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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 223


Chapter 223

Chapter 223 ’’A Madwoman or a Genius’’

Alchemist Mei was originally someone with a certain amount of fame to her name. Known as a genius with strong talent in alchemy, she's been scripted into the royal hospital through the previous Manager at a young age. As a two cauldron alchemist years ago, exceptions had to be made.

Fortunately, the young Mei didn't disappoint after entering and lived up to the expectations from everyone. From a two cauldron alchemist no older than a teenage girl, she rapidly grew into a six cauldron and became a shining jewel of Da Xia. But it was then that things started to go downhill for Mei. In order to pursue a higher level in alchemy, she left Da Xia for North Qing on an educational visit.

Its unsure what happened during her trip, but after she returned, Mei became a completely different person and claimed she will create a Reincarnation Dan pill in front of the public.

It's common knowledge that the pill in question was no ordinary recipe, it's a powerful weapon used by reincarnation masters to break through to the next level.

In Da Xia, it's widely recognized that the only one capable of the task was Senior Alchemist Master Jia Hou. To claim she will achieve such a feat while she's but a six cauldron, it's practically inconceivable for the public.

From genius to a madwoman, everyone only took her obsession as a form of arrogance. Regardless of the ridiculing words and eyes shot her way at the time, Mei didn't care and kept to it at the cost of stopping her cultivation in the spirit force.

Nowadays, the woman known as the laughing stock of the royal hospital only knows one thing: create a reincarnation Dan pill and nothing else.

If not for the previous head of the royal hospital demanding Manager Chou from expelling the madwoman, Mei would've been on the streets long ago.

But it's not like Ling Yue would know any of this stuff, she only knows she needs to find an alchemist willing to let her stay.

So is she going to say yes or a no? Ling Yue stares at the woman, unsure what to make of that deadpan expression.

’’Why you still standing around for? Hurry and go clean the herbs.’’ Alchemist Mei urges Ling Yue to come over with shocking clarity.

Going dark in the face, Nangon Qinglin bites her lip in frustration, damn this Mei, she actually dares to let the girl be her assistant.

Most of the alchemists here have long been informed by Nangon Qinglin not to mingle with the new girl, the only exception being this Mei. Honestly, Nangon Qinglin didn't even expect the woman to do something so random hence the reason why she didn't include her in on the plan.

Just like that, Alchemist Mei have unintentionally become involved with the grudge between Nangon Qinglin and Ling Yue.

’’Don't be so happy just yet. You may have been able to become her assistant, but let me tell you, this Mei have already been at the bottom of the roster for five months straight. If she can't raise her ranking by the end of this month, then according to the rules, she and you together will be kicked out of the royal hospital.’’ Nangon Qinglin grumbles this while Ling Yue cleans the herbs.

In the royal hospital, there's a ranking list which includes the names of the members here. As it so happens, it's that giant red poster smacked into Ling Yue's face when she first walked into the public room.

Exactly like the name implies, the roster listing was meant to assess the performance of each alchemist in the royal hospital. The highest will be given the best materials, and if they are able to keep their top ranking for six consecutive months or create a seventh grade Dan pill, the individual will then be given an independent room for use.

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Likewise, if there are rewards then there are punishments. The lower the rank, the lower quality ingredients they will get. If one stays at the very bottom of the roster for six consecutive months, they will then be expelled from the public cauldron room and be relocated to the outer courtyard for other menial tasks.

The rules of the roster are as following: third grade products are worth one point, fourth grade worth five points, fifth grade worth ten points, and sixth grade products are worth one hundred points. If one can create a seventh grade pill, they will then be given an independent room immediately.

3rd= 1 point

4th= 5 points

5th= 10 points

6th= 100 points

7th= solo room

Now, since the one Ling Yue chose here today was Alchemist Mei, someone whose been at the bottom of the roster for five months already, it would mean the end of the woman if things don't change. And since Ling Yue was acting as the assistant to this individual, she too will be forced to leave since she's now a part of the team.

’’What now, do you now know how stupid you are?’’ Nangon Qinglin proudly walks over to a middle-aged alchemist with the surname Xue.

Like Mei, this Xue was also a six cauldron alchemist, but unlike Ling Yue's pair, Xue and Nangon Qinglin have been holding the top spot for five consecutive months.

Hearing this, Ling Yue became curious and went over to check the red poster. Sure enough, the name at the very top was Alchemist Xue with two hundred and thirty points.

As for Mei, she only had a pitiful ’’three’’ to her name, meaning the woman only produced three Dan pills of the third grade this month.

Then looking back at Alchemist Mei's own appearance, Ling Yue can see the woman doesn't seem to care at all. Figuring it's not her place to ask, she then went back to cleaning the herbs.

Aside from the four hours of actual work with the cauldron, Ling Yue could barely hold a dialogue with the woman. As such, her main duty remains limited to that of an extra hand moving herbs and pouring the dregs away. In any case, Ling Yue didn't mind the menial labor work so long as they are making progress. Issue was, they weren't!

She checked, aside from the fact that the ingredients are of the worst kind, making the rate of success extremely low, Alchemist Mei practically refused to try any other recipes aside from the reincarnation pill.

Judging by the speed they are moving at, Ling Yue figured the amount of dregs she will need to pour would likely reach over ten cauldron's worth. A frightening amount of waste in her eyes.

Continuing this pointless laboring until late into the afternoon, a time when it's time to depart, she can still see the number three on Alchemist Mei's name. Nothing's changed.

Truly worried now, an idea came to her. Taking advantage of the woman's divided attention, Ling Yue secretly stashed away some of the herbs into her pocket dimension for planting.

With that done, she then headed out of the royal hospital where General Chiyan was standing in wait at the doorway.

Ever since witnessing the ’’insidious’’ means of the girl last night, Chiyan had a completely new perspective of Ling Yue. Not in a good way to be clear.

’’Princess Yue, the Queen and the Sixth Prince awaits.’’

Following the freaky incident with Lady Yao, Ling Yue knew the queen and prince would seek her out soon.

Arriving at the Morning Flower Wing, she immediately saw the worried expressions clouding the pair.

’’Ling Yue, have you heard of the matter with that Lady Yao? And do you have a countermeasure in place?’’ Anxious in her words, the queen only became like this due to the king staying at the other woman's chamber last night.

It didn't help either when the king himself refused the morning court meeting.

’’That Lady Yao is a real witch. Using that whatever astrolabe, she measured my fourth brother as an entity capable of increasing the state's fortune. Now my royal father is convinced and rewarded my brother for doing nothing.’’ Hou Qi didn't understand either. His father that he believed to be always wise would suddenly have a change in attitude and was now believing a witch's word without questioning it.

’’Your Highness, you are wrong. What the king believes isn't Lady Yao, it's the earth class artifact in her hand. Perhaps its time we visited this Lady Yao at her residence... wait, it should be the State Teacher now is it not?’’ Ling Yue proposes this idea and causes the queen and prince to gawk at her.

Pondering the suggestion at first, Queen Liu then agreed to the suggestion: ’’Yes, Ling Yue is right. My son, you and Ling Yue should go visit Lady Yao at her chamber. Only by doing so will we know what's truly going on with that earth class artifact.’’


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