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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 232


Chapter 232

Chapter 232 ’’Meteor Iron Scripture, The Test of the Old Monk

Embarrassed by the sarcastic remark from Ling Yue, the old monk flushed a little. Nevertheless, the elder didn't get angry, rather he was quite in agreement with that saying for it's the truth.

This restrictive barrier he placed was called the ’’Boundless Wall’’, an ability with some profoundness to its use.

After the establishment of the spell, whether it be the sound or objects nearby, all will disappear, leaving only those who are destined to have an affinity with Buddha to break the barrier. That's the main reason why the other guests didn't notice this old monk earlier.

’’The fact that both of you can break my barrier means that you are fated to meet me. This iron scripture will only sell to those who are fated.’’

’’Then oh predestined old monk, how do you want to sell this iron scripture?’’ Taking advantage of the monk's lack of attention, she quickly touched the metal tile and immediately made up her mind. No matter what happens today, she must bring this thing back with her!

’’Reverend, I am also interested in this iron scripture.’’ It was then Hong Feng made a startling entry from behind.

Hong Feng? What is this shitty bastard coming over for?

Unbeknownst to Ling Yue, once this so called Boundless Wall spell becomes broken, it will fail entirely, allowing others to take notice of the old monk like herself.

Furrowing her brow, Ling Yue suspects she didn't scam the man enough back there, hence the reason why he would intrude upon her business. ’’There is a chronological order to buying things. We are here first,’’ her tone unkind.

’’Young man, one needs to know how to be courteous and humble to others. Do your father not teach you these sorts of manners?’’ Earlier Hong Feng still wanted to kindle a good relationship with Ling Yue despite the ruthless butchering, after all, it's not every day someone as ambitious as him would meet someone capable of creating a pill so special.

But who would've have guessed. One scan around the floor, he quickly took notice to the two youngsters whispering about in a corner. This instantly tossed Hong Feng into a fitting rage because he realized he's been had - the two were colluding together to raise the price. As such, his tone became very tough when speaking.

’’Oh yes you are absolutely right, I am truly a child with only a mother and no father. My father you see is an ill-behaving bastard that deserves to be egged and punished.’’ Ironically, Ling Yue did the most unexpected and started to curse and scold at this supposed ’’father’’.

Never have he seen someone curse at their own parents with such enthusiasm, hence Hong Feng didn't even know how to react and became stumped for a proper response.

’’Dear guests, there's no need to quarrel. This iron scripture is valued at a thousand fifth grade Dan pills.’’

A thousand?

Whether it be Ye Ling Yue or the bastard Hong Feng, they are both screaming with pain inside at this moment.

For Ling Yue here though, she's mostly in pain due to the fact that her ’’hard earned’’ wealth will fly away before she can even warm it up.

Talk about a black-hearted old monk!

Hong Feng had it even worse. After being scammed by Feng Shen and his daughter earlier, he now lacked even this much funds to compete.

He didn't come to the auction entirely without intent today. From what he heard before from his peers, there's a rumor going around that a monk was selling an iron scripture on the earth grade floor of the Treasure Cave.

As everyone knows, the path of Buddhism wasn't only known for their mantras and teachings, there are also monks highly fluent with alchemy and artifact creations in their religion.

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Take the iron scrolls they use to record their mantras and teachings for example. In many cases, the record was of no value to the regular person, but the alloy itself was of the finest material in existence.

He had only visited today with the hope of getting lucky, but who would've guessed, he really met the old monk mentioned in the rumors. To make it even more incredible was the iron scripture here, it's made up of Meteor Metal!

Meteor Metal, one of the three famed alloys in the world. Compared to the Dragon Saliva Metal in Ling Yue's possession, this Meteor Metal ranked higher and was second only to the Buddhism Metal.

Such rare alloy might not even come around in five hundred years, and when it does appear, its almost always snatched up by the powerful sects in the world. Therefore, its not hard to imagine how excited Hong Feng was to find some here today. Issue was he only had one hundred pills in his possession.

Sneering on the side, Ling Yue now understood why Hong Feng would want to rob her of the scripture.

When she used her spirit smoke to explore the inner workings of the metal tile, she too realized the amazing properties of the object. And based on her judgement that it's better than her Dragon Saliva Needle in makeup, she figured it can only be the second ranked Meteor Metal because it didn't fit the description of the top-ranking Buddhism Metal.

Best part of all, she's certain this bastard here didn't have as much fund as herself!

’’Gentlemen, I have here a seventh grade reincarnation Dan pill that I'm willing to put up for sale.’’ Quick-witted under pressure, Hong Feng did the most incredible thing and willingly brought out even the hard to come by reincarnation pill he got from the consort recently.

Reincarnation Dan pill?

On hearing the name of this much sought-after medicine, the crowd didn't need any persuasion and gathered like a wave.

There are no shortages of reincarnation masters here on the earth grade level of the auction;therefore, an anonymous master eventually used three thousand pills to exchange for it.

Three thousand pills... instantly Ling Yue's heart made a sinking drop sound. It appears Hong Feng was dead set on buying this scripture.

Now she can only prepare herself psychologically and turn to Feng Shen for help if the man really wants to rob her of the prize.

’’Reverend, I'm willing to use three thousand fifth grade Dan pills to purchase your iron scripture here today.’’ Hong Feng sincerely says this.

’’Both guests, I only need a thousand pills. If the two of you are sincerely wishing to buy my scripture then mind informing me of your intended use?’’ The old monk has been setting up stall here in the auction for several months now without success of meeting the destined one. Now two appears at once....

’’I won't deceive Reverend. My father's birthday will be coming up soon. I intend to use this Meteor Metal to craft a one of a kind sword for him.’’

Talk about being a hypocritical tit. It's exactly as the man said, he intends to use this iron scripture to curry some favors at the impending eighty-year birthday feast.

As the old saying goes, filial piety always come first. Now that he's brought this out, Hong Feng's certain the old monk would be very satisfied.

’’Hypocrite.’’ Ling Yue coldly spat this out as soon as the man finished his explanation.

’’What are you saying?’’

No matter how self-cultivated Hong Feng was on a normal day, to have his path crossed over and over again, not even the supposed ’’prestigious and righteous’’ him can withstand it.

If not for giving face to He Lao Er of the Treasure Cave, he would've definitely sent this pompous child flying by now.

’’Say you are hypocrite then you are a hypocrite. Even if you use filial piety to disguise your hypocrisy, I'm sure the reverend here will see through it. A manuscript of the Buddhist way is sacred and deserves to be worshipped. If I take it then I will keep it as a family heirloom, not turn it into a weapon of death and carnage.’’ After hearing this, Hong Feng too realized he's been careless and rash in his statement.

He only saw this iron scripture as an object made of Meteor Metal and forget this was also a holy relic of the Buddhist path. Killing and death was the biggest taboo in Buddhism.

’’Amitabha. Young Sir may be light in the years but your awareness is superior to the rest. I will sell this iron scripture to you as intended by fate.’’ Holding the scripture up with both hands like an invaluable object, the old monk freely hands it over to Ling Yue without hesitation.


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