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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 229


Chapter 229

Chapter 229 ’’Asshole Daddy, You Are Here Too?

With a head scarf overhead, this scholarly man holding a fan among the crowd was in fact Hong Feng in a human skin mask. And beside him stood another. Yang Qing, the leader of the Sha Sect with a metal mask covering his true face.

The two only came today based on the spur of the moment, yet fate dictates them to encounter the ’’Flight Pill’’ and ’’Stealth Pill’’, raising their interest as a result.

’’Lord Six, you are interested in those Dan pills?’’

Yang Qing also had some insight into Dan pills, but towards these two strange concoctions, it's his first encounter too. If he didn't personally witness the effects today, there's no way he would believe its possible to completely disappear in plain view.

Nevertheless, Yang Qing had to admit the stealth and flight pill in question was the perfect item for assassination and robbery. Issue was the price. Fifty and one hundred thousand gold respectively are no small numbers, far higher than what his Sha Sect can withstand for regular use.

’’Yes, I just so happen to have some uses for these two pills.’’ After witnessing the show, Hong Feng was reminded of the plan he and Consort Luo had agreed upon.

Although the Brilliant Star Astrolabe became damaged due to Lady Yao going blind, but the original plan can still be implemented despite some delays until the end of the year. Before then, he can use these flight pills to reinforce the goddess act they orchestrated.

Regardless of whatever the others had in mind, Ling Yue was too busy to care about that right now. After her little show with the stealth pill, she now only had two of those left with three flight pills remaining. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm from the customers only increased with no end in sight.

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Who doesn't have an enemy in life? Who doesn't have a moment when they need to escape? It's one thing to grow stronger from a martial tablet, but it's a whole different story if a pill can save your life!

’’The first up for sale will be the remaining two stealth pills I have left. Fifty Dan pills each as a starting calling price. Also, the first buyer will be given an additional half piece of the stealth pill I saved from earlier.’’ Pursuing the chase while its hot, Ling Yue waves the half piece in the air to raise the atmosphere to a whole new high.


’’Fifty five!’’

’’Fifty eight!’’

’’A hundred!’’

Capturing the attention of the crowd with that astronomical bidding price, a tall old man walks through the crowd to come forward.

Unlike the usually bland or exquisite face masks worn by the other guests, the old man's disguise was that of a hideous ogre with two large fangs protruding out from the mouth area to give it a more realistic feel.

Although one can't make clear of the person's true appearance, but based on that air surrounding the old elder, it's definitely that of a leader and a powerful one at that.

Sure enough, the crowd all gasped once they saw that ogre mask.

The Life Taking Hall!

To think someone from the number one underground organization of the capital would also want to buy the stealth pills.

As long as one spent some time in the capital and knew enough people, they will definitely recognize the Life Taking Hall. It's an organization specializing in assassination and spy work. As such, the crowd couldn't help but wonder what sort of bloodshed will occur once these stealth pills fall into their hands.

’’Lord Six, even the people from the Life Taking Hall is here. I fear we our plan today will be in trouble.’’ Yang Qing may be the leader of the Sha Sect, but even he held a lot of fear for this organization despite his arrogant words from the other day.

’’Fear what, everyone is equal when taking part in an auction. Besides, it's only an organization full of killers. They are nothing when compared to my Hong House.’’ Hong Feng rebukes the claim made by Yang Qing.

As a minister of the court, plus he's born a noble, Hong Feng never looked kindly on these sorts of underground powers. To him, they are nothing more than chess pieces for him to use as minions.

But no matter how much contempt he held for the other side, a hundred pills for a single stealth pill was still beyond his original expectation. That's over a hundred thousand gold!

Besides, his main goal today remains to be on those flying pills, not the stealth ones.

In the end, using a hundred pills, the elder from the Life Taking Hall managed to win the first bid and took away the first stealth pill with an additional half piece as a prize promised by Ling Yue.

For those still interested and unable to compete on the first round, these people are now entirely focused on the last one.

’’Now it's the second stealth pills turn...’’ Paying extra attention to the various gazes coming her way, a smile escapes her: ’’I've decided to bundle it up with a flight pill for sale. The bottom asking price will be a hundred and fifty pills.’’

What? Bundling sale, what the heck is that? The crowd all asked this in their mind.

Once again, an uproar breaks out among the buyers.

Meanwhile on one side, Feng Shen's lips were starting to twitch like that of someone trying very hard to keep their laughter in check.

Now this is unexpected. To think Ling Yue also had potential to be an excellent profiteer.

’’Second Boss, do you think this girl is a relative of Big Boss? They are both so evil.’’ The young boy pushing the cripple mumbles this to his lord.

Making a wry smile, He Lao Er didn't know how to answer the boy standing behind him because he too misjudged the girl. How can a young girl be this dirty when doing business?

Like He Lao Er, just about everyone in the crowd were screaming ’’scam!’’ in their heart. Now in order to buy the last stealth pill, one would need to bring out over a hundred fifty pills in total at the minimum.

Compared to the hundred pills paid by the elder from the Life Taking Hall, they are literally being butchered at this moment. Regret overtook their faces.

’’Two hundred.’’

After getting the signal from Hong Feng, Yang Qing starts the auction off with this bid.

’’Two hundred and twenty.’’ An alchemist too made an offer.

’’Two hundred and fifty.’’ It was then that elder from the Life Taking Hall made another bid.

’’The Life Taking Hall again? Didn't they already buy the first one and a half just now?’’

The repeated bidding drew a burst of outcry among the guests.

’’You there from the Life Taking Hall, don't go too overboard. Do you intend to take all of the stealth pills for yourself?’’ One of those not afraid to die roared out his emotions.

’’What, do you have a problem?’’ The elder uncaringly throws this out in reply and sent the crowd into a silent shock.

Though arrogant, but who here would dare rebuke that statement. If they did then the individual must be thinking they've lived too long.

Like everyone else, Hong Feng's face became uglier and uglier with each passing second.

Two hundred and fifty Dan pills were equivalent to two hundred and fifty thousand gold.

Although Hong Feng was the royal tutor of the kingdom, his salary had its limits too. Furthermore, as a bastard son of the Hong House, the allowances he can draw upon inside his home can only give him a leeway of five hundred thousand gold. If he suddenly waste half of it away here, then he won't be able to get ’’that thing’’ he came for today.

He may not be willing, but Hong Feng can only give up on the stealth pill here today.


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