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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 228


Chapter 228

Chapter 228 ’’Blockbustering Ability Dan Pill’’

Alchemists are different from a martialist. An external disguise may be able to fool a martialist like He Lao San, but not He Lao Er who has a firm grasp of his spirit force.

But regardless of the customer's gender, a guest was a guest so long as they can pay the admission fee.

’’First sell then buy.’’ As she says this, Ling Yue pulls out the two bottles she prepared ahead of time.

The rules of the Treasure Cave are quite strict. Whether it be medicine or artifacts, everything must be appraised before continuing any further.

Prior to He Lao Er becoming a cripple, he had been an extremely powerful alchemist, hence the reason why he can deduce the quality of a Dan pill with a single glance. But this time the elder appears to be stumped.

There's no question that these are indeed fifth and sixth grade products, but deducing the effects are a different story. He had no clue...

It can't be helped. As a product of the Red Mist Codex, there's no way any random person would be able to figure out their uses.

’’This bottle is a fifth grade product called the Stealth Pill, and this one is a sixth grade product called the Flight Pill.’’ After Ling Yue explained their uses, both the elders and Feng Shen himself thought their ears were playing tricks on them.

Flight Pill? Stealth Pill? Such pills are simply unheard of.

Stealth, such skills can only appear on a select few spirit beasts in the wild.

As for flying, a reincarnation master does have the ability to stay afloat for about an hour. If any further, that would require a martialist of the avatar realm to achieve.

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Feng Shen and He Lao Er are both businessman so it came as no surprise that the two would recognize the amazingness of their value. A storm will be coming if these hit the public.

’’Sir Thirteen, do you have any way to prove their authenticity?’’ A little dubious, the cripple asks with uncertainty.

No matter how prominent the background of this girl was, her age was simply too small. Besides, the Dan pills are unheard of, giving little credibility to their uses.

’’I will prove it publicly.’’ Ling Yue had no delusions about the need to prove herself, therefore preparations have been made prior to coming.

Seeing more guests are arriving by the minute onto the floor, she then asked for a pen and paper to write down ’’Stealth Pill’’ onto the surface as a signboard.

At the beginning there were not many who paid attention to her products because most of these guests are here for better martial skills. Furthermore, what can a little boy offer to someone that's at the reincarnation realm?

Nevertheless, there are bound to be exceptions. Gradually, one or two people started to take notice of her pills.

’’Flight Pill, Stealth Pill, the world actually have such rare stuff in existence?’’

’’Little brother, it can't be that after eating your pills one will grow wings or disappear from sight now will they?’’ When several other men wearing martialist attires started to take notice, they soon started to joke around at the names.

’’The sixth grade flying pill can guarantee half an hour of flight time, and the fifth grade stealth pill can keep you hidden from even a deity.’’ Pulling her throat to raise her voice, Ling Yue started to advertise her products like a true merchant.

’’How much do you charge for one?’’ Out of curiosity, some started to ask.

’’The flight pills are fifty Dan pills of the fifth grade per one. As for the stealth pills, the bottom price per one is a hundred fifth grade Dan pills.’’ After hearing the price tag, the entire crowd jumped back in shock.

’’Hey boy, it can't be that you have gone mad for money now have you? That stealth pill you are selling is also a fifth grade Dan pill, how can you ask for fifty in exchange. That's fifty thousand gold you know?’’

Although there are no shortages of wealthy individuals in the earth grade level of the underground auction, but that doesn't mean they are brain dead ready for butchering.

Even if some were interested in these products just a moments ago, you can damn well expect them to turn tail at this point.

Compared to these consumable one time use pills, they are better off using their wealth to procure a better martial technique tablet from the auction. At least those can stay with them for a lifetime after learning it.

Seeing the onlookers shaking their heads and readying to leave, He Lao Er likewise too shook his head in disappointment.

’’A child is a child, Sir Thirteen's method of asking such a high price won't do him any good here.’’

’’Thirteen has her ways, Second Boss only needs to watch.’’ Opposite in view to the elder, Feng Shen had a lot of confidence in Ling Yue.

’’Hold on, don't be impatient everyone. My two types of pills are absolutely worthy of this value. If the effects are not up to par, I will personally reimburse your payment along with a free fifth grade pill from Master Longyu of the capital.’’ As she shouts this aloud, Ling Yue brought out two bottles. One contained her stealth pills and the other contained the pills she got from the old dwarf.

Hearing someone was going to test their Dan pills, plus there might be a chance to get a free pill, all of the guests were now intrigued by the young boy. Even some of the other sellers here were starting to gather around.

Seeing the size of the crowd was about right, Ling Yue splits one of the stealth pills in two and ingested half of it. Almost instantly, her body began to blur until its completely gone from view.

’’Wow, the boy really disappeared!’’ Immediately, the entire floor exploded with comments.

Even He Lao Er couldn't keep still at this point, urging his young helper to push him closer to get a better view.

Whether it be martialists or alchemists, they were all searching for Ling Yue's presence with their Yuan energy and spirit force right now. Yet, not a trace could be found by anyone in the crowd, not even He Lao Er with his eight cauldron spirit senses.

Then fifteen minutes later, the figure of Ling Yue once again reappears before the onlookers.

’’That brother third to the left, and the brother fifth to the right, please come up and take back your belongings.’’ In the moment she reappeared, her hands held a purse along with a dagger of exceptional quality.

As recipients of her call, the two guests in the crowd reflexively reached down to their waist to verify the claim. Sure enough, the coin purse and dagger in which they owned were gone.

These two may not be one of a kind masters around the block, but one was still a reincarnation master and the other a six cauldron alchemist. To have a young boy barely past the celestial realm snatch away their properties without alarming anyone, that's quite the feat.

In other words... if an enemy were to use this stealth pill to sneak up from behind, wouldn't that mean even a powerful master would become easy picking? Simply the thought of such a scenario causes the crowd to stir with unease.

’’For the better flight pill, although it only lasts for half an hour, it can still sometime save its user's life in times of danger. Only one hundred fifth grade Dan pills and you can get one to save your life! If you miss this opportunity then it might not come again. Think about! One hundred Dan pill to save your life!’’ Seeing the lure has been taken, she began hard selling her stuff like a dirty merchant.

Unbeknownst to Ling Yue though, there are two individuals in the crowd paying special attention to her right now.


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