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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 227


Chapter 227

Chapter 227 ’’Bestowment: A Drop of Qilin Blood’’

Little Squeak rubbed his eyes, making sure he's not hallucinating.

To his great delight, it's truly a great beauty. Though not necessarily as good as Feng Beauty, but the temperament absolutely won't lose out!

What urge to urinate? What need to sleep? All of that becomes moot in front a beauty.

Oh great beauty here I come~!

With extreme excitement, Little Squeak was ready to volley himself up to the woman when a powerful hand caught him on the tail in midair.

Before him, a magnificent face of a handsome man appears.

’’This is my woman, if you dare touch her then I will castrate you.’’


So scary~

Bursting out a layer of water on his eyes, Little Squeak felt so wronged at this moment. His one and only second love at first sight turns out to be a married woman, that's simply too unfair!

’’Don't be so fierce to him, he's still small.’’ Her voice blaming as she shoves the man a bit.

Seriously this man, it's been so many years and he's still so possessive. How can someone be jealous of a little animal?

’’I don't care if its small or not, he's a male.’’ Unhappy at the scolding, the man had good reasons for his demeanor. It was only through great struggle and means that he managed to take his wife into his arms.

Little Squeak instantly found himself going haywire inside because the sentence sounded all too familiar.

That's right!

It's the exact same phrase from that golden masked man in the cave. The tone, the words, all of it was the same!

No, hold on, this man from the depths of darkness is even stronger. Like a god, completely unshakable and indestructible.

Little Squeak didn't wriggle anymore. In his heart, he only had regret that his bladder didn't hold itself better and now he's suffering as a result.

This man won't really have me castrated, will he? I didn't marry yet...

The more he thought of the possibility, the sadder he became. Very soon, big beady tears started dripping downward.

’’Ignore him little fella, this man's the typical insatiable desire type.’’ Watching the aggrieved face of the little fur ball, the woman was then reminded of her personal familiar Bobo. The young girl also faced the same treatment by her man back then.

’’And you don't look at who's the one causing my insatiable desire.’’ The man mumbles, resulting in a solid rolling of his wife's eye.

’’Complain again and I'll punish you with a month of no entry into my chamber.’’ The woman turns pink as she says this.

They are already an old married couple, yet this man still acts like a newlywed, constantly hammering her in bed every night. Aside from that short period during her pregnancy, she hasn't gotten a single good night sleep since. A big taboo for someone who practices the way of medicine and healing art.

’’My wife, I am wrong, I'll release him this instant.’’ The man immediately surrenders, but not before giving Little Squeak a big eyeful upon release.

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’’Too weak. How can a weakling like you replace us in keeping Ling Yue safe. Very well, I will be a good man to the end and give you a drop of Qilin blood. However much you can absorb will depend on your own fortune tonight.’’ At that, the man flicks a bullet of blood into the recipient's forehead using irresistible means.

Raising all of his fur into a puff ball as soon as the blood entered, Little Squeak immediately curled into a bundle on the floor like he's in immense pain. No longer an innocent blue in his eyes, an eerie red takes over as his body expands under a bone crunching sound of immense growth.

About the size of a lion, that's how big Little Squeak became before reverting back to his original state of a tea cup in size with big blue eyes.

Though the woman felt sympathetic at the suffering, she also encouraged the little fella to keep going until the whole process came to an end at dawn.

’’Little fella, we will have to bother you to take care of Ling Yue in the future. If destiny permits, we will definitely meet again. For everything tonight, its best that you forget.’’ Raising her hand, a scepter appears from the void.

Under the chorus of a series of magic words, an ancient matrix shrouds over Little Squeak's body, helping him regain his strength while at the same time also erasing any memory he has of tonight.

At dawn, Ling Yue awakes to find an odd sensation irking at the back of her mind that her mother Ye Huang Yue was here last night.

’’Little Squeak, why are you lying there? I bet it's because you were out taking a night piss again and lost your way.’’ When Ling Yue woke up from her fine slumber, she quickly took notice to Little Squeak lying on top of her stomach with his four paws plopped wide open.

’’Squeak~’’ Rubbing his sleepy eyes, the little guy made a confused face like he's forgotten something very important.

’’What's wrong, why do you have a birthmark on your forehead?’’ Upon closer inspection, she soon took notice to the strange marking of a red water droplet on her friend's head. No matter how she tries to wipe it off, it won't come clean.

Though it's a bit strange, but since Little Squeak didn't find any discomfort from it, she simply left it be. She has more important matters to attend to today, and that was to visit the Treasure Cave.

’’Sir Ten, Sir Thirteen, you two are here again?’’ He Lao San of the underground auction didn't expect the two youngsters to patronize his place again so quickly.

’’Boss San, this time it's Thirteen who needs to come, I'm merely a companion this time.’’ The meaning was that he's willing to become the adorning flower.

’’Boss San, here's ten fifth grade Dan pills as per the rules.’’ These pills are some of the stash Ling Yue took from the old dwarf. Nothing amazing, merely common products one can find anywhere.

’’Master Longyu's medicine pills? So Sir Thirteen are acquaintances with the old master.’’ Sharp in the eyes, He Lao San only needed a glance to recognize the origin of the pills.

Longyu was infamous for his strange temperament in the capital. To be able to befriend a person like that, He Lao San was having even more trouble grasping onto the young boy's origin.

After paying the admission fee, Ling Yue in her disguise entered the underground auction as she wished.

Exactly like the previous visit, as soon as she stepped onto the stairway leading down to the earth grade level, a keenly focused spirit force probed her body for a brief moment before subsiding.

As they stepped down the steps, the group was then welcomed by an old man in a wheelchair pushed over by a young boy with a hair bun.

Different from He Lao San that's sturdy in his build despite the old age, this elder was very skinny like an old tree bark and was lacking in the lower body. The trousers are empty and unfilled.

This gave Ling Yue quite the surprise. To think the one responsible for the previous mishap belonged to a crippled old man.

Based on her judgement, this person should be around Manager Chou's level.

’’This girl, are you here to buy or tell sell this time?’’ Unlike He Lao San, its apparent the new elder called He Lao Er have already recognized the fact that Ling Yue was in fact a female.


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