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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 218


Chapter 218

Chapter 218 ’’Framing the Old Hag’’

Bring Manager Meng of the Royal Hospital over?

Chiyan couldn't respond in time, unsure why the woman had offended the prince. According to what he knew off the top of his head, Deputy Manager Meng can be considered a senior of the palace with over twenty years of experience. Never once in there did the woman make a mistake.

So why? Why would His Highness get so angry all of a sudden?

Chiyan can't say he knows everything about the prince, but he did have a pretty good understanding of Hou Qi's personality. A good and honest boy, totally different from his elder brother the fourth prince. If not for the experience of losing control in his cultivation, he wouldn't have become so resolute in recent days.

Is this all because of the Princess Yue?

A bit hesitant at first, Chiyan eventually caved and decides to carry out the order.

’’Your Highness, please wait. Even if you question Manager Meng today then she will only make trouble for me in another day using different means. That is unless you hold something against her that is.’’ Lowering her voice, Ling Yue whispers into the prince's ear and got an approving nod.

Meanwhile on the side, General Chiyan ignorantly watches on, unsure what they are planning.


By the time evening rolls around, Manager Meng had casually returned to the courtyard, her mood clearly divine based on that humming tune she's whistling.

Ignorant lass, now you should know the consequences of offending the powerful I right? One hundred sacks of seed, if you don't go blind from counting then my last name won't be Meng.

Note: In Chinese culture, it's more appropriate to use the last name when speaking to someone you aren't at a friend's level.

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Originally, she thought the first moment she enters the courtyard would be the moment the lass breaks into tears on the ground, yet it was her who became dumbfounded.

What did she just see? Over ten heaps of seeds are neatly piled together like an army ready for her to inspect. As for the girl, that person was currently eyeing herself with a deferential face.

’’Deputy Manager, you've come! The seeds are sifted and ready for you to inspect.’’ Ling Yue runs up to report like a child.

’’All this, did you really sort all this by yourself?’’ Manager Meng looked horrid in her expression.

How can this be, it's just one day and she actually separated all the seeds?!

Suspicious in her mind, the woman scans the area for signs of others and found none.

That's not right, there shouldn't have anyone daring enough to help her either in the department.

’’Yes, I'm the 'only' person who did this.’’ Meanwhile in the back of Ling Yue's head, I'm not lying, the rest are birds so they don't count.

’’Nonsense! You think you can keep it from me? There's no way you could've sorted all these seeds in one day's worth of time. Lan Ling Yue, how dare you use underhanded methods under my watchful eye. Now then, how should I punish you for seeking outside help without authorization.’’ Based on that tone, it appears the woman doesn't have any interest to relent.

The truth was, Manager Meng had intended to find fault in Ling Yue's job no matter the outcome today. If she can pin a crime on the girl, she will have an excuse to get Ling Yue beaten with the rod.

’’I am wronged Manager Meng, you can ask the guards outside too. No one else came in today other then...’’ Making a guilty face, Ling Yue pretends to sound uncertain in her words.

’’Humph, no excuses. Come with me to the disciplinary ward for punishment.’’ At that, the woman attempts to drag her away.

’’Have mercy Deputy Manager. I have here some bank notes, please take them and look after me in the future.’’ Putting on a frightful appearance, Ling Yue hurries to pull out the papers from her pocket.

Sure enough, as soon as Manager Meng heard there's money for her, she stops in her footstep and casts a glance at the corner where she saw the whopping five hundred number!

Unable to stop herself, she twitches in the mouth like she's having trouble suppressing a smile.

See, why didn't you just bring out the money earlier. If you did then we wouldn't have made such a fuss. To think we almost had to get others involved.

Changing her attitude in a one-eighty-degree angle, she busily loosens her grip on Ling Yue's sleeve and snatched the bank notes away with her chicken claw swipe.

’’Rest assured, from now on no one in the Royal Hospital will bully you again...’’

Not even before her voice could come to an end, Xia Hou Qi and General Chiyan had strolled out from the side, their gazes sharp as they eyed the bank notes in the woman's hand.

Instantly, Manager Meng froze on the spot and lost her grip, causing the papers to float to the ground like the winter snowflakes.

’’Your-your highness... What are you doing here?’’ With her pig brain intellect, the woman simply couldn't understand why the reclusive sixth prince would suddenly appear here in the outer courtyard.

’’Aigh, Manager Meng, I forgot to finish my sentence earlier. No one else came other than His Highness the Sixth Prince and the general over there. You know it too. His Highness and I are of the same mentor so he came to visit me after returning to the palace today.’’ Not forgetting to pick up the bank notes, Ling Yue blows at them to remove the dusts.

My bank notes aren't so easy to take. If someone tries then I will make them pay me back tenfold!

Coldly staring at Manager Meng, Xia Hou Qi was at first dubious about the nefarious deeds told to him by Ling Yue, but now it appears they are true. She really had the courage to openly take a bribe!

If I didn't accidentally come to this place, wouldn't that mean Ling Yue would be dragged to the disciplinary ward by this old woman?

’’Manager Meng, do you know your crime!’’ He thunders, furious at the lowly woman.

Going numb in the knee, Manager Meng plops to the ground and trembled profusely like she couldn't control her body.

It's no secret in the palace that the prince currently standing before her controls the favor of both the dowager and the king, and rumor has it that the boy will likely replace the crown prince in becoming the successor to the throne in the future.

Turning back to look at Ling Yue, only now does Manager Meng understand she's been scammed.

’’Your Highness, this is a misunderstanding, I was confused just now. Please spare me out of consideration for all the years of service I gave to the Royal Hospital.’’ Getting down on her head, she repeatedly kowtows to the boy and caused her forehead to swell into a purplish blue.


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