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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 222


Chapter 222

Chapter 222 ’’Excluded’’

Compared to the outer courtyard, the middle courtyard was far more exquisite in terms of construction and scale.

There are no palace maids or eunuchs here, only members of the royal hospital with a certain seniority and experience. The reasoning for this arrangement had to do with the stuff stored inside - they are considered a state secret. As such, they can't exactly allow just any old random character inside. What if they tried to steal something?

As soon as Ling Yue entered the hospital ground, she can instantly feel the vibrant freshness of the open lawn and vegetation. This was despite the fact that it's almost into the winter season.

’’I've heard that among the alchemist profession, there are those who specialize in medicine creation and those in artifact crafting. If all the medicine specialists are here, where's the artifact specialists?’’

Due to her origin of being a merchant's daughter, Ling Yue still held a strong interest in artifact creation. One was that there's still the wish of her ancestor that needs to be granted, and the second would be her need for a better weapon outside of her Demonic Ghost Miasma.

’’Why do you have so many questions? Those artifact alchemists are in the military department. Humph, someone like you who haven't even mastered the basics yet is already trying to dabble in artifacts? Quit dreaming.’’ Nangon Qinglin unhappily states this.

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The fact that Ling Yue can stay in the royal hospital was akin to a thorny prick under her skin. No matter how she looked at it, it's a disgusting sight.

Although Master Longyu has been repeatedly telling the public that his apprentice became a court alchemist through her own means, fact remains that the contest between Ling Yue and Lady Yao was done in secret. No witnesses, no proof. How can anyone accept this based on simple hearsay?

Therefore, Nangon Qinglin refused to believe the truth. In her mind, she's dead set on believing the girl knew nothing about alchemy and solely relied on the dowager and queen to get inside the royal hospital.

Now that they are inside, the two were soon met with some other alchemists already present. Nangon Qinglin naturally knew the two who came to greet her, but it's a different story entirely for Ling Yue. She only got the cold shoulder treatment like she didn't exist.

This blatant exclusion continued until the trio's chit chat came to an end.

’’Don't blame me for not reminding you, four cauldron alchemists here are only responsible for watching the fire and throwing the dregs away. Don't even think about touching anything else.’’ Nangon Qinglin approached the public cauldron room as she says this.

Not going to be left behind, Ling Yue quickly follows from the back where she was hit face first with a giant red poster in front containing the names and number of the members here. Looking further back, she can see about twenty alchemists currently hard at work inside.

I wonder what this list is for?

It must be said, compared to Glass City where there's only three alchemists above the fifth cauldron ranking, the capital was far more outstanding. Take this public cauldron room for example, the majority here are of the sixth cauldron with the weakest being the fifth cauldron level.

There are no seven cauldron alchemists here, not that Ling Yue can see anyways. This perplexed her so she asked. After a little inquiry, Ling Yue was informed that those masters are allowed to have an independent room located in the back.

In the independent rooms, whether it be the cauldron or resources used, everything was way better than the stuff used in the public room. For that reason, all of the alchemists here are always striving to earn their independence.

By now Ling Yue have gotten a general understanding of the middle courtyard.

In here, the working areas are divided into public and independent.

The independent rooms are mostly filled with seven cauldron alchemists or above while the public contained the less competent members.

According to Nangon Qinglin's explanation earlier, new alchemists aren't allowed to work alone. They must have the supervision of a senior for three months before they can begin making their own attempt at alchemy.

This wasn't a snub against Ling Yue, it's a safety measure set in the place to prevent accidents.

In the past, there have been cases where a new recruit would improperly attempt a concoction and cause a dangerous explosion.

Randomly picking one of the alchemists inside, Ling Yue went ahead and walked over. Unfortunately for her, the person didn't even give her a glance after she stated her intent.

Not minding it, she went for another alchemist. Ling Yue knows from firsthand experience of how most alchemists are like this with their odd temperaments. Take the old dwarf. Strange and moody all the time, it's because the guy was always stuck inside the cauldron room alone without human interaction.

’’Isn't your mentor Master Longyu? Why would Longyu's apprentice need to be someone's assistant.’’ The person says this with a mild smile.

Third one later, fourth one later, in the end none were willing to let her become their assistant.

Inwardly puzzled by this, Ling Yue then saw the look on Nangon Qinglin's face. That's when she got it. The girl must have arranged for the alchemists here to exclude herself.

As the daughter of General Goldsword and the disciple of the main manager, it's a sure bet the members here will try their very best to flatter her. A simple request like ignoring a newcomer can't even be called a request.

Got to hand it to the girl, it's a wonderful and bloodless way to get rid of Ling Yue without trouble.

’’Excuse me, can I act as your assistant and help you with your alchemy?’’ Just as Ling Yue's question came to an end, the entire crowd behind them burst into laughter like they just saw some sort of hilarious joke.

Hearing this, the woman finally stopped in her work and turned around in confusion. That's when she saw the girl with the sincere face.

Likewise, Ling Yue also got a better look at this female alchemist. Not old, about the same age as her sister Lan Caier with a shorter haircut like a boy's. Unlike the rest of the occupants in the room though, her robe was a bit tattered in some parts. Nevertheless, the six cauldron marking on the chest gave proof to her status.

This woman was undoubtedly an abnormal anomaly here.

’’Oh please stop, I'm dying from laughing here! It can't be you've gone mad now have you? Lan Ling Yue, you actually want to be her assistant? Guess only the same people would share the same door, both are useless trash.’’ Nangon Qinglin could barely keep herself straight from laughing so hard.

Like the rude girl, the rest of the alchemists here were also filled with satirizing ridicule in their eyes when they looked at the woman. However, towards Ling Yue though, everyone only showed sympathy because in their mind, the girl won't be here for long now that it's come to this.

It wasn't until later did Ling Yue become aware of the woman's history. Not much older than herself, this alchemist with the last name Mei was in fact the biggest laughing stock of the royal hospital


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