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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 23


Chapter 23 ’’Fifth grade medicinal pill’’

Excitedly returning to the northern manor, Ling Yue wishes to inform her mother of this great news at once.

Upon arrival though, what came into to view were Granny Liu and a bunch of servants busily moving things out of their home. As for her mother, she was discussing something with big uncle outside the property.

’’Third sis, father have said, from now on you will move to the east manor and stay at the Qiaochu quarter. There are still some capable grannies there and I've readied some servants for you.’’ Ye Huang Yun was the eldest son of the family and also the one to have the closest semblance to Ye Gu.

Moving? Ye Ling Yue looks to her mother and found no objection. It's a good thing anyways. The environment over at the east manor was much better than here so it will no doubt be beneficial to mother's chronic injury.

’’Ling Yue, you've return. Why didn't you tell mother you've broken through to the fifth rank?’’ Ye Huang Yu had to learn through her brother's mouth about her daughter's breakthrough.

’’I thought mother already knew. Actually its last night, child went to sleep and by the time I woke up again, I found that I have broken through.’’ Ling Yue made a vague excuse.

One sleep and another breakthrough?

Hearing this unrealistic story, Ye Huang Yun had to cough to clear his throat. His big son have also managed to break into the fifth rank of the constitutional domain, but that's through half a year of hard training. This niece of his sure is good, one sleep and one breakthrough. Just comparing her against others will make one feel the world is unfair.

Ye Huang Yue also didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. However, she also knows her daughter had consumed the monkey wine so she can only believe the wine played a big role in pushing her through to this level. Problem was, it's not convenient for her to bring the subject up in front of her elder brother.

At this time Ling Yue began giving her mother another look again. Sure enough, the refined monkey wine had an effect like she wished. Unlike before where she always looked sickly, mother's face was ruddy and looked more alive. Inwardly, Ling Yue was overjoyed at the result.

’’Ling Yue my dear, I heard you went to the martial hall today, what basic martial technique did you choose this time?’’ Ye Huang Yun was making a broad smile as he asked this. Unlike others, he only had two sons under his name and have long wanted a daughter of his own. After meeting Ling Yue who's both smart and beautiful today, he has taken a strong liking to her.

’’Jade Flower Hand.’’ Upon hearing this answer from Ling Yue's mouth, both adults became shocked with astonishment. While Ling Yue's mother became wordless, Ye Huang Yun was laughing aloud without restraint.

Years ago when Ye Huang Yu first entered the martial hall, the basic martial technique she chose had also been this Jade Flower Hand like her daughter. But due to the lack of success like so many others, she eventually changed to learning the Sky Clearing footwork.

’’Still a child, it's good to let her have a little setback. No big deal, when the time comes she can always pick a new one.’’ Ye Huang Yu knows her daughter well, clever and cautious, Ling Yue will never act rashly. With that in mind, she decides to let her daughter be.

With the family moved into the east manor, Ye Huang Yun calls for Ling Yue.

’’Ling Yue, you are now also one of the elite disciples of the main house. According to the rules of the family, men over thirteen will need to enter the mine for training, and women will go to the forge workshop to learn the family business. Tomorrow you will go with your big cousin Ye Saint and have a tour alright?’’ Only with that reminder did he leave with the servants.

While Granny Liu and the remaining new servants continue to tidy up the place, Ling Yue took advantage of their absence and slid into her dimensional space ’’Red Mist Sky’’.

Once inside, Little Squeak immediately stretched his limbs out and began scurrying around the acre wide land happily.

Ever since Ling Yue got her hand on the codex left behind by Mr. Red Mist, her control and insight over this mysterious place grew in large. She knows, in order to make this so called Red Mist Sky upgrade again, the only way to do that was to enhance her own personal strength and cultivation.

’’Squeak.’’ Little Squeak was currently lying under one of the Qingmu fruit tree transferred from the outside.

Not even half a month in, this tree that used to be no more than a meter high has grown up to three to four meters.

Because there are no one to pick the Qingmu fruits from the trees, the aroma coming off from the overabundant fruits were intoxicating as they stretched the branches downward.

Coveting the fruits like he so justly deserves, Little Squeak attempted to climb the trunk for a quick steal. Sadly, the barks were too smooth for those tiny little paws of his. With one slip of the footing, this gluttonous fox now lies on his back against the ground and his paws sprawled upward. Just looking at the little guy's appearance was hilarious enough.

Unable to bear the cuteness, Ling Yue invokes her spirit force and snaps one of the fruit down. Letting it fall directly atop of the little guy, Little Squeak catches it while still lying there and tightly holds onto the juicy looking fruit with his four limbs, refusing to budge an inch.

’’So many Qingmu fruit, seems I'm gonna strike it rich this time.’’ As her eyes continue to watch the trees, the fruits hanging off the branches eventually turned into silvery coins, waving their imaginary hands at her to come harvest.

At this moment over at Autumn Maple Town, the shopkeeper of the medicinal shop was furrowing his brow so hard that even water can be squeezed out.

It's been over a month since the Qingmu fruit supply has ended.

Earlier there had been some bold herb gatherers whom went into the mountain. According to their words, it's said that the dozen or so Qingmu fruit trees have all disappeared.

It's not a lie because Ling Yue did in fact steal every tree she could find.

’’It must be those hateful bandits who cut the trees down. Without Qingmu fruit in the future, what am I supposed to do? At this rate I'm going to be stuck buying at a high price from the main county.’’

But Qingmue fruits must be fresh if used to make liniment. If older than three days, the efficacy of the fruit will drop significantly.

’’Shopkeeper.’’ A familiar voice knocked the shopkeeper out of his daze.

’’Girl, you've came! Are you also here to sell the Vitality Condensing Grass again?’’ The shopkeeper forces a smile and went forward to welcome Ling Yue.

’’No, I'm here to sell Qingmu fruit this time.’’ Ling Yue unhurriedly brings out a green fruit and places it atop of the counter.

Pale green and about four times the size of a regular Qingmu fruit, just looking at it would make one drool from how fresh it looked.

’’Qingmu fruit? Girl, where did you get your hands on such a good Qingmu fruit?’’ The shopkeeper gulps. Right now he would want nothing more than to snatch this fruit into his hands.

’’It was an old friend of mine who used some special means to get it from the outside. He can supply about fifty Jin per day, but the price though...’’ Ling Yue throws a bait out there.

’’We can negotiate. This quality, even if the price increases by fifty percent is still not expensive. I'm willing to pay one and a half silver per one. Fifty Jin would be two hundred and fifty two silver.’’ The shopkeeper hastens to accept.

’’No, shopkeeper, I will sell according to the normal price and will only supply to you. However, I have a condition. You must locate a fifth grade medicinal pill for me.’’ Ling Yue shakes his head. With the Red Mist Sky and the spirit smoke of her cauldron, it's only a matter of time before she saves enough money.

To her, the priority remains on healing her mother. That's her biggest wish.

’’This ... Fine then, I promise you. But a fifth grade medicinal pill is very rare, even in the county it will be hard to come by. Give me a month, as long as there's news then I'll immediately notify lady.’’ The shopkeeper may not know the girl's identity, but he only knows this fortune star has solved his urgency.

And besides, the quality of the herbs this girl brings over are always surprisingly good. It's likely there will be many more dealings in the future so the shopkeeper would love to be acquainted with a person like that.

After the two reached an agreement, Ling Yue promptly handed over the first batch of Qingmu fruit.


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