


Chapter 233

Chapter 233 ’’Animalistic Ex-Husband’’

Seeing the old monk would do something so incredible as to not take his three thousand pills over some measly words, Hong Feng promptly dashed forward in an attempt to stop this. ’’Reverend, please think twice before doing this.’’

Not paying heed to that warning, the monk suddenly clapped his hands together to make the praying gesture. Then the next second, his old figure moved with freakish agileness and bypassed Hong Feng's halting body entirely, leaving him free to firmly place the metal tile in Ling Yue's hand. All the while not forgetting to pack the kasaya robe on the ground too.

Though still standing there, Hong Feng didn't get off unscathed either in this little scuffle. Feeling his chest shuddering from some unknown impact, even his hands were trembling. He wanted to move anyways, regardless of the pain, but his feet simply won't listen like they've been paralyzed on the spot.

For all his arrogance and pride, Hong Feng truly was scared now. In his mind, there's no delusion that this shabby looking old monk was far stronger than himself. In fact, he believes that if the opponent wanted to end him here then there's no stopping it.

’’Amitabha, dear benefactor, what's good and what's evil is all sowed by you, and all evil is from the seed that you planted.’’ The old monk then casts a meaningful look at Ling Yue and Hong Feng respectively. Sighing, he swiftly walks away without hindrance.

’’Lord Six, are you alright?’’ Yang Qing was also aghast by the outcome. To think a reincarnation master of the third element like the lord would lose to a shabby old monk in one shot.

As expected of the Buddhist path, there's so many hidden tigers among their ranks.

’’I'm alright, what about those two?’’

Hong Feng's a man of sturdy composition. After his initial shock, he immediately calmed himself and returned his attention to the two. However, the target of his fury was nowhere to be seen by then.

’’Search! I don't care if you have to flip the entire city around, search the whole capital if you must. I want to know the whereabouts of those two youngsters. That iron scripture must be mine.’’ He angrily states this, never expecting the target of his fury would be Ling Yue and Feng Shen.

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After getting the iron scripture, Ling Yue immediately took special precautions for their departure. Good thing too. Because once they ingested the extra stealth pills to hide their presence upstairs, Hong Feng and Yang Qing were already hot on their tails from behind. Not wanting to take the risk, Ling Yue and Feng Shen hurried to the side to get out of the way.

Unexpectedly, when Yang Qing rushed for the exit out of the shop, he just so happens to bump face first into Madam Lai who was also heading into the Treasure Cave at the same time.

’’Screw off you filthy beggar woman.’’

Seeing the ugly face like that of a toad's, Yang Qing stomped her on the chest in a fit of rage and sent his ex-wife tumbling through to the ground where her herbs became scattered as a result.

’’Yang Qing... You animal.’’ Aching with pain, Madam Lai only needed one glimpse of that hateful bastard's face to reignite the hatred inside her heart.

Startled by the sound of that voice, Yang Qing turned around at once.

’’It's you.’’ As if remembering something, the man's gaze was both cold and ruthless.

This ugly woman is still alive!

He had long thought this woman to be dead long ago. Never in his wildest dream did he expect to encounter his former wife again and under these conditions.

’’To think you didn't die back then. Very well, let me send you along the way then.’’ Disgusted from the inside, Yang Qing sends another kick down the poor woman's stomach and causes Madam Lai to suffer agonizing pain in her liver.

He's the sect leader of the Sha Sect. if it becomes known he had such an ugly wife before, wouldn't that open the door of ridicule from his fellow-men?

Just as he wanted to move forward to confirm the woman's death, Hong Feng came back again and interrupted his business.

’’What's the holdup, hurry and send people to search.’’

Not daring to rebel against the order, Yang Qing immediately took a different path to carry out the command.

Still on the ground and unmoving, blood started to puke out of Madam Lai's mouth. Still, she continues to take in the departing back of that man, refusing to close her eyes regardless of how heavy they felt.

’’Feng Shan, we have to save her.’’ Taking everything in from the side, Ling Yue was especially captivated by that hellbent spirit in the woman's gaze.

A sharp blade will always be a sharp blade, the rust just needs to be removed like right now...

This time she can definitely say her trip to the Treasure Cave was worth it: learning who Madam Lai's ex-husband was, and finding out the Hong House was in fact the power behind the Sha Sect.

’’Dao Nu, its me.’’

Waiting behind the back alleyway of the Treasure Cave the entire time, Feng Shen's personal bodyguard felt a slight pat on the shoulder all of a sudden.

’’My Lord?’’ Dao Nu searches left and right like someone seeing a ghost, yet his eyes see nothing. If not for the familiar voice of his lord, he would've out of reflex cut down at the source with his giant blade the next second there even if he can't see anything.

’’I ingested Ling Yue's stealth pill, you won't be able to see me for some time. Never mind the small details. First go to the front and find that injured woman on the ground. Take her back to my place.’’

Getting the order from his lord, Dao Nu did as commanded and busily carried the package away, followed by Ling Yue and Feng Shen close on his tail.

Once back at the Phoenix Manor, it didn't much for Ling Yue to stabilize Madam Lai's condition. After using the spirit smoke to heal most of the internal injury on the liver, she then had some of the servants go down to boil a pot of medicine. Once consumed, Madam Lai was able to safely go to sleep without any risk to her condition.

Nothing else left to do, the pair then went on their business of translating the iron scripture. This task ended up consuming the whole night inside the study room.

When dawn came about the crackling candlelight had long been extinguished, nevertheless, the shuffled scripture was now whole again and readable.

’’It's finished. This iron scripture records a set of Buddhist martial art called 'Little Measureless Finger'. The technique is somewhere between a fifth or sixth grade skill.’’ Feng Shen's explanation causes great joy for Ling Yue.

For a martial technique of this caliber, its valued worth had to be more than a thousand Dan pills she spent yesterday.

’’But this martial art requires the assistant of an internal Bhuddism mantra to achieve perfection. Without it, you will likely be halted at the sixth grade level of this technique and no further.’’ Feng Shen made sure to remind her of the risks.

’’No harm done. If there's ever a chance in the future then I can always find a fitting mantra to cultivate with.’’ Not to be demotivated, Ling Yue fondly held onto the tile like she would love nothing more than to start her training immediately.

’’My lord, the woman you rescued is conscious again.’’ Mr. Mu conveniently informs the pair as he brought the ginseng tea inside the study room along with some breakfast.

Meanwhile in another part of the residence, Madam Lai was greatly shocked by her surroundings after coming out of her unconscious state. She had thought her end was near when her mind went black on the street because it never occurred to her she would meet that animal again so suddenly.

Over the years she had been ridiculed and suffered unimaginable pain from the toxins in her body, all for what? Of course it's for the sake of her lovely pair of children at home.

She thought she could forget her hated. She thought she could move on. But yesterday lying there on the floor, she realized that's all been a lie to fool herself. This, she can no longer deny for in the moment of her impending death, the unwillingness to die like that, to be wronged so badly, to be scorned physically and spiritually, nothing can erase that scar ever again...

The long-buried hatred in her heart once again surged like a erupting volcano after so many years.


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