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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 226


Chapter 226

Chapter 226 ’’Late Night Visitors, Who Are They?’’


While Consort Luo and Lady Yao were busy biting themselves like two rabid dogs, the cold voice of the man in the mirror interrupts their bickering and caused them to both to jump with fright - tonight wasn't part of the agreed date to meet.

’’Your Excellency (Master)’’, the two quickly kneeled.

’’Master, my eyes...’’ Feeling both afraid and wronged, Yao Yao didn't know how to go about her pain.

’’My lord, this lowly maid not only didn't heed your instructions, she even had the nerve to scold me.’’ Not to be outdone, Consort Luo tramples on her accomplice as much as she can.

’’I am already aware of what happened to the Brilliant Star Astrolabe.’’ Since the artifact was created by the man in the mirror, any changes that occur will immediately be informed to him through the spirit branding he left behind.

Issue was, even he the creator cannot foresee what sort of power caused the damage.

’’Master, your disciple here only wanted to control that lass called Lan Ling Yue, I did not envision causing harm to the artifact.’’ Lady Yao then roughly went over the details of the event.

’’That four cauldron alchemist, is she the same person who beat you earlier?’’ Considering the identity of the man in the mirror, there should be no reason to pay any heed to some squabbling little alchemist in Da Xia. But as his plans became foiled in succession, he cannot deny his attention has been caught.

’’Yes, it's precisely her.’’ Whenever the subject was brought to light, Yao Yao would be filled with indignation.

Her eyes become blind now, and even her master cannot do a thing for her. Such a grudge must be avenged!

’’Tell me the lass's birth hour and date.’’

There may have been many difficulties during her investigation of the girl, but Yao Yao did manage to learn of the Ling Yue's birth date and hour. This was mainly thanks to the crown prince when the boy called for a consort selection a while ago - the main document contained the birth date of all the young noble ladies in the capital.

After getting the numbers in which he sought, the man in the mirror started to move his fingers in calculation.

’’This! Early death fate?’’ The man in the mirror abruptly exclaimed in shock.

According to his deduction, this so-called second miss of the Lan house was supposed to be a long dead person.

’’Early death? That can't be! Your excellency, if its so then this Lan Ling Yue would've been dead long ago and not fourteen this year.’’ Consort Luo sounded doubtful, but she knew that statement can't be wrong considering the background of the Excellency.

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Like the consort, the man in the mirror also didn't understand the reasoning for his deduction. Not giving up, he went ahead and did another calculation to no avail. It's the same result.

’’This girl is not to be provoked again unless I say otherwise.’’ He flatty orders this, leaving no room for objection.

As followers of their Master for so many years, never have Lady Yao and Consort Luo seen such a reaction.

’’Why Your Excellency, why should we be afraid of her?’’

As the dignified consort of the king and future Queen Mother of Da Xia, no way Luo Wan Wan can endure such insufferable humiliation.

’’This girl's life is abnormal. I've lived for hundreds of years but never seen a fate tray like hers. There are only two reasons for this. Either there's a powerful figure supporting the girl and interfering with my calculations, or... someone went against the heavens and changed her fate.’’

Befuddled by the explanation, both women here couldn't quite grasp the severity of those words.

It's still understandable to have a powerful figure acting in the background, but to change fate?

How could something so counterintuitive happen?

’’If it's just the former then it's okay, that can be dealt with so long as the foe's strength is within my own. But if it's the latter, then things will be complicated. Going against the heavens and changing one's fate requires far more power than I can wield. So unless it's a last resort, do not get into a conflict with her-’’ A slight tapping sound from the outside of the secret chamber interrupts their conversation.

’’Your Grace, the king is seeking Lady Yao's presence right now.’’

’’I understand.’’ Both women replied in unison.

It's unsure if their words are meant for the one outside or the man, but the presence inside the mirror had vanished by the time they turned their heads around.


Back over at the Lan residence, all was quiet. Its occupant fast asleep and the scene tranquil in the dead of night. Then came the sighing voice next to Ling Yue's bedside that broke all of this. The owner a woman, a divine woman of unimaginable sacredness.

’’My child.’’ Gently caressing the girl's face still fast asleep from today's labor, a limitless amount of tenderness and love filled the woman's eye.

Seemingly disturbed by the foreign sensation, Ling Yue began to wrinkle her brows as her eyelids fluttered with movement.

Not missing the reaction, the mysterious woman began moving her fingers. Aiming at the sleeping Qi point on the forehead, she fires out a hidden needle force and pierced it, returning the recipient into a state of calm.

’’Don't be sad, there will be a day when she breaks the seal and remember all of us.’’ From behind, a man with power and strong arms wraps the woman around the waist.

The pair to make a visit so suddenly at night appears to be in their twenties, but the wisdom earned only through time gave away their true age.

Oddly enough, if one looked closely at the female though, one would find that Ling Yue and her shared quite the similarities in the eye. Both are bright and powerful like the crescent moon in the night sky.

’’What if she never...’’ The woman's voice trembled, unsure if its due to anger or excitement.

’’No, don't forget, the blood flowing in her body is that of mine and yours. There will be a day when she remembers the past.’’ The man tenderly pulls the woman into his bosom, making sure to not move his loving gaze away from the girl on the bed.

After listening to the man's comfort, the woman's face once again returned to that of a smile.

Just as the couple were conversing, a corner in Ling Yue's quilt suddenly became raised.


A certain little creature that likes to sleep with their mistress was currently up and about due to his need for a nightly piss. But before he could completely open his big blue eyes though, Little Squeak's murky sight quickly took notice to the beautiful woman in the room.


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