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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 214


Chapter 214

Chapter 214 ’’Dare Humiliate Me?’’

Now that's what you call righteous and natural.

After listening to Ling Yue's mighty statement, all these old physicians and alchemists too found their attitudes improper. Hurrying forward, they began to properly greet her with Nangon Qinglin being the only exception. The girl was stuck there like a nail had punched her in the foot.

’’Oh? Princess Yue, you are as your reputation says, a real eye opener.’’ Quiet with his eyes closed till now, Manager Chou suddenly opens them and fires out a beam of frost from his gaze.

Long before today's meeting, the man had heard from Consort Luo regarding how outrageously unreasonable this second miss of the Lan House can be. Sure enough, it's as the rumors says.

To dare make my precious disciple kneel while I'm here, Lan Ying Yue, your days are numbered. Not even your mentor Longyu can save you this time.

Going gloomier in his eyes, Manager Chou tightens his grip on the pair of jade lions in his fiddling hand. Without premonition, a faint beam of blue shot out.

Turning stiff in her body, Ling Yue suddenly found herself overwhelmed by an invisible force coming down from above. If she had to describe the sensation, it would be like someone that's forcefully dunked into a mass of water and pushed downward.

Trembling against that pressure, her condition now was no different from a battered tree in a storm. Any moment now and she's going to be forced to her knees.

Spirit pressure!

What a good Manager Chou. First meeting and he's already trying to make me look bad.

But who's Ling Yue? With a backbone like hers, no way she's going to submit so easily. Even if she needs to mobilize all of her spirit force and more, she will resist with all her might!

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Just that, the one in front was an eight cauldron alchemist while Ling Yue herself only stood at the four cauldron mark. If the old man over there was the ocean, then Ling Yue can only be a solitary boat in the middle of the sea.

Very quickly, her mental defenses crumbled.

Seeing the suffering appearance of the hateful tramp, Nangon Qinglin only had delight running through her veins.

Ignorant woman, master's special skill is precisely pressuring others with his spirit force. Go ahead and struggle because it will only make you look uglier than ever. No alchemist of the five or six cauldron can resist!

’’I thought you wanted me to kneel Lan Ling Yue, how come you aren't talking anymore?’’ Cheeky in her tone, Nangon Qinglin watches on in amusement from the side.

Talk? Don't kid around, Ling Yue can barely keep her legs straight let alone open her lips.

Cannot lose! Even if not for the old dwarf then at least for myself, Ling Yue kept repeating this to herself.

There's no false hope inside her this instant. If she submits to Manager Chou's spirit pressure today then she can forget about having a place in the royal hospital.

Inhaling deeply, Ling Yue invokes her spirit smoke to the maximum and spans it throughout her body.

This is...... Manager Chou's eye twitched. It was short but he clearly did, the girl's spirit force became stronger!

It seems Longyu's apprentice here hid a part of her power.

Humph, like teacher like student. They are the same.

Long ago Longyu was also an unknown character in these parts, as such, Manager Chou had always taken the dwarf for a weakling. That was until he joined the alchemist tower... In there, that's when he learned the truth and got a brutal face slap. So what if the dwarf's not famous? The guy's a nine cauldron alchemist while he himself was but a eight cauldron. A total humiliation back then.

As much as Manager Choi wanted to hurt the girl in front of him, he can't with the dowager and queen backing her. He can suppress her though like now, but not kill. As a result, he only used half of his total powers for it would've forced anyone in the past to the ground.

Extremely annoyed by the ’’confronting style’’ portrayed by the girl, he sneers and raised his output by another ten percent, thus destroying any ground Ling Yue gained with the backup generator.

This old man really wants to kill me today. Filled to the brim with sweat, every inch of Ling Yue's body was soaked.

None in the hall was making a peep at this moment. Not the royal physicians, not the court alchemists, no one. Only an eerie silence filled the room.

They have all been working under Manager Chou for some years now so they understand full well how painful the man's spirit pressure can be. In fact, it's his preferred method of punishment for those who screws up in the royal hospital.

Even for those in the fifth or sixth cauldron level, the recipient can expect to lie in bed for over ten days after experiencing Manager Chou's ’’spirit crushing torture’’;therefore, to be able to withstand the attack for so long, Ling Yue's willpower can't be weaker than those old alchemists.

This unexpected outcome has indirectly changed the unkind perception everyone had of her.

’’What's going on here?’’ Nangong Qinglin murmurs to herself, afraid others would hear her. Didn't master say he can immediately deal with her? Other than some sweat and discomfort, there's no other symptoms.

Though there's no changes to Manger Chou's expression, but stormy waves were battering at this heart. Sixty percent and still not enough?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Damn that Longyu, even his apprentice is more outstanding than my own. Just this willpower is certain to guarantee success in the future.

In this instant, an evil thought was born in Manager Chou's heart: I must strangle this seedling before it grows!

Once again, he adds more power and raised his spirit pressure up to eighty percent.

Eighty percent power of an eight cauldron alchemist was no laughing matter. If careless, the crushing force can smush a person's body into pulp like a rampaging elephant's stomp.

Under a cracking sound, Ling Yue can clearly feel one of her leg bones breaking.

Not good, this old thing actually wants to kill me for real this time! Staring intently at Manager Chou's eye, she didn't miss the madness circulating in those pupils.

As much as Ling Yue wanted to retreat, it's too late now for she's no different from a cornered rat under a hovering net.

Am I really going to die today? She can't accept this, Never!

Although her physical body has been pushed to the extreme under that crushing pressure, her mind on the other hand was unusually calm.

Throw herself into the Red Mist sky? Call Little Squeak or Little Crow out? But all these ideas are unusable for she can't explain how she pulled them off.

In the worst-case scenario, she might even drag the Lan House down with her if the public takes her as a demon of some sort.

By this point her back had bent into a curve. If she doesn't do anything soon then even her blurred vision will turn dark.

Even so, not a sound came out of her mouth for her pride won't allow it.


Blood seeped out of her palm as the broken nails finally pierced into her skin at the intense grip. That's when something unexpected happened.

As the blood soaked down to her cauldron mark on the right hand, a flash of white light exploded inside her.


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