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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 231


Chapter 231

Chapter 231 ’’Member of Buddhism’’

Thanks to the blessing of several large customers, especially Hong Feng's last strong ’’support’’, Ling Yue have in her account now over a thousand pills for spending. After deducting the processing fee, the equivalent gold she can take back with her was ninety thousand gold, more than enough to pay for a sixth rank martial technique tablet.

Heck, she can even keep a portion of the money to support her Ghost Sect now, solving all sorts of financial troubles.

After the sale of the pills, the crowd likewise too began to disperse on their own, making the earth grade floor as a whole lively again.

’’Sir Thirteen's method of auctioning is a real eye opener for me. I can't deny I'm getting old now.’’ He Lao Er may have become a sucker this time around, but there was no bad blood apparent on his face. In fact, he's much more genuine in his attitude compared to when they first met.

It's true Ling Yue butchered the Treasure Cave quite heavily with that sale, but it's also true she helped the auction earn a commission of a hundred thousand gold.

Making some more polite words with Ling Yue, the cripple then went along to greet the other guests, leaving the two youngsters to their own bidding.

’’Ling Yue, why did you have me yield the pill to him when you knew who he was? You know the kind of person Hong Feng is. He can't be up to any good with that flight pill, especially when he's willing to go to such high lengths for it.’’ Seeing they are the only ones left in the area, Feng Shen lowered his voice and inquired the meaning of this.

Back when he first met Ling Yue over at Glass City, he had taken the liberty to investigate the girl's background thoroughly. Therefore, upon learning the tragic history and miserable childhood Ling Yue had to go through, Feng Shen couldn't help but sigh with regret. Yes, regret that he couldn't be there to protect her.

What Feng Shen seems to forget though was that he too was only a sickly teenager at the time, hardly in any position to protect her.

Becoming aware of the gentle fondness floating in the boy's eye, Ling Yue's heart abruptly skipped a beat, unsure how to react to that feeling. As a form of defense, she instinctively turned her face to the side, afraid to meet that gaze.

Honestly, Ling Yue was starting to have trouble getting a firm grasp on the boy's personality.

At times Feng Shen can be a harmless handsome teenager that could easily attract a woman's compassion, while at other times he could be a cunning fox like that of a dishonest trader. Then in recent days, Ling Yue also noticed a third side to the boy. He could be chillingly cold and dangerous like what he showed in their last visit here.

Exactly which side of those are the real him?

Running around with all sorts of thoughts, Ling Yue eventually gave up on trying to theorize what she doesn't know. What she does know though was that Feng Shen had a lot to shoulder by himself. As the head of the Phoenix Manor, he's been forced to take on the burden of the entire household by himself at a young age due to his parents passing. That alone should explain the cold and profiteering attitude.

’’That's exactly it, I want to see what sort of bad deed he intends to do with that flying pill. Feng Shen, it can't be that you really think I would so casually hand something so precious over, right? You are taking me for too much of a fool here you know?’’ Making an enchanting smile, Ling Yue moves closer and started to mutter something into the boy's ear.

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So, among all of the stealth pills sold in the auction, she had added a special type of spice that would exude a fragrance perceptible only to Little Squeak, making these so called perfect stealth effects moot in front of her.

As for the flying pill in Hong Feng's hand, it's genuine without mistake. The difference here was that prior to handing it over to the man, she had used her spirit smoke to do something inside, making it defective.

This means that the pill Hong Feng purchased by paying a ’’blood vomiting price’’ wouldn't be able to maintain its advertised duration of half an hour.

Even for Feng Shen who has a kindred heart, he can't help but think of the old saying at this moment: rather offend an evil man then to cross a scorned woman.

However, it's precisely this form of Ye Ling Yue that Feng Shen recognizes.

His Ye Ling Yue... The good and the bad, he likes them all.

Now that her wallet's sufficiently full, it's time they themselves started to wander around the auction.

Compared to the black grade floor upstairs, this level below definitely had better items up for show.

In one little stroll around the center, Ling Yue could easily locate several vendors selling seventh grade Dan pills here and there. Problem was that the asking price easily reached tens of thousands of pills for one, far above what she can afford with her measly one thousand pills.

All of a sudden Ling Yue felt like a beggar again in front of these wealthy masters.

’’Amitabha~’’ The abrupt chanting caught her attention.

Looking over, she can see an old monk in shabby clothes sitting crossed legged in the corner of the auction floor. An odd picture when considering how bustling and noisy the place was.

Then there's the stuff placed in front of the monk: a copper bowl, a monk's robe, and a scripture the size of a roof tile placed on top of the robe.

Everything about this monk radiated a strange vibe to him, but even stranger was how little attention the guests gave the monk. Regardless of whoever passed by, none of the people bothered to give a glance to the monk or his stuff...

Then it donned on Ling Yue. It's not that the people intentionally ignored the monk, it's that the monk placed a restriction barrier around himself, blocking off his presence from the outside!

What an interesting monk. Coming here to sell stuff yet still setting up a barrier. Ling Yue curiously walked over and checked out the tile.

The engravings on the thing were all crooked, making it impossible for Ling Yue to dissect the meaning of the words.

’’This is an iron scripture of the Vedas school.’’ Feng Shen explains next to her.

’’And what is this Vedas school? You know the words on the metal tile?’’ Ling Yue asks.

’’It's an important form of writing that those following Buddhism use when recording information or mantras. At one time this style of writing flourished in the central plains, but as war raged in that region and the evil cults took over, the Vedas schools there started to decline. I'm guessing this monk here is a survivor from one of the destroyed temples in that region of the continent.’’

Feng Shen have always been weak in his constitution, hence the reason why most of his childhood was spent reading in his bed.

In order to resolve his loneliness, the king of North Qing had widely recruited all sorts of talented scholars across the land, this included both Confucianism, Buddhism and all sorts of ancient dialects.

As a branching school from Buddhism, the Vedas school would of course be part of Feng Shen's lessons in his childhood.

’’Then look quickly, tell me what's written on this metal tile.’’ When Ling Yue first laid eyes on the iron scripture, she immediately felt a mysterious force calling for her like a summoning almost.

’’The words are already disrupted and moved around, I can only guess it's some sort of Buddhist martial art. As for the quality, I cannot guarantee anything. To know for certain, we can only buy this piece of iron back with us and slowly translate it.’’ Directing his focus to the old monk, Feng Shen makes a greeting bow to show his respect.

’’Destined person of the Buddhist way, both of you have a predestined affinity with me.’’ The old monk slightly opens his eye and returns the greeting with a bow of his own.

’’Old Monk, I don't know about having a predestined affinity with you or Bhudda, but I do know the money in my bag does.’’ Ling Yue wanted to laugh at the funny statement from the monk.

All this charade with the high and mighty act from these monks, yet in the end don't they have to worry about their daily necessities too?


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