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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 230


Chapter 230

Chapter 230 ’’I just have more money, what of it?’’

Just as everyone else thought these two pills would once again fall in the Life Taking Hall's hand...

’’Three hundred.’’ He Lao Er of the Treasure Cave did the most unexpected and raised the bid again.

’’Brother Er, the Treasure Cave is also interested in buying these two pills?’’ The fact that He Lao Er himself would step in somewhat surprised the ogre masked elder.

’’Friend, these two pills are too special to pass up so our Treasure Cave will of course need to keep some for our collection.’’ The cripple wanted to reprimand himself for not being sharper, otherwise they wouldn't have had to pay such a high price now.

’’Since He Lao Er yourself is taking part then I can only yield.’’ The ogre masked elder originally intended to snatch everything up for the fun of it because he had already recognized Yang Qing of the Sha Sect in the background.

They may both be part of the underworld in the city, but the elder held no favorable impressions of the man's character.

Spending a few hundred thousand gold to simply teach Yang Qing a lesson, more than worth it.

But the Treasure Cave on the other hand was different. The Life Taking Hall still has a lot of business that will involve the underground auction so offending He Lao Er over some pills would be unwise and foolish.

In the end, the cripple used the high price of three hundred pills to purchase the bundled stealth and flight pill in this round.

As for the second round of the flight pill, the ogre masked elder used two hundred pills to snatch it down, leaving the final and third flight pill left for auctioning.

’’This is the last of the flight pill. If anyone is interested then this is your last chance!’’

By now Ling Yue could smile even with her eyes. So far she raked in six hundred and fifty pills in total, meaning she earned six hundred and fifty thousand gold. Complete robbery!

Despite her joyous mood, she knew such a high selling price can only occur this one time. If she tries to sell again in public it will pose a great risk to her identity, and that cannot happen no matter what.

’’One hundred fifty.’’ Hong Feng directly calls out his offering this time, bypassing Yang Qing entirely for its too important to mess up. In his mind, he's hoping neither the Treasure Cave nor the Life Taking Hall would get involved since both parties had already taken down their share.

Hearing the caller's voice, Ling Yue's divine mood instantly became ruined. Though she only heard it several times in the past, but she will never forget this voice - not even in her sleep.

This was definitely Hong Feng's mistake. Normally he would conceal his true voice when coming to the auction, but out of urgency, he completely forgot to do just that like in the previous biddings.

Hoho, to think the dignified Royal Tutor Hong Feng would also want to buy my own flight pill. Ling Yue sneered.

Not far away Feng Shen started to curl his brow. Though there's still a few steps between him and Ling Yue, but he can keenly sense the fluctuation in the girl's mood.

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Hong Feng... Feng Shen muses and came to the answer. According to what he knew of Ling Yue, there can only be this one person in all of the capital that could cause such drastic changes so quickly.

’’Two hundred.’’

Hearing there's another quoting against them, Yang Qing and Hong Feng both glanced sideways to find a teen among the bystanders.

Earlier Hong Feng only had the elder of the Life Taking Hall and the bosses of the Treasure Cave in his eye, completely disregarding everyone else nearby. A grave mistake in which he will pay dearly.

’’Hey kid, this flight pill is definitely Lord Six's. You can't afford to compete with us!’’ Yang Qing sends a dangerous glare over. In his view the kid was akin to picking a fight with the lord. As such, he only needs to threaten the child a bit and things will certainly work out.

’’Oh? I didn't know there is such a thing I Sir Ten can't afford in the capital.’’ Feng Shen makes a smirking smile, amused by the thuggish threat.

Likewise amused by the scene, He Lao Er had his own thoughts in mind.

This Yang Qing just made a dire mistake in his judgement today. Forget about buying some simple flight pill. If this young boy wished it, he can easily buy out the entire Da Xia kingdom with his wealth. But then again, what's going on with Sir Ten? Isn't he with Sir Thirteen? Why is one selling and the other buying?

’’You better know your place! Do you believe I can make it so you never leave the Treasure Cave again?’’ Yang Qing stressed his threat, glaring profusely with the intent to start a fist fight.

’’Sect Leader Yang, do you want to see whether or not you can make it out of this floor?’’ He Lao Er pulls his face down, his expression dark.

Like getting his mouth stuffed with a rotten egg, Yang Qing became speechless and could only bitterly retreat to the side.

Even a blind man can see now the boss was very protective of the young boy.

A strong dragon still shouldn't meddle with the local snake, Hong Feng understands this much.

Since threatening won't work, he can only rely on mutual bidding to win this round.

’’Two fifty.’’ This calling price was already biting into his bottom line, a painful price in which he doesn't want to pay.

Ling Yue also found it quite surprising why the man would go so far. It appears her flight pill held some key importance somehow.

’’Three hundred.’’ Despite everything, Feng Shen doesn't appear to have any intent to yield and throws out this frightening number, causing the audience to gasp.

That's three hundred thousand gold in worth of pills! Such number must be reconsidered even for the four big noble houses.

’’Are you sick or something? Three hundred Dan pill, why didn't you bid like that earlier?’’ Yang Qing blurts this out like a reflex and started to curse.

’’I just have more money, what of it?’’

Feng Shen's statement was extremely arrogant, yet he used a tone like the embellish breeze of the spring season. Talk about making a lethal blow.

’’Three fifty.’’ Hong Feng can say he's seen through it now, this teen's here to pick fault with him. To think a boy young enough to be his son's age would dare challenge him, such humiliation.

Very well, if an ignorant runt like you want to buy then I will let you. But first, you better bleed for it!

’’Congratulations, the Dan pill is yours.’’ Without reason, Feng Shen went and made a forgoing gesture by cupping his hand.


This was beyond Hong Feng's expectation. He assumed the boy would raise the bid even further before he himself relents to cheat the other side, yet now he's the one being scammed!

Unbeknownst to him, when Feng Shen raised the number to three hundred, Ling Yue had already given the signal to not over do it.

Although Hong Feng won the flight pill as he wished, but if anyone were to see his actual face behind that human mask, they would be greatly startled by the twisted expression underneath.

Three hundred thousand gold for a single flight pill, by all accounts this can definitely be the biggest loss Hong Feng made in thirty years of his life.

By this point all of Ling Yue's pills are sold, leaving no stock left in her bottles. A grand harvest indeed.


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