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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 225


Chapter 225

Chapter 225 ’’The Secret Inside Ye Ling Yue's Body’’

Although he had already sent people to confirm the girl's identity that she's not his already deceased daughter, Hong Feng simply can't shirk off the strange feeling he gets whenever he faces her.

Meanwhile on the back, Sixth Prince Hou Qi was having a nervous breakdown in his palm. Sweat came pouring out like a river with no end in sight.

To say he's not regretting the visit was an understatement for if the truth becomes exposed today, it would spell the end of the Lan House and everyone involved.

In the moment when Ling Yue's name appeared on the disk, something finicky occurred, there's no response. No strange red calligraphy, nothing...

’’How can this be, it can't be that the thing is broken is it?’’ Hou Qi eyes the disk, then back at Ling Yue in confusion.

Like everyone, Lady Yao also didn't know what's going on for its her first time encountering a situation like so. ’’Princess Yue, maybe it's because I consumed too much of my spirit force today. Would you assist me by infusing a wisp of your own energy?’’ A new idea quickly came to her.

The man in the mirror had long instructed that the artifact cannot be used more than once per day. But in order to show off the magical effects of the item, she ignored the advice and repeatedly done the exact opposite.

Since the request was but a wisp of her own power, Ling Yue didn't think much of it and directly placed her hand on the disk to match the woman's.

’’Stupid girl, she actually dares to inject her own spirit force into the disk. Now I can activate its power even more.’’ A vicious light emulated out of Lady Yao's iris.

In addition to divination of the stars, there's also another function in the disk that allows the user to detect the deepest secret of a person through soul searching.

As soon as she inserted her power into the artifact, Ling Yue immediately found a sharp frosty pain seeping into her through the fingertips.

’’Not good!’’ This sensation wasn't unfamiliar, it's the act of someone trying to peer into her soul to gain control.

On the opposite end, Yao Yao had her eyes pinned to the girl as she rampaged through the pitiful defenses orchestrated against her. No matter, against her overwhelming might with the constant supply of star power from the disk, she soon destroyed the last line of defense.

Just when Yao Yao thought she had won, a rumbling voice suddenly seeped out from deep within the bowels of the host's body.

’’Ignorant pest, my child's soul is not something a mere mortal like you can spy on. SCRAM!!!’’ That thundering voice sounded both like a male and a female, making it difficult to discern the gender.

In coherent with the command, Yao Yao's consciousness and the star power she controlled were completely expelled with shocking strength.

’’Ahhh~!’’ A wretched wail came out as a result of that recoil, causing the woman to drop the star disk to the ground and making a muffled thud upon impact.

In the room, just about everyone were shocked by the abrupt change.

Though much has occurred in this exchange, its but a brief moment to those on the outside watching.

Even Ling Yue herself didn't understand what's going on, her mind still muddled by the attack.

’’State Teacher, what's the matter with you? Someone come! Hurry and find Manager Chou of the royal hospital!’’ Hearing the highly favored Lady Yao was injured, it didn't take long for the old manager to rush over in haste.

After his diagnostic, Manager Chou concluded its due to the excessive use of the spirit force, resulting in some damage to the eyes by the rebounding force.

’’Lady Yao's eye might not be saved.’’

Hearing that statement, Hong Feng and Crown Prince Hou Hong instantly turned dark on their faces because its not only the woman who became injured, the disk itself had also been damaged in that drop, resulting in a small crack.

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Having both owner and artifact damaged at the same time, this misfortune was completely beyond expectation for those involved internally.

’’Princess Yue, what is this all about. Just now what happened between you and the Lady?’’ Hong Feng snapped.

’’Royal Tutor, who am I going to ask if you ask me? There were so many eyes watching, I didn't move a finger. My guess is that the Lady here leaked too many secrets of the heaven out, hence the reason for the retribution.’’ Ling Yue shrugs her shoulder and made an innocent face.

Regardless of how unwilling Hong Feng and the crown prince were, nothing will come of it even if they keep asking. In the end, the two can only allow them both to leave the place unharmed.

’’Ling Yue, are you okay?’’ Hou Qi loosens up as soon as they were out of the wing.

In reply, she shakes her head at the question. In truth, Ling Yue herself doesn't understand what exactly was going on either because the foe had already successfully invaded her soul. So why, why did the woman get bounced back out?

The soul invasion this time have made Ling Yue realize something very important, and that was strength. If she doesn't have enough power, then regardless of the treasure she owns like the black cauldron, there's no saving her next time. Its abundantly clear she's been too reliant on the cauldron thus far and needs to remedy her recklessness.

She's come to a decision now. Starting tomorrow, she will head straight for the Treasure Cave to procure an earth class artifact from the underground auction. If not then at least some better martial techniques.

Hours later when it's time to light the night lamp, Lady Yao awakes from her unconscious state to find only darkness in front.

’’Someone come, light the lamp! Its already dark so why isn't anyone lighting the lamp.’’ Her voice echoes without response.

’’Oh great State Teacher, quit wasting your energy. Its not that the lamp isn't lit, its your eyes are blind now.’’ Consort Luo's unmindful voice falls into the blind woman's ear.

’’This here is? Just now I passed out, my eyes...’’ Lady Yao still couldn't wrap her head around the idea of becoming a blind person.

In her mind, she only wanted to remember what occurred back when she entered the blasted wrench's body. She could remember she succeeded in breaking down the defenses, but then... that's it, she couldn't remember more.

The harder she thought about it, the emptier her head became. It's like someone just forcibly ripped a chunk of it out.

’’The Brilliant Star Astrolabe is damaged. Yao Yao, do you know your crime? Master only handed you the artifact for a few days and you already damaged it. Don't think for a second that I don't know you used it for your personal grudge. Now in order to repair the disk, we will have to expend great resources and to find someone capable of restoring it to the original state.’’

Consort Luo continues to blast her insults at the foolish woman. The purpose of the disk was to frame the sixth prince so that her son can take the throne, but instead of doing just that, this idiot woman used the precious artifact against that girl from the Lan House and broke it!

’’Shut up, who do you think caused me to become like this?! Don't forget, your son can only become the king with my help.’’ Yao Yao fires back in frustration.


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