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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 212


Chapter 212

Chapter 212 ’’Sore Spot: Touch and Die!’’

Even a dragon would have a sore spot on their scales. If touched, the outcome can only be death.

Judging from the situation just now, the sore spot of this good-tempered Sir Ten can only be this Sir Thirteen who knows both medicine and toxicology.

There's a saying that one must check the owner before beating a dog, especially when it's the Phoenix Lord doing the protecting. Giving careful consideration, He Lao San returns to them after finishing his secret conversation.

’’If Sir Thirteen wishes to find a more advance martial technique then he can only enter the Earth Grade floor. However, I'm sure Sir Ten understands the rules of spending for our auction's lower levels. I've discussed it with my elder brother and we can make an exception. So long as you two pay the admission fee of ten Dan pills in the fifth ranking each, then Sir Thirteen is free to enter.’’ Its fortunate that Lao Er was willing to make an exception, otherwise He Lao San wouldn't know how to deal with the aftermath known as Feng Shen.

In accordance with the general rules of the Treasure Cave, the first floor - Yellow Grade - requires only a personal wealth of a million to freely make a purchase.

As for the second floor - the Black Grade - one must have ten million in wealth and the payments must be made on site.

Then moving downwards to the third floor - Earth Grade - the customers will then need to have a net worth of a billion gold because the items up for sale can no longer be measured by money, its measured by Dan pills.

Ten Dan pills of the fifth rank? A frown overtakes Ling Yue's face for those are hard to come by even in the capital of Da Xia.

According to the alchemist tower's price tag, even if the product was the lowest of the lowest in the fifth rank, the asking price was still over eight hundred gold!

’’I don't have any on me currently. Might I ask, how much is the cheapest fifth rank Dan pill you guys have here?’’

’’One thousand gold per one.’’

The majority of the customers in the Treasure Cave aren't alchemists, therefore they will always carry a certain supply of the stuff to make it a convenience for the guests.

Moreover, as a business, the Treasure Cave usually charges a premium of ten to twenty percent more than the outside.

This means that merely the admission fee for the Earth Grade auction will cost ten thousand gold. In this case, twenty thousand for Feng Shen and Ling Yue together.

With no guarantee that she will find what she needs down there, hesitation grips Ling Yue's heart.

Ten thousand gold for an admission fee was no small number. Now that she's operating the Ghost Sect, money has become something akin to moving water that's constantly flowing away with no end in sight.

’’Thirteen, I can help you pay for this.’’ Feng Shen proposes.

’’No need, even if I paid the fee needed for the pills, I won't have anything leftover to buy what I need.’’ After pondering the problem at hand, she came to a conclusion that she can only give up today.

Next time I must be better prepared before making a comeback.

Want to black my money? The Treasure Cave better pray harder.

A criminalistics laugh escapes her dainty little mouth.

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Now this confused He Lao San to no ends. He had taken Sir Thirteen and Sir ten to be in ’’that kind of relationship’’, but now it appears not. What's going on?

It must be known;the Phoenix Manor of North Qing has enough wealth to fend off a sizable country. Forget about a simple admission fee, if the Phoenix Lord wished it, he can easily buy some seventh rank Dan pills without blinking an eye.

Although Ling Yue came out empty handed today, she did get a better understanding of this underground auction house. A very good first step,

Also, before taking her leave, Ling Yue didn't forget to satiate her curiosity about the lowest level called the ’’Heaven Grade’’ floor.

’’Hoho, Sir Thirteen, now this you don't know. The Heaven Grade auction isn't open on a daily basis. We usually go by a month by month basis, and the requirement for entry is a Reincarnation Dan pill while the customer themselves too must be at the reincarnation realm.’’

Reincarnation Dan pill? An actual seventh rank pill?

According to her memories, Ling Yue remembered there's not a soul in the alchemist tower currently capable of creating such a pill. Aside from the mysterious president whose always out and about traveling, there's no other in Da Xia.

It's as the old hunchback said, this level of auctioning can no longer be measured by money.

Even for the Red Mist Codex in Ling Yue's possession, there's not much information regarding the refinement process of this certain Dan pill.

Understanding the final level was a symbol of status and power, there's not much else left to do in this place. Having their guide lead them back out, the two returns to the shabby looking room above ground where Feng Shen quickly took notice to Ling Yue's contemplating face. Figuring its time they called it a day, he took it upon himself to escort her back home.

However, as soon as they entered the Lan House, they were intercepted by the roaring general who came out to greet them. ’’So it's true that Ling Yue went to find the Phoenix Lord. Hahaha, it's like Caier say. If Ling Yue isn't at home and not at the Drunken Immortal, then she must be at the Phoenix Lord's place, or at least on the way there. It seems my daughter here has a second home now eh.’’

Flustering at her god father's careless outburst, Ling Yue was starting to take notice to the man's preference of teasing herself with Feng Shen in the picture.

Casting a look at the boy in question, she awkwardly found her gaze matching his. Like a cat having its tail stepped on, she swiftly retracted her eyes and shyly shrank her head down.

’’Father, if you keep talking nonsense then watch me deduct your share of the incense wine I made.’’ Deliberately making a frown, she threatens the general with what he loves.

Sure enough, Lan Ying Wu tossed away that teasing attitude and became serious.

’’Oh my good daughter, please spare your father this time. Oh yes, I was just look for you. Manager Chou from the palace has ordered you to go report to the royal hospital department tomorrow.’’ From his sleeve, Lan Ying Wu brings out an appointment letter.

It turns out that when the general went to attend the court meeting this morning, he just so happens to encounter one of the palace physicians. The other side claims the letter of appointment for Ling Yue was ready.

Different from the title of a third ranking princess, the post of court alchemist was a legitimate position within the court that's paid by the state. Issue was, a regular court alchemist only stood at the fifth rank of the ladder, two ranks lower than Ling Yue's princess title. If she wished to reach the third rank again in that field, Ling Yue will need to take over Manager Chou's post who's also a third ranking official of the court.

Receiving the paper and taking a glance, she quickly took notice to the ink seal. It's a ’’Chou’’ letter.

’’Manager Chou of the royal hospital department is also an eight cauldron alchemist, he's in charge of the palace physicians and court alchemists. Beware though, this man and your mentor Master Longyu had some frictions going on in their earlier years. Also, Nangong Qinglin is his disciple.’’ Like a good father, General Lan didn't forget to give the important bits to her.

In truth, Lan Ying Wu would rather the girl stay a hollow titled princess than take this post. The court's not a kind place after all.

Take this Manager Chou for example. In order to take the manager post of the royal hospital department, the man had openly challenged Master Longyu back then. If not for the old dwarf not caring for the position, Manager Chou would never have taken the post instead.

However, the man doesn't seem to think that way. Day and night, he would be on guard, afraid the old dwarf would suddenly change his mind one day and snatch the position back from under him.

Like the old saying goes, hate teacher hate student. There's no way this Manager Chou will look kindly at Ling Yue when she goes to meet him. Besides, there's still the grudge between her and Nangong Qinglin.

’’I'll improvise when I face it, don't worry father.’’ With the appointment letter, she started to smile deviously. She can't wait to see what sort of trick these people got up their sleeves.


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