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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 213


Chapter 213

Chapter 213 ’’I'm a Third Rank, What's Yours?’’

Early next morning Ling Yue enters the palace as soon as the court meeting.

Since the stated time for reporting to the royal hospital was still some time away according to the letter, she figured its best to visit the queen at her residence first. This way she can avoid making a second trip of handing over the spirit produces from the Red Mist Sky.

As soon as she's out the corridor leading into the Morning Flower Wing, Ling Yue found herself caught between the king's entourage coming out of the queen's residence.

Like the maids and eunuchs, she swiftly moved to the side to kneel. That's when one of the queen's personal attendant noticed her presence.

’’Princess Yue, you've come. The Queen is in the middle of grooming so allow me to bring you inside where some pastries are ready for you.’’

By now everyone in the Morning Flower Wing has taken Ling Yue as the great benefactor of the queen and the sixth prince, therefore their attitude was very friendly and kind to her.

After chatting with the old granny for a bit, she then learns of the great news. No longer only seeing Lady Yao, the king was starting to flip the queen's sign board at night. It made a lot sense then as to why the king would be coming out of the Morning Flower Wing at this timing.

Note: in ancient china, the king usually uses a naming board system where he can pick among the batch. Whoever he picks is the one he will bed that night. Its not uncommon to hear stories of new ladies in the palace bribing the eunuchs to put their name sign in the batch so they can get a higher chance of being picked. It's like an ancient version of someone looking up a picture on the net of a woman for se*.

Excited inside, Ling Yue can now verify her little slight of hand back in the contest has paid off. Without the effects of the Lovesickness Grass meddling with the mind, Lady Yao can no longer monopolize the king's favor.

Just as their conversation was getting interesting, Queen Liu interrupts them by entering the main hall. Based on her wonderful appearance, it's obvious the queen was doing very well with the king's recent nourishment at night.

After saying a few greeting words with the woman, Ling Yue glances around to give the signal. Understand her meaning, the queen dismisses the attendants to give Ling Yue room to go through the matter of the Hundred Fragrance pill back then.

’’That really happened? What a good Hong Feng, how dare he bring such a evildoer like that into the palace. What is he planning to do?’’ Queen Liu becomes furious after learning the whole story.

’’Your Highness, I'm still investigating this matter so please don't inform the king just yet. I suspect the two wouldn't give up so easily so we need to wait.’’ She only wanted to remind the queen of this fact today and nothing else.

Though there's no movement from the enemy's side, instincts are telling Ling Yue this was only the calm before the storm. Preparations must be ready when it hits.

Fortunately the queen herself had matured a lot during the decade long ordeal. ’’I heard you have to report to the royal hospital for your post today. If anything happens do come find me, and if I'm not around though, you can also go seek the dowager for help.’’ With the dowager and the queen acting as her backer, what else does Ling Yue have to fear?

Figuring it's about time she took her leave, Ling Yue stands up to say her farewell.

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With over forty members overseeing the welfare of the palace, the royal hospital department was the largest gathering place of court alchemists and royal physicians.

In accordance with the guidance of the maids she came across, Ling Yue eventually reached her destination where a row of scattered courtyards appeared further up ahead.

According to the information collected, she knew the royal hospital was divided into three segments: inner, middle, and outer.

The outer courtyard was the working and studying place for the rookie alchemists while the middle courtyard was reserved for those with five or more years of work experience. Lastly was the inner courtyard. That place was reserved for those with more than a decade of work experience and the senior members of the department.

Since today's her first day, Ling Yue's job was to report to the inner courtyard where the senior management stayed.

As soon as she entered the inner courtyard, she was met with a gray-bearded elder currently sitting on the master chair with his eyes closed. Beside the senior were others, mainly the court alchemists and royal physicians reporting the affairs of the royal hospital.

Surprisingly, Ling Yue recognized one of the people standing there. It's Nangon Qinglin whose busily giving the senior a massage like a well-behaved girl.

Likewise noticing her arrival, Nangon Qinglin forms a malicious smile as a first response.

Since that time when she got punished by the dowager, Nangon Qinglin's been lying in bed for more than half a month. If not for the girl's father, General Goldsword, running off to beg Manager Chou for help, the foolish girl would still be confined to her home.

Maybe its fate, but the court alchemist position that Ling Yue's using should've went to Nangon Qinglin originally. However, the dowager at the time claimed the girl's but a four cauldron alchemist, hardly qualified to become one. Then in a blink of an eye, the dowager turns around and assign Lin Yue to the position instead.

This matter had completely infuriated Nangon Qinglin. So much so that she's not just throwing a tantrum.

Like his disciple, Manager Chou didn't feel so good either inside. He's long been wary of that Longyu, now even his disciple was losing out to the old dwarf's apprentice.

With the same heart, master and disciple was dead set on making it miserable for Ling Yue today.

Oh Lan Ying Yue ah Lan Ying Yue, of all the places you can choose, you gotta choose the one leading into hell.

Do you think by relying on that old dwarf's connection and becoming a court alchemist is so incredible?

Humph, you are mistaken. What you did is sending a sheep into the tiger's mouth. With how much hate my master has for your mentor, I would like to see how you will come out of this alive.

’’Lan Ling Yue pays her greeting to Manager Chou.’’

As soon as they heard the name ’’Lan Ling Yue’’, the group making the reports unanimously turned their attentions to her like some well-trained police dog.

She's Lan Ying Yue? How did the girl get the dowager to bestow her with a court alchemist title?

Despite just standing there without doing anything, Ling Yue can clearly feel the unkind eyes shooting her way.

It would appear these people of the royal hospital held some strong opinions about her. Then again, that's expected. A fourteen-year-old court alchemist undoubtedly created a new record in the history of the royal hospital.

’’Impudent, why are you not kneeling when facing my master.’’ Not only was Ling Yue not kneeling like she should, she's also peering around without fear. This immediately ticked Nangon Qinglin off.

The royal hospital was her master's territory, meaning it's also her territory. As a rookie reporting for duty, one should've came bearing gifts with a low attitude. Yet the girl did none of that.

Seriously, this tramp thinks just because she got the dowager and queen backing her she can do anything she likes? We will see who gets the better laugh today.

’’Hoho, it seems the injury on your butt is better now. Kneel? Based on what can you ask me to kneel? I'm a third rank, what about you? I'm a princess personally titled by the dowager and even my position as a court alchemist was assigned by the king himself. Manager Chou may be the manager of the department, but he's still only a third rank like I. According to the laws of Da Xia, officials of the same rank have no need to salute the other. Rather it's you Nangong Qinglin... and the rest of you people here, every single one of you must pay your greetings to me. This goes double for you Nangong Qinglin. Without title or rank, you are no one here. How dare you get impudent in front of me. I reckon you haven't been beaten enough yet so don't blame me for telling the dowager of your disrespect to me again.’’ Turning sharp in her eyes, Ling Yue coldly grunts to show her contempt for the girl and everyone else here.

Turning squeamish purple like a frostbitten eggplant, Nangon Qinglin was lost for words and didn't know how to respond. Turning her gaze back at her master, she looks for help but found none. Apparently Manager Chou was also shocked by the sassiness of the rookie.

It's as Ling Yue said, there's no fault in her claim. Officials of equal ranking have no need to kneel or salute the other side.


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